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  1. nyjunc

    Revis officially retires

    I believe only 2 Hof CB's have more first team all pro selections than Revis so please tell me about sustained greatness again.
  2. I think NFL Network is doing a series on why every team will make the playoffs so the guys breaking down the schedules are being generous to make a case why they will make the playoffs
  3. RT Ron Mix DE Gino Marchetti Hopefully none of these guys were picked
  4. That list isn't updated then. C Dwight Stephenson RB Lenny Moore
  5. I lose my picks? Or I get double next time I'm up? I can't always check the site so it gets difficult to keep up
  6. Sorry for delay. Is there a link to updated spreadsheet?
  7. nyjunc

    One Quarterback for One Game

    The Giants D played like a dominant D in both of those playoff runs including TWICE shutting down the greatest QB of all time allowing their O to score 17 & 19 pts to win two super bowls. For Indy 2006 their D allowed an AVERAGE of 12.8 points per game. In that postseason the great Peyton Manning threw 3 TDs and 7 INTs in 4 postseason games but yeah it was all about Peyton. Peyton had one great half that postseason, other than that he did very little and part of the reason they were down 21-6 at the half was because Peyton threw a pick 6. You can look up BBs D's in postseason. It's a trend how many times they came up small in big moments but Peyton deserves credit for that great half. That was the greatest moment of his career, he looked like regular season Peyton. Unfortunately most of his postseason career he didn't look like reg season Peyton which is why he has an astounding number of one and dones in the playoffs and if not for Denver's D literally carrying him to that last SB he'd have a below 500 postseason record.