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  1. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    They are just one of a million examples I can give that defied preseason expectations. Preseason expectations mean nothing, where a team is predicted means absolutely nothing. The stupid point is using preseason expectations and not understanding how quickly things change in this league from year to year
  2. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    We'll see if McDermott is like coslet but even coslet was better than Bowles
  3. Why would it make sense to bring in an older, less athletic version of bortles to Jax? Bortles is Eli, a younger and more mobile version. One week can look really good, the next like a rookie. He played well in their postseason run last year. He led his O to more points on the road in the title game at NE than Eli on neutral field vs. NE in 2 SBs
  4. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    Just having a winning record, just competing for the postseason with that team was amazing. I wish we had a coach more like McDermott than Bowles
  5. nyjunc

    Eli the fraud

    He played well in both runs just as Sanchez did for us. The Giants defense is why they won both SBs. Eli Manning has never won a single playoff game other than those two runs and he's never won a postseason game where his D allowed more than 20 points. He's now led the Giants to missing the playoffs 8 of 10 seasons and is just 3 games over .500.
  6. nyjunc

    Eli the fraud

    If our D/STs played like the Giants in the 2009 & 2010 title games we'd have at least 2 super bowl apps in the last decade.
  7. We had a 17 point lead, all the other stuff goes out the window when that happens.
  8. It was fun beating them but the Giants were awful, the game never should have been close. We should be very thankful Eli was their QB and gave us that game.
  9. And what happened after that big 2015 win? They came out flat the next week. This is what happens under Bowles.
  10. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    The point is they were well coached, they didn't use any excuses and they made the playoffs for the first time this century. They competed, we didn't.
  11. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    It's never all on one unit, player or coach but I think we've seen enough of Bowles to determine he's not the future. I hope I am wrong, I hope he turns out to be a great coach but how many HCs didn't get it by year 4?
  12. Darnold wasn't why we lost. It wasn't like he 09 Sanchez vs buffalo. That was a team loss, a team that wasn't ready after a big week 1 win. Under Bowles after big wins usually come losses
  13. nyjunc

    Jets Releasing Terrelle Pryor...

    Maybe that's true? But who cares? That doesn't mean you don't try. No one thought Philly was aiming a SB last year, Buffalo was supposedly tanking a year ago and made the playoffs. I never thought we'd make the playoffs this year but I never thought we'd make it in 2006 or 2009 either.
  14. I think they gave away the Miami game. Either way at worst we should be 4-3, probably should be 5-2.
  15. nyjunc

    Poorly coached team

    I got you and I understand that. This was year 2 of the 3 year total rebuild. He got the most important piece. He has a ton of cap room and needs to upgrade OL and weapons for the way while tinkering with a D that is mostly rebuilt already. We aren't far from being really good, I just don't have any confidence in the current HC to lead us

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