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  1. Rockies win..they have to much spirit in em
  2. (blows air) chad will start..if we lose..i will barf
  3. this sucks...he goes from running all over the pack last year,to being arrested
  4. I sell business cards & an a landlord
  5. Yankees win game 2,Pettite is a beast and is an awesome playoff pitcher. Indians win game 3,vs an old anbd sorry Clemens Yankees win game 4,vs the bottom of the indians rotation,. Indians win game 5 at the Jake
  6. We can win this game. There D sucks......we did good against Miami
  7. Beckett pitched awesome..BIG PAPI..gotta love him..and the ANGELS SUCK..YANKEE FANS..FACE IT...YOUR STUCK WITH NUMBER ONE U HOMOS
  9. Well....i'm glad a team that is not as good,has something to celebrate. Carlos Pena deserves to be on a better team.
  10. He has a good one,if they make it to the ALCS..a great one (can't believe I said that)
  11. Beckett will be the deciding factor in the Sox rotation
  12. lions..feel good story of the year
  13. timbok

    One game

    and the phillies have to lose (whistles) BYE BYE MR.METSCHANCES OF WINNING THE SERIES GOODBYE
  14. ok for one..i use to root for both of the teams..yanks - sox..thats over now. whocares if he likes the yankees..hes just trying to get a bigger fanbase
  15. u gonna fly over hear irish jet..and protest...or sail from ireland like my ancestors? just read the story...idiots
  16. A.Brooks and M.Vick cousins, and over-rated
  17. I WOULD HATE IT...having two genius in the same division..and none on our team..GOD NO
  18. who should we get to replace sutton? I don't think Donnie Henderson is available
  19. Philles Mets 1gb Braves Nats Marlins CHOKERS OF 2007 hats for sale..lol
  20. or not....cause the yanks will be down 3-0
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