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  1. He had many shots, that was his first shot. He just couldn't get it done in big games. Very good regular season QB.
  2. I was at the gang green posting at the time, so many thought Chad wouldn't be good because he couldn't beat Vinny out. Vinny was a specimen, no one likes better than him in practice throwing a football. It took a while for Chad but he got his chance and delivered. Unfortunately his body wasn't meant for pro football
  3. Chad and Sanchez helped us win a lot of games and at least get close to super bowls. If you cannot appreciate that then you deserve what we have seen since Sanchez left
  4. I loved Vinny, 1998 was the best individual season for any QB in franchise history and he played well in Denver while his teammates let him down but he was never the same after the achilles injury. He had some great moments but never recaptured that 98 magic
  5. The anti Chads and Sanchez's were proven wrong
  6. He wasn't very good before the supposed injury(which occurred in October by the way and he had his only good stretch of games after the injury). He doesn't get a pass, he made his career playing through pain. He was good enough to play but he's didn't make necessary adjustments. He never wanted to be here and played like it
  7. I don't think it's him picking Miami, it would be Miami offering a better deal and miami is the only team that can come close to what the Jets are able to offer.
  8. I disagree with you. '98 Vinny never returned and fans wanted to move on. The big controversy was why was it taking Chad so long? Most fans didn't think Chad was good because of that and again when Chad took over the Jets were playing awful football(wasn't all on QB, they had a million injuries). They were 1-3 when Chad started his first game and were outscored 102-13 in the 3 straight losses before his first start. People were not upset he was starting at that moment.
  9. Favre wasn't good here, he puked up a lot of garbage time stats to make him and the O look better than they were.
  10. The only controversy about taking over for Vinny was the amount of time it took to happen. When he took over the team was really struggling early in 2002 so there weren't any issues with him taking over. Chad's issue was health, when healthy he was really good but he was rarely healthy.
  11. Imagine complaining about Chad or Mark when we have had to endure all this losing since both have been gone. To all the files who whined about them nonstop maybe you should have appreciated them while they were here?
  12. Deshaun would be the best QB in our history(in all NY history) but no star could ever be bigger than Joe's. Joe literally made this sport the most popular in this Country.
  13. Yet he was ecstatic when we didn't trade him at the deadline and was in tears(according to Michael Irvin) when he wasn't going to re-sign with us. I'm so sick of these frauds
  14. And I think we are going to play Philly next year so it's the perfect time to get our first win vs them. **I believe the 17th game will be vs nfc team and each division faces the team that finished in the same place as them. AFC East vs NFC East, north vs north, etc...
  15. A good week for the Heels, the usual beating if syracuse followed by a tough loss at Florida State. They are getting better, FSU is a good team and they got some gone cookin but still couldn't put the Heels away until the final minute. They went 26 of 27 at the line while the Heels only attempted 14 FTs. To even have a chance late was a good job but Carolina. They have a bunch of winnable games coming up. I think this is where they get going.

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