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  1. On 4/5/2022 at 9:36 AM, Jetsfan80 said:

    Wouldn’t surprise me, but I also don’t see anything ban-worthy in his most recent posts, and I would imagine he would’ve showed up in the gallows thread by now if he had been.

    I was not banned, just not around.  Very busy times, hopefully I'll be around more going forward but we'll see.

  2. On 4/5/2022 at 10:11 AM, Matt39 said:

    Bacot is a warrior. What an absolutely choke job by UNC. Davis allowing the two guards to chuck at will should haunt him for a while. Just a brutal loss.

    There was 20 minutes left, they didn't blow a 15 point lead with 5 minutes.  Unfortunately they weren't deep and 4 of their top 6 guys got hurt/sick during that game.  It eventually caught up to them.

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't around for the incredible run, I know you guys missed me😬. I just haven't had time to post but what an amazing run.  Basically from the Syracuse game when Love nailing that late 3 to spoiling K's last home game to the Baylor game, the UCLA game, sending K to retirement. 


    I have been following Carolina basketball since the mid/late 80s and have seen a lot of great wins, a lot of championships,... but this was the most fun run I can remember.  It's too bad all the injuries cost them the title.  Manek getting hurt early then Love early 2nd half then Puff getting sick then on a play that would have given the Heels the lead late the floor buckled and Bacot reinjured his ankle.  Such a shame they didn't get that title but everyone except Manek is coming back and they'll have a great chance to do what the 2017 team did.


    On another note, I was shocked by Wright's retirement.  While I'm still not over the stolen title of 2016 Jay was a great coach, good man and great for college basketball.  I remember when I used to post on a different board and there was this Villanova fan that wanted Wright fired after the upset loss up NC State in 2015😂. Crazy times in college basketball.  Hubert proved he can coach, can Scheyer and can Neptune?  We'll see.

  4. To catch everyone up to date. The greatest coach in the history of football has coached 9+ full seasons without Tom Brady.

    71-79 record in reg season, 1-2 in playoffs

    6 losing seasons

    2 wild card playoff appearances

    1 wild card playoff win(at home)

    Zero division titles

    Zero AFC Championship Game appearances

    Zero Super Bowl appearances

    Lost 2 playoff games by 20 & 30 points


    Tom Brady without bill Belichick, not yet 2 full seasons

    24-9 record in reg season, 5-0 in postseason

    1 division title

    1 conference championship

    1 Super Bowl title


    In 11 postseason losses Belichick lost by an average of 8.5 PPG with Tom Brady, In 2 postseason losses without him he's lost by an average of 25 PPG.  Never in Brady's career did he lose a playoff game by 20 or more, Belichick has now done twice in only 2 playoff losses.


    You guys like to make things up, I never said Belichick sucked I always said Brady was the reason for the dynasty and unless you are completely blind it's now really way to see though smarter people noticed it a long time ago

  5. On 1/3/2022 at 8:17 AM, Scott Dierking said:

    Judging a coach based upon what he was like with or without a certain player is one of the most ludicrous premises I can imagine. Especially when that coach has over 20+ years of head coaching experience.

    Saying that a coach that has won 6 Super Bowl titles is not a good coach is laughable. Listen to yourself. You come off as a scorned lover. 

    I am done with this stupid discussion. Please stop.

    I'm sorry the facts don't support your opinion.  He's now coached 9 seasons without the greatest QB of all time.  He's well under .500, he has 6 losing seasons and just 2 WC playoff appearances and just 1 WC playoff win which came home in the old days when a wild card team could be the home team.

    Tom Brady in less than 2 full seasons has 5 playoff wins, a division title, a conference championship and a Super Bowl title.

    In 2 postseason losses without Brady Belichick has lost by 20 & 30 points 

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  6. On 1/3/2022 at 7:59 AM, UntouchableCrew said:

    I'm not making an argument. I'm making fun of you.

    That's because you don't have an argument and cannot refute anything I post but I am glad you are making yourself feel better

  7. Obviously the ending was disappointing, if Zach makes the right call the game is over on that 4th down BUT how can we not be excited for the future?  Zach is developing at a rapid pace, imagine what he looks like year 2 with all his weapons healthy, with the OL healthy, with added weapons in the draft/FA?  We are really close on offense.

    The D is awful but with all the picks, cap room and injured players coming back that can be a quick turnaround.

    The 2022 New York Jets will be a playoff team.


  8. 3 minutes ago, Biggs said:


    You think he "developed" Brady to save a franchise 3 games into year 2?  Yeah, it was all BB who has a long history of developing QBs 😂

    He hit the lottery, there were crazy circumstances at Michigan with Brady and Drew Henson that undervalued Brady.  He drafted him with hopes he'd  be a backup some day.  He hit the lottery.

  9. On 12/20/2021 at 12:04 PM, PFSIKH said:

    You:  Again, coaches usually take over bad teams.  

    3-13 Cleveland hires Bill as coach.

    Also you:  Saying they were 3-13 doesn't help

    1999 and 2000 Patriots.  Again, I have addressed it.  You conveniently ignore the fact the Patriots had cap issues.  You also ignore that the team was getting worse.  A regression from a Superbowl team, to a division winner, to barely making the playoffs and finally to a .500 team that was nowhere near the playoffs.  If Pete stayed, it was going to be a continued regression.

    Brady bought him time.  Nope.  That is how experience works.  The more repetition you have, the better you should get.  Bill has always been a good coach.  It is fair to criticize Belichick the GM, but not his coaching.   Go really look at his Cleveland days.  The team was competitive.  As I have said before, Bill admitted to making mistakes in Cleveland.  His coaching was not one of them.  Like with Levy, a smart coach is going to learn from their mistakes.  It also helps to luck into a generational talent at QB.  Never denied that, but to say Brady bought him time is dumb.  

    Again, cookie cutting your points.  The Browns were in 3 of 5 AFC Championships.  That is true.  You know what else is true?  The Browns were also 3-13 immediately preceding Bill's tenure. That is by far more relevant.  Yes, the Ravens won a Superbowl 5 years after Bill, but what were they immediately after Bill in 96?  4-12.  If your point is Ozzie Newsome is a better GM, probably so.  It would be relevant if Marchibroda even went 8-8 with the team, but what happened 5 years later is not.  

    That you miss the point about Lindy Infante and Dan Henning is not surprising.  Those are HCs, similar to Bill, that took over bad teams and bombed.  That is more relevant then cherry picking a random coach who had success for one year than ultimately bombed.  

    You conveniently ignore that the Pats had loads of talent on the 2000 Patriots and were 5-13 before Brady took over and just like magic they started winning.


    Without Brady taking over when he did the seat was getting really warm for Belichick.  If bledsoe stays healthy and starts into '02 that's no way Belichick lasts past the '02 season and his HC career would have been over.

    Bill was always a great assistant coach but as a HC he was less than mediocre without Brady and despite a good season good year(they've come back to reality recently) his overall resume without Brady is poor.

    Ok, so bill is comparable to Lindy Infante and Dan Henning without Brady.  I agree with you but he's probably a little better😁


    9 seasons without Brady, he's going to the playoffs for only the 2nd time and that thanks in large part to a huge spending spree in the offseason and an absolutely perfect schedule where overall it was weak but when they played tougher teams they had the benefit of injuries, Covid or ridiculous weather conditions.

  10. On 12/20/2021 at 8:35 AM, Scott Dierking said:

    Tell me your best coach in the last 20 years. 

    Rex, Herm and even mangini were all better than Belichick has been without Brady.  Rex even beat Belichick WITH Brady in the playoffs on the road with Mark Sanchez as his QB.

  11. On 12/20/2021 at 8:10 AM, Biggs said:

    Name the great QB that Bill Parcells developed.   Bellichick developed the GOAT from a late drafted mediocre college talent.  He is now about to do it again.  Just a little perspective.  

    He didn't develop anything, he hit the lottery with Brady and Jones isn't very good.  They aren't going to be one and done in the playoffs because of their QB

  12. 3 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    I actually think a more relevant discussion would be Bill Parcels without Belichick..

    Because he wasn't very good.

    Parcells barely coached without Belichick.

    1993-1995 NE

    He took over the worst franchise in the sport which was not only a disaster on the field but even worse off it with awful ownership that wanted to move the team and a sexual harassment firestorm in the locker room. NE won a total of 14 games three previous 4 seasons, Parcells had them in the playoffs year 2 with 10 wins.


    2003-2006 Dallas

    The cowboys were stuck in mediocrity post dynasty. They were 5-11 three straight seasons then year 1 Parcells wins 10 games with QUINCY CARTER and makes the playoffs.  He had 3 winning seasons in my 4 years there with 2 playoff appearances.


    The better comparison is playoff appearances without great QBs.

    Parcells made the playoffs with 6 different non Hall of Fame QBs winning 2 Super Bowls, making a third and reaching 4 conference championship games.

    Belichick made 1 wild card playoff appearance winning 1 home wild card game. Oh and he did it with a QB Parcells won a division title with(1st won since '69 for Jets) and made the AFC Championship Game.


    QBs Parcells and Belichick shared.



    5-13 with Belichick

    44-37 with Parcells including 32-27 in NE, 12-10 in Dallas and 2 playoff apps with a Super Bowl appearance.


    16-15 with Belichick with wild card playoff appearance

    12-2 with Parcells(1 loss was after getting hurt in my 1st qtr of '99 opener) with division title and AFC Championship Game appearance





  13. On 12/14/2021 at 3:43 PM, PFSIKH said:

    Levy - Levy is in the Hall of Fame so Bill is not on his par until he retires and waits five years for his golden jacket.  As far as rings are concerned......  I know you are trying to make a point with Levy, but I am not sure what it is.  You can try misdirection by saying "3 of 5", but that is irrelevant.  Bill took over a 3-13 team in Cleveland.  The Browns team he took over was bad.  Again, in both cases during their first coaching gig, they took over bad teams and made them more competitive.  In their fifth year, Levy with the strike and Bill with the team move, their respective teams were nuked.  Ironically enough, when paired with a HofF QBs they both earned gold jackets.  

    You mean 2nd year Bledsoe that led the league in passing yards?  That playoff game was his 29th career start.  Hardly a second year novice.  Again, why were the Patriots 5-11 his first year?  A little thing the called the salary cap.  Do you know how to show causation?  Look at Pete Carroll. Pete took over a young Patriots team that went to the Superbowl.  His first year the team regressed to 10 wins.  Then 9.  Then 8.  Bill did not take over a Superbowl team.  It was the one saddled with salary cap issues.  He gutted it and then spent money and won the Superbowl.    

    You opened up Landry and Swtizer.  You brought up Coughlin and his AFC Championship like he operated in a vacuum.  A common theme in all your examples.  He did have an expansion team that operated during the salary cap era.  The Jaguars and Panthers were able to build a team with a far lesser concern for the salary cap than every other team.

    Before Bill/After Bill. The Browns were 3-13 before Bill.  The Ravens were 16-31-1 immediately after Bill.  In year 4 After Bill, the Ravens were 8-8.  The one commonality between Bill and the Ravens?  Ozzie Newsome.    If anything Bill deserves credit for setting the Ravens up.  His trades the previous year set-up the Ravens new GM Newsome.  It allowed him to set a foundation.  Het he was able to draft two HofFers in the first round due to Bill.. 

    New HCs from Bill's Cleveland era a little before or during.  Lindy Infante (24-40), but he did have that all important winning second season.  Joe Bugel (20-44) with the Cardinals.  Dick MacPherson  (8-24) with the Patriots.  Dan Henning (16-32) with the Chargers.  Ray Perins (19-41) with the Bucs.  David Shula (19-52) with the Bengals.  Sam Wyche (23-41) with the Bucs.  Jerry Glanville (27-37) with the Falcons to include a 2nd year winning season.  Fit him for a gold jacket.  June Jones (19-29) with the Falcons and a second year winning season golden jacket candidate.


    Again, coaches usually take over bad teams.  That's why those jobs are available.   Saying they were 3-13 doesn't help but it is convenient how you ignore he took over a of. 500 team loaded with talent in NE then went 5-13 before Brady became his starter.

    He led the league in yards along with leading the league in attempts with a 57% completion percentage and TWENTY SEVEN Ints.  Man, he was great😂😂

    I can confidently say current Belichick would not go 5-11 in 2000.  The Belichick at the time who was not a good HC did, Brady bought him time to develop into a good HC.  The 2000 Pats had more than enough talent to be a playoff contender but he went 5-13 in his first 18 games with them.

    No, before Bill the Browns were a top franchise in the AFC making 3 AFC Championship Games in 5 years, after the Ravens became SB champions within 5 years after they got rid of all of Belichick's personnel mistakes and rebuilt the franchise.

    You are really bringing up Lindy Infante, Dan Henning and co?  😂😂😂😂

  14. On 12/14/2021 at 10:15 AM, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    Bill Belichick has six Super Bowl Championships and nine Super Bowl appearances, and you decided to harp on when he was the coach of the Browns, and his first year with the Patriots? Do we not remember when Matt Cassel went 10-5 in the year that Brady was out? Was that "absolutely perfect circumstances?" He had a down year when eight of his players opted out for COVID in addition to losing the all-time greatest QB, and you are going to focus on that instead of him regrouping and winning the division with a rookie QB the following year? 

    This is not an argument you can win. Bill Belichick is the greatest modern day head coach, and possibly the greatest head coach of all time. 


    I'm discussing facts.  Between 2 teams and 8 full seasons which is an eternity in the NFL  has 6 losing seasons with just 1 wild card playoff appearance.  Other great HCs have won SBs with mediocre QBs, been to SBs, been to the playoffs consistently.  Belichick wouldn't even be a HC today is Brady didn't save his career

  15. On 12/14/2021 at 9:49 AM, Scott Dierking said:

    Only fools focus on what someone has not accomplished, rather than what someone has accomplished.

    Here I will make this easier for you: Name a better head coach in the last 20 years, who has accomplished MORE that Belichick. 

    He hasn't accomplished anything without the best QB in the history of the game

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