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  1. congrats to the sox..they did well this year..here we come to the series..
  2. sox are going to the world series..so why don't u shove it
  3. timbok

    yankees BITE

    lol.... the yankees are overpaid idiots..look at half the guys there sleezeballs..i can make a thread about them..if u'd like...explaining each one....past and present
  4. congrats on 5,000 posts my friend...
  5. I agree...its a pretty good site,second best on the net (behind my site,and infront of gator envy) GO JN
  6. timbok

    yankees BITE

    I rather be a fan of a team who trys there hardest on a 70 million payroll..then a 300 million dollar payroll..hows that clmens doing?
  7. timbok

    yankees BITE

    ok the yankees made the playoffs..who gives a s*** most of the country wanted an non yankee playoff,..cause everyone hates them..its true..there no-loner americas team..there to rich for that..there the overpaid team. there gonna play the indians..a team with heart..a lot of heart...and the indians will defeat them in 5 games,and if the indians don't those sox will.... YANKEE NATION WILL COLAPSE
  8. timbok


    oh....congrats to the yankees..all though your gonna lose in the first round
  9. was there any reason to bring this thread up again
  10. House MD. is the best...24 sucks
  11. hmm....i'm on this list..i love ya ecurb..but..oh well
  12. 1.Get rid of Kellen Clemens (keep reading morons) 2.Trade a player we have no use for (Vilma) to a sucky team,for a 1-5 first round draft pick (trade vilma near the end of the season) and for another lb. 3.Draft Colt Brennen in the first round next year. 4.Have Pennington has our QB through 2008 (contract),then have Brennen start afterwards (after 1 year to learn on the bench) = championship
  13. week 1 - week 2 - week 3 - chad pennington week 4 - tony the homo romo
  14. what would this site be without your humor jetcane
  15. timbok

    JN Top 10

    dallas above pittsburgh san diego..doesn't deserve it
  16. No way....not good enough stats. EASY : Prince Fielder
  17. nope..philly...is in a dead tie with the padres
  18. wow.....this guy is a trainwreck
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