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  1. I have been to more games than probably 90% on here, I have no issue with the elements. I have sat through torrential rain, a snowstorm, high winds, brutal cold, brutal heat, etc... I always hear about how we would have lost homefield advantage if we had a roof but we've played at MetLife almost 9 full seasons now and what homefield edge have we had there? The only real advantage I remember was at the old meadowlands when they had the awful grass from 2000-2002. That was an advantage with our players being used to that awful surface. I wouldn't prefer a dome but it would have been great to have a NYC stadium.
  2. nyjunc

    Crowell to IR - Out for Season

    He's not a winning player, it's addition by subtraction. He's very talented but a knucklehead. We will be better off without him
  3. We did beat up Denver at home earlier but I don't think we go into Mile High and beat them in the title game.
  4. That 1981 season is the first I can actually remember as a kid and that Miami game was one of the best. I posted a link to that game in the classic clips thread.
  5. If healthy we could have made it but the Giants were far and away the best team that year and what killed us at Cleveland was Pat Ryan getting hurt, O'Brien was awful late that season and did nothing in the Cleveland game when he had to come in. The gastineaus penalty was a killer but the D still could have stopped Cleveland. We had a million opportunities in OT but not with Kenny.
  6. I think keyshawn recovered that fumble, he was incredible that day. He caught a TD, ran one in, reconnected a fumble and I think had an int on a hail Mary. That Jax TD before the half gave the stadium an eery "same old Jets" feel but they got a stop and scored a TD to start the 3rd and regained control.
  7. The Jets tried but dirty politicians blocked it. It would have been great to not have to worry about traffic and just take the train to the game. We also would have been in the regular super bowl and final four rotation as well as the college football playoff(when though it didn't exist at the time) and other big events.
  8. The Monday night miracle was obviously great but knowing how we choked away that season always takes something away from that game for me. Denver was great but we outplayed them most of that game, we should have won.
  9. I was at that bills game too, we clinched our first every AFC East title that day. That was a great day especially after all the years of losing. I was also at miami 6 days earlier for that huge Sunday night game when we beat the dolphins to clinch a playoff berth. Miami fans were not known for being loud but that night they were and it may have been the loudest crowd I have ever experienced even though there are at least 30% Jet fans there.
  10. Favre was great before McCarthy but he was on the downside of his career when McCarthy was hired and McCarthy got him back on track and got GB back on track. After favre helped blow super bowl XXXII GB then went 2-5 in their next 7 playoff games with the only 2 wins in the WC Rd. They also lost 2 playoff games at Lambeau Field(the first time they EVER lost at Lambeau in postseason in franchise history) and we're 4-12 in 2005, their worst record since 1991 and worst in the favre era. In that 2005 season favre threw a career high 29 INTs.
  11. We had so many turnovers that game, the byars one was probably the biggest. It's been 20 years but that game still irritates me. We gave that game away and we would have won that SB. In 2009 & 2010 even had we won those title games we may not have won the SB but we would have won in 1998.
  12. The two greatest games I have ever attended were the 2002 finale vs GB. What a crazy rollercoaster of emotions needing Cleveland or Miami to lose and looking like Cleveland could lost but they won then looking like Miami would win then seeing the vinatieri kick beat Miami and the Jets dominate the Packers from there. The other was at NE in the 2010 playoffs. No explanation really needed, this was the greatest win in team history that didn't take place in the 1968 season. But my favorite game of all time was when I was around 8 years old and my dad took me to my first game vs buffalo at Shea in 1983. I have vivid memories and they have grown more special since I lost my Dad.
  13. The kickoff wasn't the opening KO of the second half. It was the KO after Denver scored to cut our lead to 10-7 in the 3rd. We held them to a fg. The turning point in that game was right after we scored to make it 10-0 in the 3rd, the second play from scrimmage elway hit McCaffrey on a bomb and the game changed from there. Another belichick defensive choke
  14. 1993 vs Denver, an amazing moment. I remember watching the cart take Byrd off the field vs KC the season before. The next play started before he was off the field but I couldn't take me eyes off him as i hadn't seen him move and ever since Mike Utley in 1991 I always watched for movement in injured players.
  15. So because they didn't have a first Rd pick they couldn't move into round 1? Is this some rule I have never heard of before? The Jets had Brett favre rated as the best player in the 1991 draft, a player that fell to round 2 and they didn't find a way to move up to get him? It was all the fault of the Cardinals šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Interesting info.

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