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  1. He has the most talented passing arm of any QB I've ever seen play in a Jets uniform(too young for namath). He had all the tools mentally and physically to succeed. I think he's going to be very good and this offense when healthy next year will be very, very dangerous.
  2. Bill Belichick in 8 full seasons without the best QB of all time has 6 losing seasons and 1 wild card playoff appearance. Don't a great job this year under absolutely perfect circumstances. We'll see if they can sustain this.
  3. Was discussing Cleveland. The believe made the AFC championship game in 1986, 1987 & 1989. He took over in 1991
  4. Ok, so he's on par with Marv Levy Belichick beat Parcells at home with 2nd year Drew bledsoe at QB. Belichick was 5-13 with prime Bledsoe. Tom Landry coached in a completely different era talking over an expansion team. you are bringing up Barry Switzer? Come on. the majority of new HCs take over bad teams, that's why those jobs are open but in his era successful HCs did not take until year 4 to have their first playoff/winning season and have losing seasons in 4 of 5 years. the Ravens are very relevant, the franchise was very successful just before Belichick and very successful just after Belichick not we're mostly bad with Belichick. That should tell you something. Levy took over a 2-12 KC team and a buffalo team was that 2-14 the year before he took over (they were 2-7 during the year he took over).
  5. He's done a great job this year but Mac couldn't throw in that weather, it's not like they had a choice. Credit goes to the OL for bullying the bills D
  6. He's done nothing in his career without Brady. I'll believe they are going on another long run of success when I see it
  7. Why is Mosely whining about this stuff in pregame? He and that D had a full game to do something about it and they were an embarrassment again. Want some respect? Go earn it
  8. Zach looked good yesterday, not perfect but good. The problem was the D allowing Philly to control the ball all game. It was hard for the O to get into a flow in that second half because of it. The O doesn't need major additions this offseason. Tinker with the OL and they should be take good next year. The offseason focus needs to be defensively. We're on the right track.
  9. He's done a good job this year with a rookie QB but they also spent wildly which generally less to a 1 year bump. They have also taken advantage of a ridiculously easy schedule with the only decent teams they gave played ravaged by injury. That's a long way to go this year and I don't think they are set up long term.
  10. It didn't take 4 years to build a playoff team no matter how bad the team was. So 3 Pittsburgh winning seasons with just 1 playoff app Manning 1 divisional Rd appearance is worse than 3 AFC Championship Games in the previous 5 seasons? By the way, 1 of those "winning seasons" was 1987 when they were 8-7 when winning 2 of 3 with replacement players. They were 6-6 with regulars. Levy got better every season in KC and left off a 9-7 season. The bottom line is Bill had FIVE seasons in Cleveland with FOUR losing seasons. In the be 5 seasons before Bill the Browns made 3 AFC Championship Games, in the 5 years after him the Ravens won a Super Bowl.
  11. It is not a real possibility and abbe that would root for Belichick is not a Jet fan
  12. He just returned from injury, he didn't have carter or Davis and he's clearly not fully healthy yet. He's going to be fine.
  13. They made 3 AFC Championship Games in the previous 5 seasons before BB got there, they were used to winning. In the previous 7 years before Cowher they had 2 winning seasons- both at 9-7. Of levy's 4 full seasons in KC he had just 2 losing seasons. In 5 years in Cleveland BB had 4. The Panthers were in the same spot, both had quick success but Carolina quickly fell and Jacksonville jellye winning. My point with all that guys was that they became HCs in the same era and won a lot sooner than 4 years to get a WC berth. I would like to credit BB for this year though. He turned it around with a rookie QB. They aren't beating good teams but they are taking care of business and that's what good teams do. He's done a very good job this year so far.
  14. Purdue is really, really good. National champy type of good. Carolina did a good job hanging with them Saturday then played awful yesterday against a Tennessee yeah they should have beaten.
  15. BB took over a franchise used to winning, they needed to rebuild after a good run but there were not 5 year plans in that era. Let's look at successful HCs that took over franchises from about 85-95. Marc Levy: won division year 3, in SB year 5 Cowher: won division year 1, in SB year 4 Coughlin: AFC Championship Game year 2 Schottenheimer: playoffs year 2 Bobby Ross: playoffs year 1, in SB year 3 I can go on and on and on
  16. But he wasn't in coaches meetings with BBs staff. He isn't trying to be BB like so many of the others. He learned under different coaches and I'm sure learned as a player under BB but that's very different.
  17. I'm sorry, I only caught one tail end. My fault.
  18. . Todd Bowles was the worst HC be we've had since Kotite. He walked into a playoff roster against a weak schedule and couldn't have his team prepared to play against a dead Bills team to get into the playoffs. If you switch the coaches that day the Jets are in the playoffs.
  19. Vrabel isn't from the BB coaching tree, he never coached under him. I thought Mangini had promise but he screwed up that 08 season and did a poor job in Cleveland. He's not getting a third chance
  20. Career years from Fitzpatrick and McCown
  21. Chuck Noll took over one of the worst franchises in the sport in an era where a 5 year plan was a thing. By the time BB became a HC that was out the window. Who cares if Gibbs won during a strike year? He won year 2. Montana and Walsh were on a SB hangover year after the first one. Bill won year 2 with team 2, those others were their first team and bill was losing with team 2 until the the best QB of all time saved his career. 2000 Pats had Faulk, Brown, Glenn, Armstrong, Andruzzi, Woody, mcginest, Bruschi, Jones, milloy, Law, Vinatieri, Smith, Johnson, ... That's a heck of a group to walk into . Yes, he made some good low cost moves that offseason heading into great 2 but the core was there minus the best QB of all time. Tampa's last winning season was 2016, last one before that was 2010, last playoff app 2007, last playoff win 2002. He went to a talented team but talent alone doesn't win as he never had the most talented team in NE. I'm hung up on 10+ points because it was the first and second time it ever happened. It never happened in the first 35 Super Bowls so, yeah, it was a big deal. He and the offense saved the D from historic chokes.
  22. That's going to be a great event. My son wants to go and I was going to get tickets but I have to wait until we get closer because of my kids basketball schedules.
  23. Woody owns the team, he's not going anywhere. Chris has a very reduced role and he's the one who was in charge when this franchise sunk back into the 70s/mid 90s levels. Woody being back is a great thing but please allow the youngest team in the league with a young coaching staff a chance to improve. They have shown some good signs that this thing is starting to turn around. At the end of the year I think we'll look back and be pleased with the progress heading into another big offseason.
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