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  1. Only Jet fans can call a trade bad where we targeted 2 players, drafted those 2 players plus got 2 extra picks(one which helped land an all pro player) and a starting player. We truly have the dumbest fanbase in sports
  2. I like the Jets patch we have on the jersey now but this much isn't terrible. I hate a black alternate though.
  3. It's amazing how you guys just don't understand. If we kept the pick we were not taking Heath Miller, that trade did not cost us a decent TE. Heath had nothing to do with that trade.
  4. No, no he wasn't. He is very overrated by jet fans and even if you think he was a good QB he's still nowhere near Ben. Does that matter? I don't care if anyone else agrees. I've explained it over and over, if people cannot understand it then that's on them. The Jets panicked in 2003 after losing Coles and wanted to make a splash by moving up. It didn't work out. That move had nothing to do with this one. For that move to be made we had to lose a top WR at the time, we didn't lose anything on 2005- we actually gained and 2 of the players we drafted because of that trade made all pro teams for us. The player you guys wanted never made a single one- you know the guy who was one of the best TEs of the last two decades,😂
  5. Mickey Shuler was a second team all pro with Ken O'Brien as his QB, Heath never made any all pro team with Ben as his QB. Putting that aside, you still cannot comprehend what I have said. I never bashed Heath, I have said over and over again that you can bash the evaluation and picks but the trade itself was a good one. That's just a fact and you can ignore that all you want with your made up replies.
  6. nyjunc

    Jason Glenn  ~ ~ ~

    I will never forget his blocked punt TD at Oakland week 17 of 2001 to help win that game and get us back to the playoffs
  7. You should have an adult read my posts to you so you can understand as you continue to post stuff I have never said because you cannot actually counter what I write.
  8. You don't have time because you don't understand what they did. Once again, criticize who they targeted, criticize who they drafted but going into that draft they wanted Nugent and Justin Miller with their first 2 picks. They got both, moved back, picked up multiple picks and a starting player. One of those picks helped turn into Kerry Rhodes. Kerry Rhodes was a second team all pro, Justin Miller was a second team all pro (KR). Those were the only all pro selections among all the players we have discussed.
  9. He was a good, not great, player that played on loaded teams with a Hall like game QB. Let's look at what he would have played with here: 2005: Chad got hurt early, Vinny came in off the couch. Brooks Bollinger was our primary starter d kliff Kingsbury's played a little. 2006: Chad started 16 but he wasn't the same sheet 2 surgeries on his throwing shoulder 2007: Kellen Clemens was primary starter 2008: we got favre a month before the season and he went through the motions while here 2009-2012: Sanchez 2013-14: Geno How anyone can bash the move itself is incredible.
  10. I am lucky I wasn't drinking something when I read this, this take is ludicrous. Miller was a solid TE who played his entire career with a future HOF QB. We didn't have that, fans like you would have run him out of town calling him a bust if we drafted him. He went to the perfect situation in Pitt, the Jets were not a good situation for him. Shouldn't one of the best all around TEs of the past 2 decades have made at least one all pro team? More than just 2 pro bowls? He played on great teams with a great QB and didn't make an all pro team but yeah he was one of the best of the last 2 decades 😂
  11. Obvious to who? Leading up to that draft all the rumblings were Nugent and Justin Miller. Heath Miller was a decent TE, he would not have done much here with our QB situation and the fans that wanted him would have been calling him a bust within 2 years.
  12. It is by those who do not understand what they actually did, for those that do understand they realize the trade itself was a good one. We wanted Nugent and Justin Miller, we got both and added picks(one of which was used to trade up for Kerry Rhodes) along with getting a starting TE. The trade itself was good, the talent evaluation was not.
  13. It was for a fourth rounder
  14. Again, you can criticize who they targeted and who they drafted but the trade was a good one as they got the guys they wanted and added extra picks (I believe one was used to move up later in the draft to take Kerry Rhodes). Good trade, poor evaluation of talent.
  15. You really struggle reading, please get help.

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