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  1. It would be really fun if the Jets and dolphins became team rivals again
  2. That's the best news I've heard in a long time, Francesa is such a jinx. I would have been worried if he told us he loved him
  3. I know I wasn't around but I have to post this.
  4. I was not banned, just not around. Very busy times, hopefully I'll be around more going forward but we'll see.
  5. There was 20 minutes left, they didn't blow a 15 point lead with 5 minutes. Unfortunately they weren't deep and 4 of their top 6 guys got hurt/sick during that game. It eventually caught up to them.
  6. I'm sorry I wasn't around for the incredible run, I know you guys missed me. I just haven't had time to post but what an amazing run. Basically from the Syracuse game when Love nailing that late 3 to spoiling K's last home game to the Baylor game, the UCLA game, sending K to retirement. I have been following Carolina basketball since the mid/late 80s and have seen a lot of great wins, a lot of championships,... but this was the most fun run I can remember. It's too bad all the injuries cost them the title. Manek getting hurt early then Love early 2nd half then Puff getting sick then on a play that would have given the Heels the lead late the floor buckled and Bacot reinjured his ankle. Such a shame they didn't get that title but everyone except Manek is coming back and they'll have a great chance to do what the 2017 team did. On another note, I was shocked by Wright's retirement. While I'm still not over the stolen title of 2016 Jay was a great coach, good man and great for college basketball. I remember when I used to post on a different board and there was this Villanova fan that wanted Wright fired after the upset loss up NC State in 2015. Crazy times in college basketball. Hubert proved he can coach, can Scheyer and can Neptune? We'll see.
  7. I hope he doesn't go to the giants, I'm going the giants hire another former Belichick assistant
  8. To catch everyone up to date. The greatest coach in the history of football has coached 9+ full seasons without Tom Brady. 71-79 record in reg season, 1-2 in playoffs 6 losing seasons 2 wild card playoff appearances 1 wild card playoff win(at home) Zero division titles Zero AFC Championship Game appearances Zero Super Bowl appearances Lost 2 playoff games by 20 & 30 points Tom Brady without bill Belichick, not yet 2 full seasons 24-9 record in reg season, 5-0 in postseason 1 division title 1 conference championship 1 Super Bowl title In 11 postseason losses Belichick lost by an average of 8.5 PPG with Tom Brady, In 2 postseason losses without him he's lost by an average of 25 PPG. Never in Brady's career did he lose a playoff game by 20 or more, Belichick has now done twice in only 2 playoff losses. You guys like to make things up, I never said Belichick sucked I always said Brady was the reason for the dynasty and unless you are completely blind it's now really way to see though smarter people noticed it a long time ago
  9. I'm sorry the facts don't support your opinion. He's now coached 9 seasons without the greatest QB of all time. He's well under .500, he has 6 losing seasons and just 2 WC playoff appearances and just 1 WC playoff win which came home in the old days when a wild card team could be the home team. Tom Brady in less than 2 full seasons has 5 playoff wins, a division title, a conference championship and a Super Bowl title. In 2 postseason losses without Brady Belichick has lost by 20 & 30 points
  10. That's because you don't have an argument and cannot refute anything I post but I am glad you are making yourself feel better
  11. And he's doing it without much talent around him. This might be the most exciting time for our future in all the years I've been watching this team. We finally have a QB
  12. Obviously the ending was disappointing, if Zach makes the right call the game is over on that 4th down BUT how can we not be excited for the future? Zach is developing at a rapid pace, imagine what he looks like year 2 with all his weapons healthy, with the OL healthy, with added weapons in the draft/FA? We are really close on offense. The D is awful but with all the picks, cap room and injured players coming back that can be a quick turnaround. The 2022 New York Jets will be a playoff team.
  13. You think he "developed" Brady to save a franchise 3 games into year 2? Yeah, it was all BB who has a long history of developing QBs He hit the lottery, there were crazy circumstances at Michigan with Brady and Drew Henson that undervalued Brady. He drafted him with hopes he'd be a backup some day. He hit the lottery.
  14. You conveniently ignore that the Pats had loads of talent on the 2000 Patriots and were 5-13 before Brady took over and just like magic they started winning. Without Brady taking over when he did the seat was getting really warm for Belichick. If bledsoe stays healthy and starts into '02 that's no way Belichick lasts past the '02 season and his HC career would have been over. Bill was always a great assistant coach but as a HC he was less than mediocre without Brady and despite a good season good year(they've come back to reality recently) his overall resume without Brady is poor. Ok, so bill is comparable to Lindy Infante and Dan Henning without Brady. I agree with you but he's probably a little better 9 seasons without Brady, he's going to the playoffs for only the 2nd time and that thanks in large part to a huge spending spree in the offseason and an absolutely perfect schedule where overall it was weak but when they played tougher teams they had the benefit of injuries, Covid or ridiculous weather conditions.
  15. You present a very intelligent argument.
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