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  1. as of now..chad pennington rocks drew brees....bress sucks this year,i'm sure he will snap out of it..but penny wasn't named comeback player of the year for nada
  2. Lamont is the real deal.. this bites....if only we had him..and got rid of jones
  3. 1.the bills will not break out..they have no good qbs..lol 2.I'm sure mangini yelled at his defense..loud and clear..and made them run 100 laps... we will have a diff. defense this week
  4. i forgot about jn pick'em.....rofl i'm 21,443 in the country tho..not bad 9 behind first place in the country
  5. lol! potw nominee As of now : Philly leads the wildcard meat
  6. what? I wan't the Jets to go to the playoffs! but..it seems unrealistic..
  7. In the words of the chris berman "Oh when the Titans...come marching in..and get the win"
  8. ok..i have a friend (female) that a while back use to look at naked pics all the time (i think at a time both sexes....) personally..i'll wait until i'm married..to go real naked...upclose
  9. Bills..is an easy game..then we get ready for the REAL NY RIVALRY
  10. 16-0 is possible...very possible...the steelers are over-rated..they have played no-one..and the colts..have sufferd vs. the titans and texans
  11. ummmmmmmmmmm NO! hes the only damn bright spot on this team..if we trade him..we ruin even the 1% chance of making the playoffs
  12. Max..you need to run more
  13. Indians win al central angels win al west sox clinch playoff berth
  14. damn..its dead even....... 5-5-5 come on guys..we need a winner
  15. Penny did awesome,it shutup a lot of fans here that disapproved of him,and it led us to a win,leon washington was the key factor tho,without that kick return..we could be sobbing...right now...singing whats new with the jets..loss loss loss lossssss
  16. timbok

    F the Mets

    I didin't notice the post till I checked my rep. If your such a big fan..(like me) you should have known what i was implying..but against your met faggotism....and homerish got in the way
  17. No duh football rules sundays...this is JETS SITE
  18. timbok

    F the Mets

    r u an idiot..in the playoffs u idiot...they will play a good team like that...are u that stupid ..i guess it runs in met fans vains...thai jet for biggest met homer on JN
  19. washed up..hes killing everyone..as good as ever
  20. spoken like a true homer Lady Jet
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