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  1. Gase made the playoffs with a backup QB, he was 5-1 head to head against Bowles. Gase was terrible but still a much better head coach than Bowles
  2. Belichick didn't have a winning record(his only winning record) until year 4. If he finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs I'd give you that point. Yep, they were getting worse by 1 game each season until Belichick took over and they got worse by 3 games then started 0-2 before Brady stepped in and saved the franchise and the HCs career. Don't forget that the core of that first championship team was inherited. He won 5 games against teams other than the Jets, Adam Gase won 7 a year earlier. They did a great job yesterday but their 3 wins are over the Jets and t
  3. He won 5, 5 and 4 games his last 3 years here. Gase won 7 his first year here. Bowles had a veteran, playoff caliber roster year 1 against a very easy schedule and couldn't get to the playoffs. Gase never had much talent to work with. Both were terrible but we suffered with Bowles for 4 years vs only 2 for Gass
  4. He was awful here for 4 years, we saw it day in and day out. I don't dislike him, I hope he learned from that experience but the guy I saw as HC for the Jets was a disaster. Good luck to him and whoever hires him.
  5. They weren't winning a SB but getting to the playoffs would have been huge. The drought would be 5 years instead of 10, that's a big difference.
  6. His biggest failure was not having his team ready to play a dead Bills team with the playoffs on the line. After that he was terrible throughout.
  7. He hasn't had it yet, you said Gase won't get abbey chance. My point was Bowles won't get a third chance either. He'll likely get a second chance but Gase was significantly better in their first chances. Brady has been responsible for many assistants getting head coach jobs that went on to fail without him.
  8. Gase already had 2 chances, Bowles won't get a third chance either. Remember, Gase made the playoffs. Miss off playoff since 2009 and only 1 of 2 since 2002 with the other being the year Brady was out for the year. Also remember that the Jets won 4-5 games reach year of Bowles' last 3 seasons, they won 7 year 1 with Gase. Both were awful but Bowles walked into a playoff roster against a weak schedule and couldn't get it done before the roster got old.
  9. Gase was bad, I didn't miss Bowles because he was even worse. Saleh is going to be a very good head coach. I know we have been through a lot of bad football the last decade but we need to have a little patience with this staff and team. I think next week is a big test for this staff with their first bye week.
  10. That can't be, we've been told Brian Flores is the next great coach in this league and that the dolphins are going to co-dominate the division with the bills for the next decade
  11. Rex also has 4 playoff wins to 1 vs Belichick without Brady including beating Belichick WITH Brady on the road. Belichick's record without Brady is very similar to Adam Gase
  12. They have the same number of playoff apps(both were WC teams in their lone playoff app) and are a similar number of games below .500.
  13. They were 3-13 but were a winning franchise that made 3 AFC Championship Games in the previous 5 seasons. Bruce Coslet took over a 4-12 team that had one playoff win from 1983-1989(in 1986). By year 2 he had the Jets in the playoffs and they were .500 in 2 of his 4 seasons. Belichick had his only winning season in year 4. Plan B started around 1990, full FA began in 1993. The Patriots were 8-8 when he took over with their last losing season in 1995. He went 5-11 year 1 then started 0-2 year 2 until Brady became the starter. He got 2 wins against the path
  14. I don't think the seat was hot yet but it was certainly getting warm.
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