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  1. His biggest crime was he never won a single playoff game after inheriting one of the AFCs most talented young roisters, he was drafted months after the Jets were 30 mins from the SB. The Ol was not a "sad sack OL" it was more than good, the problem was Ken wasn't mobile and would always hold the ball looking for the big play. In all the years Ken played for us we won ONE playoff game and that playoff game was one when Ken was benched for the game and his backup led us to the win. when was he ever called "the Browning Rifle"? yes it went swimmingly pre December when he was outplayed in games by QB counterparts like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Cassell, Jamarcus Russell, Tyler Thigpen, ... The facts are he was not good most of that season, he had a good 3-4 games stretch(being generous here) in November, he supposedly hurt his arm in October yet tanked it in December. He never wanted to be here and late in his career he was terrible in cold weather(he was great in it earlier) and once it got cold he tanked it and we go to watch the QB we threw aside for the thrill of watching Brett throw INts lead his team to a division title.
  2. shouldn't we be looking for better than the next Joe Namath? why are we setting the bar so low?
  3. Second overall pick is...

    Mara is turning into Leon Hess.
  4. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    I have never been a troll anywhere, I just can think for myself and form my own opinions and that ruffles feathers of lesser posters sometimes. Please present your argument, please counter what I have posted about Eli?
  5. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    Oh and again the poster said 2 SBs and 2 SB MVPs. I never said Johnny only won one SB but you need to deflect from the actual discussion.
  6. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    You are free to have any opinion you like, I couldn't care less what you think but I will always counter arguments I disagree with. You simply attack me and don't counter what I post. I don't need to convince you, I present logical arguments free of bias and it's up to those reading it if they like it or not. I love when good posters come back at my arguments so we can debate back and forth. Unfortunately my argument is so rock solid here no one can counter. I love when I have no clue who posters are know me from different boards. It's flattering.
  7. It's amazing to me how people don't realize this. They still hype MNF like it's the 80s and relevant. It's just the old Sunday night football where you don't have to be projected as a good team to get a slot on MNF.
  8. If we didn't move up there's no doubt Buffalo would have. No one likes to give up picks but they made the right decision, now let's just hope the QB pans out.
  9. Schedule release tmrw

    I don't consider those night games real Thanksgiving games. At Detroit and at Dallas are the real ones. We last played in 2007 at Dallas and got crushed, before that it was 1985 at Detroit where we also lost
  10. doesn't look lighter to me, last year they changed the material on the jerseys so the green was nicer. I think it has to do w/ that.
  11. Schedule release tmrw

    1) after opening on the road for so many years we went through a crazy stretch of opening at home almost every year since 2010. last year was the first road opener since 2009 I believe. I would expect a road opener 2) I doubt we have more than 1 night game at home if we have any 3)I doubt we'll have many 4PM games scheduled but hopefully we are good enough to be flexed to 4Pm games later in the season 4)cold home games in person are great when the team is doing well, they suck when the team sucks. 7) if we are good then crowds are usually good, that's up to the team
  12. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    I wouldn't call what he is trying to do "verbally sparring". again, for the reading comprehension impaired: Eli Manning helped the giants win 2 SBs but they were led by their D just like our 2009/2010 seasons except our D(and STs) didn't step up in title games like his. I am not arguing Eli has never won a playoff game when his D allowed more than 20 I am stating it as a FACT. It's never happened, this great winner that just needs to get into the playoffs to have a chance has never led his team to a win in the playoffs when his D allowed more than 20 pts. what does that tell you?(along w/ only winning PO games in 2 postseasons throughout his long career). how can you prove me wrong when 1) you usually just attack me and don't even discuss the topic and 2) when you do actually try to counter a point you get it so spectacularly wrong that either you can't read or you don't read. I have yet to see you challenge me on any point, you whine and hurl insults but please challenge my points individually so we can have a fun debate. Maybe you'll teach me something? or more likely I'll teach you something but either way w/ intelligent debate we all win.
  13. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    You may want to go back and read the post I quoted. Eli would not have won without great D/STs, that doesn't mean Eli didn't contribute. He absolutely did and I have always given him credit. I just give him proper credit, I don't say Eli was the reason. Eli helped them win but the main reason they won was because of great D. Asinine numbers that also happen to be correct. What does it say about a QB that he can only win when he is supported by great defense? Does that sound like a great, HOF type QB?
  14. I expect the bills to move up and take a QB but they did make the playoffs without a QB last year.
  15. Is Eli Manning overrated?

    He didn't win the Giants 2 SBs, he helped them win but without GREAT defense they don't have either of those SB apps or wins. I realize reading comprehension isn't a strength of yours but I have always credited Eli for playing well in both SB runs. The problem is 2 good/very good months of football doesn't overcome the overall mediocrity of his career and this is a QB that has NEVER won a playoff game when his D allowed more than 20 pts and only has playoff wins in those 2 postseasons. True greatness 😂 So when Mark had almost 300 yds the next week at Indy I guess you were saying how great he was? You should watch more football.