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  1. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    I watched every play of that season, I'm not wrong. You can pretend all you want, the man made his career being the iron Man. He doesn't get an injury excuse. He never wanted to be here and played like it the majority of that season. As soon as it got cold he completely checked out but please let's annoint this man for helping us get to 9-7 against the weakest sched we've ever had and missing the playoffs while bashing guys that actually helped us win.
  2. Just based on his talent alone? #1 without a doubt and he'd have been #1 overall in 90% of the all time drafts. Where the problem would be is with his medical condition. Joe tells the story how the Jets team doctors told him he'd play 4 years before his knees wouldn't allow him to play anymore, with a medical like that he would have dropped big time today.
  3. nyjunc

    SOJ or beginning of a new era?

    Barring something happening to Darnold this is the beginning of the greatest stretch in Jets history. Get on board now.
  4. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    We were in first, not sure if we had the #1 O but that's irrelevant. We had 2 huge scoring games that skewed rankings. 49 vs Ari (Ari became to NE 3 times that year and their D allowed 49 to us, 48 to Philly and 47 to NE) and 40 vs SL. In that run: Scored 20 to beat Miami with a hail Mary on 4th and 13 from Miami 22 and a last second revis int in the ez to win. Scored 10 vs NE, the same week he was on the phone giving friends on the Lions tips on beating the Packers. At SD threw 2 huge TDs after the Jets were down 38-14 in a blowout loss. In that game he was given a 7-0 lead on an int return. After doing nothing on O and going down 17-7 Leon Washington returned KO to SD 3 where favre led an impressive 3 yd TD drive. Man this offense really clicked with him! Against awful Cincy team, didn't put the game away until final minutes on a drive that began at the cin 41. In 5 qtrs at awful Oakland led our O to 13 points. Our lone TD drive was an impressive 87 yards, he threw for 11 yds on the drive, we ran the other 76. Vs awful KC, threw late int to put KC up. To his credit he led GW TD drive but that game shouldn't have been close. After that KC game he had his only good stretch of football the entire season . In that stretch he threw 5 TDs and 2 INTs. After the Ten game the weather turned cold and favre checked out. In those first 11 games that averaged 26 PPG on O which is good but not spectacular. It's less impressive when you realize he led O to 15 garbage time points at SD, and had 2 40+ pt games which had a lot of garbage time points. He was mediocre most of that season outside of a 3-4 game stretch meanwhile the guy we cut for him was leading a team that had 1 win the year before to 11 wins and a division title.
  5. nyjunc


    Here's is A chance to see and hear Joe on 5/21 https://www.92y.org/event/joe-namath
  6. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    You remember incorrectly, favre was mostly mediocre that season, we had a great record because the sched was so weak. Sympathy? I just appreciate those that helped my team win, 2 guys who were here a while who loved being Jets. You are making excuses for a guy that threw away a great season and never wanted to be here. He couldn't get out of here fast enough after that season. Jet fans🤦‍♂️
  7. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Jet fans on this site always talk glowingly of favre and will bash chad, Vinny, Sanchez,...
  8. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    The raiders did stop him and stopped our O, the raiders were really good. The Jets still scored 10 pts, 7 more than tyrod against Jax.
  9. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    You have to be an all time great to make the hall, Eli is not an all time great. He's a compiler who will be under .500 as a starter by the end of this season He was a rookie, Taylor wasn't good enough to play as a rookie. Did Taylor ever throw a TD pass in the playoffs? Ever win a playoff game? Ever lead good O to a TD in a playoff game? Mark once threw 3 TDs and led his O to 28 points on the road audit a 14-2 Patriots team, by the way that was the last time the pats didn't at least make the AFC championship game thanks to Mark and the Jets.
  10. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    This is why we have the worst fanbase in sports. We will worship a guy like favre who never wanted to be here who destroyed a great season and bash a guy like mark who helped us win.
  11. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Oh, the defensive genius couldn't stop little Chad? GB was around the top 10, probably would have been top 10 if Chad didn't shred them.
  12. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    The D led the way but Sanchez was very important to the runs. In 2009 he was more along for the ride as a rookie, in year 2 he and the pass O won a lot of games for us.
  13. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    So when he went into new England and whipped the pats and belichick in week 16 of 2002 that wasn't a good D? The 02 Packers who were 12-3 and playing for homefield didn't have a good D? I can go on but you don't make the playoffs as often as he did without beating some good defenses. By the way, after the one magical season in 2002 he got hurt and missed almost half of 2003, in 2004 he was over if 2 missed FGs away from the AFC championship game, in an 2006 coming back after TWO rotator cuff surgeries he led us back to the playoffs after missing most of 2003 as we went 4-12, in 2008 he took a 1 win team and won 11 along with the division title while the great Brett favre could only win 9 with a more talented roster for us.
  14. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    Sanchez was a lot better than Taylor and did much more during our 2010 run than Taylor ever did in 2017 for Buffalo. Mark was a good QB his first few years, he was good the one year in Philly. The rest of the time he wasn't good but show me a QB who could succeed with the 2012 Jets?
  15. nyjunc

    OBJ goes off on Giants

    First off, Eli is not a future HOFer. I speak honestly about all QBs. Only a Jet fan can praise Brett favre who sabotaged a great SB chance and bash mark Sanchez who helped us get close to a SB.

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