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  1. Even if we beat the Raiders.. How will we cover Harrison and Wayne.. Season over...
  2. HUGE loss.. We don't have another NFL cornerback on the roster..
  3. Are you kidding me troll? New England took the Jets manhood away from that on week 16 that year.. I would know.. I was there.. No way.. We can never win a superbowl with Chad Pennington as QB.
  4. I know it didn't really affect the season, but that Ravens debacle of 04 will always be the worst for me.. There was NO REASON to lose that game.. NONE I still have no idea why Lamont Jordan threw that ball.
  5. Dan Dierdorf he is bad luck he called the steeler playoff game, the ravens debacle, the colts loss, and the jags game where chad got hurt..
  6. Maybe life isn't as great as you guys all make it out to be.. Humans display more emotion than any organism in the world. Is this a good thing? As humans we take the simple things such as food and shelter for grant. It seems like food and shelter is all an animal really needs to be happy.. Another thing I dislike about life is people.. I have come to the conclusion goal of our lives is to fill our ego. We care SO much about what other people think of us that we forget MY FAVORITE QUOTE My guitar teacher on playing the guitar "Not everybody is going to like the **** you play, and you can't control that. Just know that you know how to play the instrument, and don't let others discourage you.." I sense such insecurity amongst people these days, that it makes them all look phoney.. Women especially.. Women don't seem to have a clue.. At least the ones in college don't.. They don't realize how easy it is to see through them..
  7. Im not sure what management thinks about when it comes to QB next year.. Chad has been nice, but next year I think we should start a qb with an arm..
  8. The ideal situation is to find a NT and move Robertson to DE in the 3-4
  9. I realy don't understand the point of life anymore.. I just recently graduated high school, and I was left with just three options.. 1. Army 2. Crappy Job 3. More schooling None really enamored me.. For god sakes, most people(including myself) accomplish absoloutley nothing for our first 18 years.. 18 friggin years.. Think about how long that is.. Lets face it, technology is ruining us... As technology grows the demand for education grows, and before you know it the average person will need 25 years of vigorous training before they spread their wings in society on their own.. Do we really even need technology? Believe it or not people did manage to live without TV/Computers.. Hell in 100 years, people are going to wonder how we lived.. Fact is BUYING technoloy is becoming the foundation of life here in America.. Patriotism and lending a helping hand has definitely hit the back burner.. While I was in college I felt so disgusted in myself.. There were people my age accomplishing something in Iraq.. They were giving their lives for the benefit of our country.. Now that I flunked out, I am working at a dump.... great life huh? While I admire people in the military, it is just not for me.. I want to live, I can't stand being in the control of others anymore..
  10. However their pass defense is tops in the NFL.. This could be because they are always behind, but anyway you look at it 135 yards per game avg shows that they can be run on.. It is important that Houston starts, and Barlow is inactive.. Chad can't beat this team.. Oakland has a good pass rush, and an athletic secondary... This equals poor game for a noodle arm..
  11. Jets gave the Dolphins a Christmas present by giving them the ball in the first place.. saban simply returned the favor..
  12. I think Tirico(haven't heard of him until thihs year) does a good job.. I would keep him.. I also think Troy Aikman does a good job covering Joe Buck's idiocy Tirico and Aikman wouldn't be bad..
  13. Mangini said hes "banged up", and More info tommorow
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