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  1. Still waiting for the context about how joe's 6 Ints and 2 pick 6's didn't cost the jets in a game that ended in a tie. I look forward to you discussing this
  2. The discussion was about certain DBs being better because they had more Ints. I said judging a CB on Ints was a mistake and you waddled into the discussion to blast me for it. So QBs stopped going after him which was why his ints went down? You don't say? You do realize that was the point, right?
  3. You are good at deflecting, I'll give you that. Let's just talk Darrelle Revis for a second. In 2015 he was good not great. In that season he had 5 Ints, in 2010 when he was superhuman (after returning from injury) he had ZERO Ints. So you think he was better in 2015 because he had 5 more Ints? Or that he sucked in 2010 because he had zero? It's silly to compare CBs by Ints. Now please get back to providing context about a 6 int/2 pick six tie game and how that QB wasn't at fault.
  4. At no point did I say TOs don't matter but fans that rely on int totals to judge CB play do not understand how to evaluate CBs. That's very different than 2 pick 6s and 6 Ints in a tie game that cost the division, right?
  5. Ok, please explain to me with context how throwing 6 Ints including 2 pick 6's didn't cost the jets in a tie game that ultimately cost them the division?
  6. Great guy, great program that was always clean. A sad day for real college basketball fans. He's been the best HC in college basketball this century. With that said, I'm really excited for Hubert to continue the tradition of the greatest program in the history of college basketball. He's off to a great start in this offseason and we'll see how well he can coach starting this fall.
  7. Watch ty law 2005. 10 Ints is really impressive but they picked on him all year long. As a corner Rod Woodson had over 6 Ints ONE time (8), as a S he had over 6 Ints twice(7 & 8 ) despite playing 11 seasons at CB and only 5 at S.
  8. Houston finished ahead because of that game. If the jets win that game both teams are 9-5. I'm not 100% sure if the tiebreaking procedures back then but the Jets would either have won based on winning the only head to head matchup or at worst played a playoff game for the division title. So they didn't have a 17-0 halftime lead if the blocked kick was returned at the end of the first half? Not Joe's fault but throwing a pick 6 to cut it to 17-14 was, right? Then trailing 21-20 throwing another pick 6. Oh and did any of the other FOUR Ints hurt them that day in a tie game?
  9. I'm sure it has happened a bunch. The jets did from 91-95 QBs O'Brien, Nagle, Boomer HCs Coslet, carroll, Kotite
  10. No question about it, he's the best D player of all time. People forget how bad the giants were when they drafted him. Their last playoff app was 1963, he changed everything for that franchise.
  11. He was a million times better than barber or either of the woodsons(rod was a much better S than CB by the way). ronde played on an all time great D and wasn't following the next WRs anywhere. That D was about sapp and brooks and others. Remember when we had Ty Law in 05? I think he had 10 Ints but he was awful that season. Ints can be very overrated fire a CB. Revis dominated like no CB before him. Unfortunately his peak didn't last as long as we wanted but he was still great even after the injury until 2016 when it fell apart
  12. I didn't realize throwing 6 Ints including 2 pick 6's in a tie game that eventually was the difference in the division title was meaningless. Who knew? Who cares about Ints costing games as long as you can throw for a lot of yards and lose!
  13. How about the next year in the playoffs when again he completely shut down there best WR again? QB is a much note important position than corner without a doubt and how was our most important player but Revis was a much better corner than namath a QB. It's not even debatable.
  14. They lost the division because of a tie. In that tie he threw 1 TD and SIX Ints including 2 of them returned fire TDs. Just stop it. Putting that aside, the Jets were 7-2-1 with 4 games to play with a 1 game lead for the division. Over the next 3 games he threw NINE Ints in 3 losses. A day before the final game of the regular season houston won and clinched the division then with nothing on the line Joe was spectacular throwing 4 TDs with zero Ints in a meaningless game. Joe's Ints absolutely cost the New York Jets the 1967 AFL Eastern division championship.
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