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  1. this is how much merriman is away from DPOY in miles:yahoo:
  2. ok well i didnt post since tuesday cause im busy and i could care less howi type on this forums, i do care how i type in finheaven. i mean y'lll need to go through this process in order for you to say jets. J-e-t-s,like a teacher teaching an unalphabet kid,so it shows yll are dumber than us.
  3. Yea zach has a black momma
  4. they can (bengals) still get in. and jets suck as well, when you ve been awake 26 hours your brain shuts off.
  5. I fell asleep in the secondsnap of the game all i remember was chad taking a snap and that was it i wake up to know we lost 13-10. Even though i didnt see the game i saw plays on recap and well LoL, itlooked like yll were shutdown untilleon made that big gain, and that chad pass to crotchcherry that was close to being deflected but it was a real good pass, and i see saban didnt go for a 4th ninches inside the 10, we deserve to lose the game for the facthe didnt go for the win, good game yll deserved to win that game 4 the simple fact our coach didnt have the balls to go for a 4th n inche
  6. Ok i'm not reading that but i just burped and hey follow the rules answer first then i will gladly answer that blabberish you wrote.
  7. dont listen to twerphnx we already know there are bullies on forums
  8. Ok trying to cover what? Ok how am i stupid that i don't understand?
  9. Who did the jets pass up in the 1983-1984 draft to get ken o'brien? Who was a better QB marino or o'brien? Will you go back in time and pick dan? how many superbowls have the jets reached since 1969? who was a better qb namath or briese? who's going to get their ass kicked tonight?
  10. Very nice im only 18 so i dont know that far back.
  11. Oregon has one of the prettiest uniforms they are super raw are you kidding me? And i'm lying but the jets have ugliest NFL unifrom that white and green is so ugly i swear,makes me stomach dazed , and the fins aint the same like yours so please i dont want to hear that bull.
  12. How can you accept them if they never offered? anyway GOB waht's up with all the dick talk man, i mean if you feel unsure about yourself go to a different forum, but it sounds stupid you always have to talk something related to the male organ, holy coleslaw, geez, and no they dont have penis turned the other way, cause if you dont know a female body that is a clitoris and vagina that you see in there.
  13. Majesty, you would like not to call me stupid next time, as i myself have the power to dethrone and kill you, you understand me? Oh lmao i'm just having a little fun and of course some dumbo ruins it.
  14. this is the coolest jet fan on the forums EVANSTON WERD TO YA MOTHER.
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