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  1. No you didn't, because of you watch tannehill on a weekly basis you'd know he's nowhere near as good as those numbers. If tannehill was the reason Henry got it going in 2019 how come when he came in during the Denver game Henry struggled? They were only down 13 with a qtr and a half to play, surely the great Ryan tannehill could get Henry going? So why were 3 of his 4 carries (which led to having to pass and abandon run) for negative yards? He had 4 carries for 1 yard but yeah Ryan was why Henry turned his season around
  2. Ohhh it was Andy Reid that choked the game away. No credit to Mariota but when tannehill threw for 160 yards TOTAL in his 2 playoff wins or it was all the greatness of Ryan tannehill Mariota had 205 pass yds, Henry 156 in their playoff win. With tannehill, Henry had more rushing yards in each playoff win(182, 195) than tannehill had COMBINED pass yards(160). Please don't confuse me argument, in not stating Mariota is good, I'm stating tannehill is overrated. He's an average QB in a perfect situation. If Tennessee had a good QB they would be a legitimate SB w
  3. Out of context stats with 2 excellent WRs and the best RB in football to carry that offense. When you post that you are telling me you don't watch him play. If Mahomes was in Tennessee they'd be in the middle of a dynasty.
  4. Tannehill is better than Mariota but in their playoff wins Mariota did more than tannehill. That's just a fact. He had more passibg yards in that second half comeback than tannehill in either of his 2 full game wins. That's more even including all of Mariota's rushing yards. In Mariota's starts in 2019: Henry 113 carries, 416, 3.7 YPC In tannehill's starts: 190 carries, 1124, 5.9 YPC That's what changed the titans season around. If Tennessee had a good QB this would be an easy Super Bowl team
  5. Numbers are nice but since QBs are better than their numbers and some are worse. I would not want Ryan tannehill as my QB unless my starter for hurt. He is holding Tennessee back. I don't know what Sam will be, he's been up and down. Was it gase's fault, the lack of talent, the injuries or sam's fault? I don't know but we should see in Carolina. Either way, he's gone and I don't care. I know care if wilson becomes a good QB.
  6. He hasn't been good in any of them and add in he didn't show up in their biggest regular season game in 2019 and it's not a good look. That team is loaded on offense but Henry carries them because of the limitations of the QB. Mariota helped lead ten back from 21-3 down in the second half. He passed for 109 yds in that second half, that was almost as much as Tannehill(160) in his 2 playoff wins. They couldn't run the ball down Baltimore's throat in 2019? In 2019 Henry ran it 30 times for 195 yards at Baltimore and they won, in 2020 he ran out 18 times for 40 yards vs
  7. The titans made the divisional round with Henry carrying them with Mariota at QB right before Tannehill got there. The difference was Mariota did much more to help them win than tannehill did in his 2 playoff wins. He's surrounded by elite talent, he's in a perfect situation for a QB but if Henry is held in check they have no chance. I'm not impressed with just good numbers, I'd take a QB with worse numbers who shows up in big games. Tannehill has proven to be a better fantasy QB than a real one.
  8. I sure hope so but derrick henry leads Tennessee to big games.
  9. I will be disappointed if Zach needs an elite run game to have any success and melts in every big game he plays.
  10. The next guy to look much better than he actually is thanks to a dominating run game and big time WRs?
  11. In my defense (I don't really have one), Bowles was so awful I was just half he was gone but obviously Gase was also a disaster thigh his first year was better than Todd's last 3. Let's never speak of Bowles and Gase again, it looks like we finally have reason for real optimism.
  12. Tannehill still sucks, he's bring carried by a great running back just as his was in his lone good season(under Gase) in 2016. Gase sucks, I was wrong about that but tannehill had been awful in big games and when his RB doesn't dominate the game
  13. Except that is the 90s helmet when they added black facemasks and black trim in 1990(wore them from 1990-1997)
  14. We just had that one from 1998-2018, if they use a second helmet that is Eddie I it should be the Namath era or that jet plane logo they used for 1 season back in the 60s
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