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  1. It was a ridiculous decision to make this rule just because the saints couldn't stop crying.
  2. They almost pulled it out until Wayne tried to leap in the EZ from the 15😂 Thankfully Miami would choke and we'd crush NE and GB the next 2 weeks.
  3. Our last home game vs Dallas https://youtu.be/hdnQ20V88rw
  4. We haven't had many 3 game stretches like that in our history. We win those games by a combined score of 133-34. The win in NE was the difference in the division title and is the only year Brady was primary starter that NE didn't win the AFC East AND NE wouldn't lose another game on that field for another 3 seasons.
  5. The division is out but a lot 1-3 the playoffs shouldn't be as big of a longshot but I think if we win Sunday there's life. If we can win I think NE can be picked off the following week then we are 2-4 heading to the soft portion of our schedule. It's not likely to happen but please let's just get this win Sunday to breathe some life into this season.
  6. People forget how banged up we were early in 2002, many of the injured guys kept playing through out. When Chad came in and we started to get healthy we took off. I can see the similarities, I just wish we won week 1 vs Buffalo like we did in 2002.
  7. We live in a world where the initial reaction means everything and the truth gets pushed to the side. Something allegedly happens, people go nuts on social media before the facts come out. When the facts come out they get ignored.
  8. The same coach that inherited what should have been a dynasty and only has 1 SB thanks to Brady getting hurt?
  9. I'm pretty confident I've been to more games than 90% of the board. I don't go to every game anymore as my kids are growing up and they have games and other things on Sundays now but I've still been to a million games. In the old building fans would take over when we suck but in the new building it can get taken over even when we don't suck. I still remember the ridiculous amount of Ravens fans at the first ever regular season game there.
  10. They will go to both and they have a large presence at Giants games too for the same reasons. We have a huge cowboy fan population in the NY area (along with the other great teams of the 70s- Pitt, oak, Miami) and they only get to see their team come to town once a year except every 8th year when they come here twice.
  11. I'm there to watch football not socialize. If say hello to the people around me (if they were there and didn't sell/give away their tickets) but I wasn't best man in anyone's wedding. They never sold PSLs in the upper deck.
  12. They are really loud in person too, the only way to keep them quiet is to win which we haven't done much in this decade
  13. Then you can't count and you underestimate cowboy fans. The last time they came here we were coming off 2 straight AFC championship games so it wasn't bad but now after all these years of losing and staying e 0-4? It will be really bad.
  14. Congrats and I, as a former STH, get tickets for a fraction of the price without ever having to be fleeced for a PSL but at least you get his rewards now! Buttfumble night was in 2012, the stadium opened in 2010 when we were at the height of SB expectations.
  15. This does have a 2002 feel, if only we beat Buffalo week 1 like we did in 02 then we'd have a shot. This week is a must win to have any hopes for this year. Win this week then steal one vs NE and we're back in business

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