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  1. That was probably the last week that i had a good week. Do i want to realize how truly miserable i am, or do i want to feel great for an hour and a half?
  2. I like the 18 game season. I understand the more games = more injuries stance. I would like to see a 19 week schedule. Start a week earlier, eliminate a preseason game. give each team 2 bye weeks. I know people do not like the 2 bye week system but this is how i would break it down. weeks 7,8,9, and 10 would be the first bye weeks. 2 divisions off per week. all teams play 11,12,13,14 now week 15 would either be a universal bye for everyone or it could be the week the NFL features the out of the country game for sunday night and a monday night game, than those 4 teams would hav
  3. T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nnamdi Asomugha, Julius Peppers...and any of those ravens
  4. Martin rushed for over 1,000 yards in his first 10 professional seasons, a feat previously accomplished only by Barry Sanders. On November 6, 2005, he scored his 100th career touchdown, joining an elite group of only 16 players to do so. Martin is currently 4th on the all-time rushing yardage list, and on November 27, 2005, in the first quarter against the New Orleans Saints, he became the 4th running back in NFL history, behind Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders, to pass the 14,000-yard rushing mark. He is the all-time Jets leader with 10,302 rushing yards with the team.[3] He is
  5. would you rather have the linebacker not pick up faulk out of the backfield and get burned by 20 yard dump offs. If that happened you would say "how come nobody covered the RB out of the backfield" why cant you be happy. Anytime you go into anyone's house and rip first place from them, regardless of how, it doesnt matter
  6. It sounds nice to say it. WOW NY JETS first place. All alone. game up on the Pats game and a half if you consider division record...WOW Im speachless. i am without speach
  7. As a trade off to going to New England for Thursday Night Football. My wife is making me go to her grandmothers birthday dinner on sunday. So I got two with the pass. sec 335 row 29 parking pass 100 for the set email me at ustailgate@yahoo(dot)com i would prefer to just meet somewhere on the island but i do have paypal if you want to me to mail it. thanks Joe
  8. that would be sweet, but clinching at home in week 17 against the dolphins would be sweeter
  9. Yeah, but i was watching mike'd up and he reminded me about the flex schedule so i was curious as to how the Jets schedule plays out against the rest of the teams, and figured i would ask. It would be awesome. i thought about Tenn also, but i have a feeling houston is going to run out of steam and the colts will pass them
  10. If this division stays tight will the Jets game be moved to Sunday Night? WEEK 15 Thursday, December 11 New Orleans at Chicago, 8:15 pm Sunday, December 14 Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 1 pm Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 1 pm * This also may be a big game Denver at Carolina, 1 pm Washington at Cincinnati, 1 pm Tennessee at Houston, 1 pm Detroit at Indianapolis, 1 pm Green Bay at Jacksonville, 1 pm San Diego at Kansas City, 1 pm San Francisco at Miami, 1 pm
  11. When the game first started it looked a bit empty, but as the game was going it filled a bit more. The weather combined with the Mets game. Im sure they both had something to do with it. But I was there so whatever...It was nice that the rain stopped around 30 minutes before kickoff Even with the limited crowd, the people that showed up wre lively and the noise definately improved from the New England game. Whoever didnt show up missed a legends career TD game and watched the Mets blow it again.
  12. Honestly, i was at the game, me and my crew got there at 11:00 am sharp...and i cheered my b-lls of as much as i can, but what should i go nuts for? the 2 dropped first downs passes by Coles? or maybe the two 12 men on the field penalties? Or the missed field goal, the fact they couldnt stop the offense on any big 3rd downs, Favre's pick, or the whopper 1st and goal inside the 5, 3 straight runs??? I understand the crowd was a little quiet, but they didnt give us much to cheer for... at least the loudest we got were for the military guys they introduced...
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