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  1. Kotite helped stockpile the 1998 and beyond teams, he was obviously a terrible HC but did some nice things in the draft and FA. we have 1 player in our history that we drafted and played the majority of his career here in the HOF. Tanny is going to have another in Revis and will have a borderline candidate in Mangold. He also built playoff teams w/ different coaches and gave us teams that made 2 title games giving us multiple legit SB chances for the only time in our history. was he perfect? of course not but he did far more good than bad. The franchise changed back to the pre-Parcells days the minute we fired Tanny and hired Idzik. Belichick didn't walk away b/c of Woody, he walked away b/c of Parcells and everyone in football knows Parcells is never in a job long term so that had nothing to do w/ Woody. Woody has rarely been overinvolved in football decisions. he has let his guys run things.
  2. Woody Johnson: 2000-2016, Jets made playoffs 6 times, won 6 playoff games, made 2 title games. Jets 1960-1999 made playoffs 8 times, won 6 PO games. Chad Pennington: led us to one of 2 AFC East titles all time, only QB besides Brady to win it in the Brady era(when Brady has been primary starter for NE). Led us to 3 postseasons in his only 3 relatively healthy seasons. basically every time he played at least 3/4 of games we made the playoffs. Mark Sanchez: helped us reach 2 title games(only Jets QB that can say that), has most career playoff wins in team history, most career road playoff wins in team history, was great in the biggest win in team history outside of the 1968 season. rex Ryan: Led us to 2 title games- only HC in team history to do so, led us to 4 PO wins- most in team history. Led biggest win in franchise history outside of the 1968 season. How on Earth are these guys choices on this list?
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    he thought he was ready but when everything goes wrong in the 1st half and the game is over he decided to take him out. I can see your thinking but what if 5 INTs turned into 7-8-9? then the guy is done forever.
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Please explain?
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    the guy had 5 INTs and even though they all weren't his fault he still had 5 INTs at the half. I don't think he made a mistake w/ either move but you may be right.
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    everything skews toward certain perceptions these days, if the Bills are really moving in the right direction they won't allow certain agendas/perceptions to slow them down. Taylor was not having a good season despite decent #s. In his starts the O scored 18.1 PPg w/ him and that includes many garbage time points including the 2 TDs vs. us when that game was long over. People that just look at stat sheets w/o context and have their agendas won't separate that from the #s but the people who watch will. I hope the move sets Buffalo back, I hope they buckle to outside pressure and this sets them back but I don't believe that will happen. Buffalo's new management has done a great job since taking over and they have them set up to finally break the playoff drought in the coming years. Buffalo is going to be tough in the coming years and I hope we will be too.
  7. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Fitz is never coming back here. the cheaper vet we will sign is currently our starter assuming we don't make a move for a Cousins or one of the good vets. if we are drafting a young guy I expect McCown back here.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    No one paying attention(or w/o an agenda) would suggest the Bills were a lock to make the playoffs at 5-4. Anyone paying attention understood what Taylor was doing w/ that offense and how the Bills were winning earlier in the season. we haven't even really begun the playoff races and people are acting like the Bills were a sure thing b/c a QB that has never been in a playoff race led his O to 18 PPG. Their HC saw the season slipping away and tried to do something to stop it, it didn't work but I commend him for trying rather than leaving things alone and just hoping all of a sudden the O would score 25-30 PPG.
  9. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    if they were winning b/c of Tyrod I'd agree but the season was slipping away and Tyrod wasn't doing anything to prevent it. They won when the D was playing well in turning the opponent over(remember a few weeks back when everyone was gloating how bad Rex was and how great they were w/o him?), they have lost when the D stopped created TOs. if your O needs 3-4 TOs a week to win you don't have a very good offense but that is what they needed and changing QBs didn't change anything in regards to the playoffs.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    is the idea to gain 1st downs or score points? B/c they weren't scoring points until garbage time, he's an excellent garbage time QB as he showed once again yesterday. they had the same talent around them, one week they lost scoring 3, the next scoring 7- it's just as bad either way.
  11. let's look at that draft, shall we? round 1 Aaron Ross- average corner round 2 Steve Smith- if he doesn't get hurt this would be a good pick but he only had 2 good seasons. round 3 Jay Alford- gone after 2 seasons, out of the league after 3 round 4 Zak deossie- excellent long snapper but 4th rd for a long snapper? we have had a great run of long snappers for decades w/o using a draft pick on one. round 5 Kevin Boss- decent TE, career high of 42 recs(Jenkins has 39 for us in only 8 games this year) round 6 Adam Koets- who? round 7 Michael Johnson, average at best S only there for less than 4 yrs. round 7 Ahmad Bradshaw- nice complimentary back. his best pick was his last pick, the only long term quality player he drafted that year. this draft wasn't very good, a few complimentary parts for a team already put together. remember we had to spend a ton of amount in offseason we got Revis, he structured it so we could move on after a year or 2. Nothing wrong w/ that deal. you act like that deal set us back years, we had to spend and it almost got us a playoff app. year 1 wasn't great but he did get leonard Williams Jenkins and Lee are developing very nicely in their 2nd seasons, Edwards looks like decent P and Shell could be long term starting tackle- 2016 draft was a good one so far this year is early but the Safeties look very good, McGuire a nice complimentary back(you were singing the praises of the giants GM for their complimentary players drafted), and the others a little early to tell. Our drafts have not been bad under Macc.
  12. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    the Nets gave away all their picks for years to acquire ancient veterans, that's very different than moving up in an NFL draft. if they believe a longterm quality starter is available and have to move up then they need to do that but if they are not convinced they cannot move up just b/c of fan/media pressure to draft certain players.
  13. who has whiffed on 99% of picks? and the contract she gave out were not bad. the only one that can be questioned is Wilk as we could have used that money elsewhere but the guy who left for the giants doesn't seem to be having much of an impact this year, right?
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    again, they were winning when their D was creating a million TOs and even scoring for them. That was the difference maker. a week earlier they got blown out at home where Tyrod led the O to 3 points, this week they got blown out on the road where the backup led them to 7 pts. Different ways to get there but same result.
  15. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    yes but that was at least just a bad division(they got a HOME game b/c they won a terrible NFC west that year, same thing happened a few years ago w/ 7-8-1 Carolina). To have WCs this bad- it's been a while. We made it at 8-8 in 1991, NYG made it at 8-8 in 2006 and in 2004 BOTH NFC WC teams were 8-8(Min, SL).