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  1. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    O'Donnell was an average QB on a good team, we were terrible and obviously overpaid but to get a player in FA you usually have to overpay especially a starting QB. Boomer was at the end of his career, he was a lot like LT was for us back in 2010. He started off great the first month or so then faded as the season went on. Cousins is a good starter, he's a pro bowl caliber starter and he's still young. is he great? no, will he be great? probably not but he will stabilize this position for many years if we sign him. He's like an Eli Manning type. Not flashy, not great but w/ the right talent around him your team can win. we have seen so many starting QBs for our team through the years, very rarely have we had any stability. This would likely bring that. we'll see what happens.
  2. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    The Heels keep rolling, on the road in front of the largest crowd of the season w/ Syracuse desperate for a win to get to the Tourney and they made big plays down the stretch. For about 3/4 of the game Carolina put on a clinic but they made some big mistakes in a big SU run which eventually tied the game but Joel Berry had a great steal and layup to put Carolina back in front then nailed 2 FTs for the final pts in a 4 point win. They are off until Tuesday when Miami goes to Chapel Hill for Senior Night.
  3. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    This is about college basketball. Please stay on topic.
  4. Mark Cuban gets it

    yes because so many championship teams have been built by tanking. w/ that said it's easier to do in the NBA where 1 superstar in the draft can change everything but teams have been burned trying to tank in the NBA many times before. In the NFL there are no sure things and the last team to tank was Indianapolis and so far that tank job did very little as 6 years in they have less playoff wins than we had w/ Mark Sanchez.
  5. again, Parcells took over 2 awful franchises w/o Belichick. NE was the worst franchise in the sport and not only were they awful on the field but off it as well. They had ownership issues, almost moved and had the Lisa Olsen sexual harassment incident in the locker room. They were a complete mess from top to bottom yet w/o Belichick he had the team in the playoffs in just year 2. In Dallas as the dynasty faded away and all the great players left or were on their way out they become a symbol of consistent mediocrity. They went 5-11 3 straight years(we may see that next year and we know how bad we've been), Parcells takes over and they make the playoffs year 1 w/ Quincy Carter as his starter. Bill belichick has only been able to really win w/ the greatest QB of all time and Parcells made the playoffs w/ Quincy Carter.
  6. YOU are Kirk Cousins

    actually we had a team capable of winning many more than 5. How many games did we blow this year? if we could have closed out some games we could have easily won 8-9 games and been in the playoff hunt. we have some pieces to build w/, I think we should be able to compete w/in a year or 2 IF we have a good offseason meaning spending our money wisely w/ all that cap room and drafting well. if we bring in Kirk and fix up the OL we can absolutely be a playoff contender in 2018.
  7. Curtis is the best overall RB we have ever had but Freeman was the best pure runner. Unfortunately he just couldn't stay healthy but we've never had a better runner than Freeman and had he been durable he would have been a sure HOFer. he averaged 4.5 yards per carry for his career, his lowest YPC for any season of his career was 4.0 but he only started 16 games one time and only played in as many as 16 games twice(was part time back the year we drafted Blair Thomas in 1990).
  8. The sad part is the Detroit DB was out of bounds but they didn't have replay back then. Leon in 1997 was a great return man and a good backup RB, pass catcher out of the backfield. In 1998 his injury may have cost us a SB shot. He was obviously a good role player for us but when he got hurt Parcells signed meggett and Meggett's blunder on the KO in the AFC Championship Game was huge. The guy who brought back 32 was Blair Thomas. No one wore it before Blair since Boozer but since Blair it's been used a lot.
  9. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    the 2013 title was the last year of the real Big East, w/ that removed let's look at the ACC vs. the Big East from 1980-2013: National Championships: ACC 10 BE 6 Final Four apps: ACC 29 BE 17 longest streak of FFs: ACC 8 seasons(1988-1995) BE 3 seasons(2009-2011) Number of FFs w/ multiple teams: ACC 5 BE 3 Not that it was ever really debatable but the ACC was far and away the best conference during the old BE days. There were certain years the BE was best but overall it wasn't close.
  10. when I used to buy jerseys I would always get the less popular guys. I had a James hasty before anyone, I also had Brian Washington, Richie Anderson(got it after the 1994 season) and Leon Johnson.
  11. I can see people putting Todd on the list. He wasn't very good BUT he was the starting QB for 2 playoff apps and an AFC title game and he did hlp break the LONG playoff drought. we are on 7 years right now and it seems like it has been 20, Todd helped break an 11 year drought(hopefully we don't equal that in the coming years). The first year I can remember games was 1981 and I remember having a Todd Jets shirt when I was a kid.
  12. 2016-17 NCAA Basketball Thread

    They have finally taken away a Nat'l title, something they have been unwilling to do in the past. My guess is after this FBI investigation is complete we may see more title banners coming down.
  13. Bill Belichick in 7 years w/o Tom Brady(he took over a Browns team that was a year removed from going to the AFC Championship game 3 times in 5 seasons and had a young PB QB and in NE took over for a team that had a SB core, young PB QB and hadn't had a losing season in 6 years): 5 losing seasons 1 playoff app 1 playoff win(WC) Parcells took over the worst franchises in the sport and coached w/o BB 1993-1995 2003-2006 also 7 seasons but in his 7 seasons he made the playoffs THREE times. Once w/ Drew Bledsoe(who BB went 5-13 with) Once w/ Quincy Carter Once w/ Tony Romo Belichick w/o Brady: 54-63 1 playoff app Parcells w/o Belichick: 55-57 3 playoff apps so Parcells w/o BB is better than BB w/o Brady and again parcells took over the worst franchises in the league. NE 1990-1992 pre Parcells: 9-39 0 PO apps Parcells had them in the playoffs year 2 w/o BB Dallas 2000-2002: 15-33 0 PO apps Parcells had them in the Playoffs year 1 with QUINCY CARTER Cleveland 1988-1990: 22-25-1 2 PO apps 1 div title 1 conf champ games app BB had 1 winning season in 5 years NE 1997-1999: 27-21 2 PO apps 1 div title BB was 5-13 pre Brady
  14. I really believe he would have been a HOF player if not for all the concussions. People forget how great he was his first 5 years or so but he took such a beating by never being afraid to catch balls in traffic. 1992 was the worst year I have ever experienced as a fan w/ Toon and Dennis Byrd both suffering career ending injuries(and w/ Byrd it being much worse than just a career ending injury).
  15. In no particular order: Ken O'Brien Al Toon Freeman McNeil Mark Gastineau Mickey Shuler Joe Klecko Darrol Ray Lance Mehl Wesley Walker Johnny Hector