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  1. Adam Gase overachieved every season in Miami without a decent QB. He's going to do great things here
  2. If you think the Jets didn't have an easy road to the SB I don't know what to tell you. Find me a team with an easier road to the SB than the '68 Jets? The only other team in SB history to have to win just one game to reach the SB was the 1966 Packers but the Packers played the NFL championship game on the road despite having a better record than Dallas and they didn't have a bye.
  3. All you and others do is attack me because you can't attack the arguments.
  4. They had a bye they didn't earn, they only had to win one game to get to the SB and that game was at home where they also didn't earn it.
  5. I love when people have nothing then have to resort to making things up.
  6. Except for this one little problem- you never "knock down" any points. You never have anything to counter what I write.
  7. The Giants played great in postseason, they are not great through the course of those seasons. One of the greatest teams ever? What???? I agree they are one of the most important but they are not anywhere near the conversation for greatest team of all time. They lost 3 games in a 14 game season including to Buffalo who finished the season with just that one win against the Jets. Stop this nonsense please
  8. Yes they were the champions and they deserved to be but that doesn't make them great or their division the best. They beat a team with a better record AT HOME when they didn't earn a home game AND they essentially had a bye when Oakland had to play KC for the West title. The hall of fame is for the greatest players of all time, Eli was never great. He's not going to the hall if rational football people that watched him play are voting on it. He's top 10 in many categories because he's SIXTH all time in attempts. He's never led any major categories other than INTs, he's never made a single all pro team, only earned 2 pro bowls. He doesn't belong because he was a member of 2 SB teams.
  9. Greatness is earned over time not over a month. The 2007 Patriots were great but anything can happen in one game and they were upset. The 2010 Jets were not better than the 2010 Patriots despite beating them in the playoffs. I never said the Jets didn't deserve to win SB III I simply stated facts that we only had to win one playoff game to reach the SB and on top of that the game was at home against a team with a better record, that beat us AND had to play another playoff game just to face us. Eli is not a Hall of famer, you just don't understand what true greatness is. The Giants deserved both SB titles, they earned each one with great playoff runs led by incredible defense and timely offense.
  10. They won the title, that had 2 great months. They were not great teams and because they won it didn't mean their division was great. The only reason they even made the playoffs in 2011 was because of how bad the division was.
  11. Greatness is earned over time not in a month. They earned both SB titles but neither team was great and neither was the best. In 1986 and 1990 they win 14 and 13 games, in 2007 and 2011 they won 10 and 9. GREAT runs but not great teams.
  12. Yeah, he returned kicks most of his time here. I remembered they wanted him to be the PR but he couldn't catch a punt in preseason 1994.
  13. Aaron Glenn never once made an official all pro team, he did make an unofficial one in 2002 with the Texans. Hasty made an official one (2nd team) with KC. Hasty was overlooked with us because we always sucked in those days, once he went to a good team he was a pro bowl/all pro player. Hasty could lock down opponents top WRs, Glenn would get destroyed. In 1998 he was humiliated vs Joey Galloway and later got hurt in that game and essentially missed the rest of the season. Mickens stepped in and the team didn't miss him at all. Glenn played more games as a Jet and had less INTs (INTs alone don't tell the story though, INTs can be overrated). Jet fans more remember Glenn as a return man, with the ball in his hands he was a threat to score where on an int or STs return but as a cover corner Hasty was better.
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