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  2. it's not b/c despite playing w/ the most talented offense and against what may have been the weakest schedule he came up short when it mattered most and we didn't even make the playoffs so all the #s for throwing the ball up for Marshall and Decker became meaningless.
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    most Bills fans wanted Taylor benched and had no problem w/ the decision. anyone watching them understood Taylor wasn't why they were winning.
  4. Russell Wilson

    guys get paid in this league and they earn their paychecks. Nick Mangold is a borderline HOFer, one of the greatest players in Jets history as was David harris(though he's not a borderline HOFer). why shouldn't they have been paid?
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    again, they were winning b/c their D was turning teams over at a ridiculous rate. once that stopped they stopped winning. also again, they beat the Raiders handily after trading dareus but they forced 4 TOs. The D is why they have lost recently but the D was why they were winning. Taylor was inconsequential to the outcome of games. They looked for a spark, it didn't work but at least they tried something rather than just doing the same thing over and over again that wasn't working. and by the way, they beat Atlanta when they allowed 147 rush yds(w/ Dareus), why? b/c they forced 3 TOs including a defensive TD in a 6 point win. it's all about TOs created w/ this team. the other 2 TOs set up FGs, +13 in TO points and they won by 6.
  6. of course it is a team game but he played a vital role on that team. you do know you don't need to throw for 300 yds to win, right? many times the team that has more pass yds loses b/c it means they are trying to catch up and throwing more. Peyton Manning in 2 SB winning runs had ONE 300 yd game among the 7 games needed to win those 2 SBs. Sanchez had similar yardage #s to Rivers when we took the 10 pt lead and we stopped throwing. would you have preferred we were down by 10 and he had to throw? In that Cincy game he had a 50+ yd would be TD that Braylon dropped, his #s would have looked a lot better and again we took a big lead and stopped throwing. would you have preferred to not have the big lead and keep throwing? at Indy 2010 he didn't have great #s but was outstanding in the 2nd half including leading a GW drive on the road getting the ball w/ under a min left and setting up a chip shot FG. would you have preferred 300 yds and a loss? at NE he threw THREE TDs and after giving us a 10 pt lead in the 4th he never attempted another pass. would you have preferred he kept throwing for fun?
  7. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    and actually Dareus' last game was against TB where they won 30-27 as the D forced 3 TOs including the fumble that set up the GW FG w/ about 2 mins left. they also forced another fumble in the 2nd qtr when TB was in FG range and an INT which set up Buf at TB 26 but the Bills O botched that one and they didn't score. the next game w/o him they won 34-14 over Oakland where they forced 4 TOs. TO #1: w/ under min left in 2nd qtr D forced fumble and goes in for the TD giving Buf a 14-7 halftime lead. TO#2: ste up FG TO #3: set up TD TO #4: ended game what changed after that game? they went from 7 TOs created and a TD scored in 2 games to 1 TO created over the next 3 games where they scored a grand total of 17 non garbage time points. it's all about creating TOs for that D and that team, if they don't then they don't score and don't have a chance to win. it's hard to win w/ an offense like that.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    still scoring points? they haven't scored points most of the year. at the time of his benching the O was averaging 18.1 PPG and that included all the garbage time points. I agree the D is the issue but the D was why they were winning earlier in the year. when the D was forcing a million TOs and scoring they were winning, when that stopped their season tanked. Taylor was not giving them a good chance to win, he was doing very little actually and the 2 previous games prior to the benching he led his O to 10 pts in non garbage time action. The '85 Bears would struggle to win w/ that O.
  9. he was our starter and he was vital to both runs. He had up and down reg seasons in his time here but was outstanding in postseason. I get most fans love meaningless #s like Favre put up but the game is about winning and no Jet QB has won more in postseason. Hopefully someday soon another QB has more playoff wins for us and gets us to the SB but until then he has the record.
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    the reality is also that a week earlier they got blown out where Taylor led his O to 3 points and the week befo0re that they got blown out where he led his O to 7 points before garbage time. He was trying to create a spark, it didn't work but I applaud him for trying.
  11. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    they did it b/c their season was fading fast and they decided to try something rather than wait until it was too late. Our QB has been better than Taylor this year.
  12. they lost 5 more games than the year before, that's a HUGE difference. The playoff field in 2008 was weak, Miami went from 1 win to 11. our scheds in the AFC were maybe the weakest we have ever had and we went 1-4 to end the season losing to 3 terrible teams out of the 4 and the one game we won our D scored late in the game to give us the win against another bad team.
  13. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    so if the Pats win the rest of their games it means we are gong to the playoffs? that's awesome!
  14. If BB was here he has the same NE staff in place and we would have drafted Brady. Peyton would have loved to play for the Jets, all BP had to do was give him the word that he was taking him and he would have come out. BP didn't want to have a rookie QB as he only wanted to coach a year or 2 w/ us and he didn't want to develop a young QB.
  15. Bowles After the Bye

    we crushed 2 average/below average teams. Our wins are 75% quality. we got lucky vs. Cleveland but the other 3 we played well. No one is bragging about 4-6 but it's silly to try to take away from our wins.