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  1. Rich then went 4-28 in 2 years here, Gase won 7 games last year with a healthy roster that should have won 3 or 4 games.
  2. He got better but throughout his career threw bad INTs, he just had great teams around him to make up for it most of his career.
  3. 2004 is when everything changed. It was the 2003 playoffs when the colts whined to the league after another Peyton playoff choke and they changed the rules which really opened things up for the crazy passing numbers we've seen ever since. Eli played his entire career in that era, the difference btw him and Sam is that Eli walked into a SB caliber team from day 1 and the Giants always made sure to have excellent weapons for him to throw to.
  4. The Patriots are still good because they beat Ryan Fitzpatrick and the miami dolphins in a close game? We're not going to talk about Belichick's 7 years without Brady? Just a week 1 win this year? I love when people overreact to week 1 😂
  5. I don't know how he's won 30 games without a ton of healthy talent. I do blame him for Sunday, his team was not ready but this notion that he's a terrible HC is false.
  6. Winning is fun, losing isn't. They shouldn't have been having fun on Sunday.
  7. Gase didn't have his team ready to play so even if the play calls were perfect(there were many plays there that our guys didn't make) he needs the blame for not getting his team ready to play.
  8. Our fanbase says follows the biggest nitwits in sports media. Mike greenberg is as embarrassing clueless as Joe beningno.
  9. Since 2006: With Brian as OC(6 seasons under 3 head coaches) 51-45 1 losing season 3 playoff appearances 4 playoff wins 2 AFC Championship Game appearances Without Brian as OC(8+ seasons under 3 head coaches): 49-80 6 losing seasons Zero playoff appearances We always need a scapegoat when things go wrong (right now it's Gase).
  10. Sam was really bad on Sunday with some of it his fault, some coaching, some drops but overall he was awful. This is a weird season, we don't know what next week or next month will bring. Can we, for once, not go overboard on one game?
  11. I miss the classic voices. The graphics team screwed up Chuck Ramsey's name.
  12. Link for 1982 Raider game (January 1983) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1By3fgXcH6lp4VyJWFD1K0nPAubpMNaLD/view Bengal game

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