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  1. That Patriot Bear game was so good,i've watched a swimsuit compition instead.
  2. Well that sucks big time. I'll just bribe jets oficials into telling me.
  3. i'm not sure when thats the thing. I heard possible on thanksgiving. But what is the day it is going to be on.:Cuss:
  4. I heard rumor of Thanksgiving. I will have a bet on that game with my friend a Ciowboy fan,when is it?
  5. Jets go 2-0 Cincy losses both to Pittsburgh and Denver. Denver wins against cincy,and San Fran. Jacksonville losses to NE wins in week 17. Were the sixth seed plAYING WHO?
  6. Heh? Sorry just telling people my email. M.JONES DREW were talking the full team
  8. where are u getting this info i'm new here.
  9. While I was watching the game yesterday . I realized this is not the tream were use to folks. I was almost scared at the thought of the playoffs because i'm not use to success But when i saw them bring a good fight to Minnesota I then knew my countless years of curseing at the television :Cuss: were over. I predict the Jets defat the Dolphins big on Christmas,beat the Raiders. And go to the playoffs with the help of either Cincinnati or the Broncos. Got any questions about my struggle as a jet fan. Email me at tim@getupandgosports.com
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