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  1. Holmes was outstanding in 2010, 2011 was a different story. Bet got paid and was poisoned by Derrick Mason and plaxico burress. They had a great group in 2010, unfortunately they couldn't keep them all together and that's where Mark's career turned.
  2. It was idzik that drove both mark and rex out. Holmes was great in 2010.
  3. It was working because the schedule was a complete joke and even then he was outperformed by Jamarcus Russell in a loss to a terrible raider team. We got favre'd that year, if Rex and Sanchez are around in 2008 we win the SB.
  4. He was effective but he didn't carry the O like usual, I have to give Ryan credit. He played outstanding the other day.
  5. You are not a jet fan. I'm convinced.
  6. I think Rex could be an outstanding coordinator but I don't know if he can do that again, his personality is too big now to be a coordinator.
  7. That record is better than what bill Belichick has done without Tom Brady and he did it with Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and tyrod Taylor. The man can coach.
  8. The man won 8 games with a rookie Geno Smith at QB. You will not find many better coaching jobs than that. The team went for it from 2008-2011. 2008 was ruined by a QB who didn't want to be here, 2009 and 2010 they were a game from the SB and 2011 they didn't have the right mix. 2012 was a transition year where they were getting cap flexibility back and they fired the GM and hired Idzik who sabotaged Rex but didn't realize he was sabotaging himself. In Buffalo he kept us out of the playoffs by sweeping us with an inferior, injured team. In 7 full seasons as a HC he was .500 or better 5 times.
  9. How many guys get a third opportunity? He was in a bad situation here and in Buffalo. He had a GM openly trying to sabotage him in NY then his teams were injury ravaged in Buffalo.
  10. They got better because they got healthier. If they had decent health in 2015 they make the playoffs.
  11. They lost their next 2 and still have to travel to Gonzaga. I was hoping they'd get at least 1 of these 3. That are really struggling offensively but are starting to get healthier. It may get worse before it gets better but I think a month from now we'll see a quality team, not a national title team but a team that can win a couple of games in March.
  12. I've been rightfully tough on Tannehill but yesterday he was great. While Henry gained 100 yds he wasn't his dominant self and that deep ball was perfect. He's playing with a lot of confidence but he's never showed up in big games, he has a chance to change that these next 3 weeks.
  13. That was the year he set a career high in INTs. After that they stopped throwing at him until later in his career.
  14. Maybe, we'll see how this works long term. I'm not convinced. It doesn't mean I'm right but I need to see a lot more before I change my mind.

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