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  1. Only reason why we will win games this season : Brett Farve, and Fireman Ed.
  2. If the Jets are not 6-3 or 7-2 by the time we face the Patriots next, I will want Mangini's head! Round 2 against the Patriots could be brutal
  3. Very true. Mangini let Farve throw, even Clemens throw when he was in there - they we're moving the ball and getting scoring chances, Mangini needs to let Farve do what Green Bay let Farve do = THROW BALL DOWN FIELD, If you catch it = touchdown, if you drop it = just another in-completion do it again, If its intercepted - Its 50 yards down the field, just as good as a punt.
  4. If Barrett caught that second pass right to him, we would have won that game.
  5. Arizona - This will be a great game, if damn Magini lets Farve throw the friggin ball down the field = A SHOOTOUT in the Jets favor. Bengals - No problemo. Oakland - No problemo. KC - No problemo. Buffalo - Another very good game, we will be in Buffalo so loss. Rams - The Rams should just forfeit now. Patriots - if things continue to go the way they have, the first half score = 0-0. Jets win. 7-3 that would be a good record, very possible, but MANGINI HAS TO LET FARVE THROW THE DAMN BALL 30 YARDS DOWN THE FIELD EVERYTIME
  6. I am very numb, I have a very bad feeling in the bottom of my stomach, everytime I turn on the T.V. I dread a report on the Jets game, the hope of a good season is slowing go down the tube, my faith in Magini to anything is slowing drifting to a hatred! "This F-ing tattoo on my left arm has all but sealed the deal that I'm a Jets fan for life. LOL:fighting0050:" Poor guy, its just as worse as a guy I know - Mets tattoo
  7. Authors note : I am a proud Jets fan, who is at the edge of a nervous breakdown like the rest of Jets Nation, and I am praying like heck the Jets win this week - or I will drive down to New Jersey and shoot Eric Mangini. 40 straight years? : With the New York Jets 48-29 loss on Monday Night football against the San Diego Chargers, the Jets now fall to a grim 1-2 standing - with the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals on tap for this upcoming weekend, which can simple be categorized as : "The battle of the 37+ quarterbacks = Brett Farve 38 turning 39,Kurt Warner 37 turned 38 nex
  8. The Battle for upstate New York : Living in Upstate New York is not an easy task, the winter is rougher, the money is tighter, and getting sports gear for my beloved New York Jets is harder. I live in New York Jets/Buffalo Bills territory, I know zero Giant fans - in fact I know more Cowboy fans in the area I live in, and I have seen a wood work of Jet fans come out of hiding this season, "if you trade for him, they will come" , but the local merchants have not picked up on this. As wherever I go, all I see is "Giants this, Giants that, Giants chairs, Giants little kid bikes, Giants bl
  9. Well, I know what is going to happen : Graham is going to have a great game, then everybody is going to be yelling "why did they release him in the first place!"
  10. quote : My son is one of those dying breed, he cannot lie and is a real good kid. i refuse and hate to believe he may be corrupted by this chick. I want him to wait for college like 124 did or better yet for marriage __________________ A dying breed it is, good morales will prevail with those who know better
  11. I wanna hear everyones keys to victory. 1). The Jets need to run the ball successfully, the Chargers are without the HGH man, 2). Jets need not to piss the Chargers off, they are pissed as it is over their game last week which was blown by the referees. 3). DO NOT EVER SETTLE FOR A FIELD GOAL! OR EVER ATTEMPT ONE WITH JAY FEELY AS THE KICKER
  12. I have 2 main reasons for being a Jets fan : 1. The first football game I ever watched on TV, was a Jets game - I think they were playing Buffalo at the time, I was like 5 or 6 years old, and I just liked the Jets - and watched a few more games, and thats the way the cookie crumbles. 2. My Uncle, who has taught me so much about sports, and his stories of the good 'ole days of football & baseball, he is a Jets fan since 1960, and it rubbed off on me. I have never liked the Giants, always have had a soft spot for the Bills, but I love those Jets
  13. "By days end, he had become one of Gods' most pathetic creatures, a Redsox fan" That is from Fever Pitch, change Redsox to Jet, it fits perfectly. You may say the Cardinals or the Lions are the most cursed NFL teams, but lets think about it - the Jets have not sucked all of these years like the Cardinals & Lions, they have actually had good expectations and then it was taken away from them just like that *cough O'brien kick against the Steelers cough*. While watching the Patriots-Jets game sunday, my brother called up - he said "Tim, why are you a Jets fan, why not become a G
  14. I personally liked Graham, but with the way our season is currently looking, we need every position to be at its best, and Graham was not doing that.
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