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  1. He definitely made mistakes when he fired tannenbaum and hired idzik. That started the mess but even with that they never had 2 straight losing seasons until he left. This thing is being turned around, the right people are in place. Enjoy the ride
  2. nyjunc

    RIP Savage69

    That is really awful news, my condolences to his family.
  3. Woody certainly made mistakes especially post 2012 but overall woody did a very good job here. It's not his fault his brother did a poor job, he's the owner. He wasn't relinquishing the team so he wasn't searching for a new owner while he was gone. Just be thankful he's back, in all his years running this franchise we never had back to back losing seasons and we had the longest stretch of success in franchise history. Those days will be coming back soon. Enjoy the climb
  4. We have a rooky HC and rookie QB, they gave nothing to do with the results of 2012-2020. We are 2 weeks in, what is more amazing is how fans give up after 2 weeks.
  5. Even when we win the fanbase is miserable. We have a lot of great fans but the crappy ones always make us look bad
  6. I would disagree. I saw a team that played pretty well around the QB but our rookie QB had a rookie game. Decent QB play and the jets win yesterday but Zach was awful. It happens and will happen again but there will be good games in there as well. This will be a different team the second half of the season
  7. We have an awful fan base, it's just the way it is.
  8. What a weird post since I have done nothing but bash Chris Johnson. I praise Woody and he's been back for 5 minutes. We've played 2 games. Just weird
  9. He did not play a very good game, if he did they would have easily scored 30+. I like Sam, I will root for the guy going forward but he was not very good yesterday
  10. The better QB did not win yesterday. The QB in the better situation won. If you switched the QBs yesterday Carolina wins in a blowout. I wish Sam well, I like Sam but he was not better yesterday.
  11. Becton on had been out along with AVT and then the RTs were rotating. They should have been better but I'm not panicking yet. My biggest concern is the OL looked better when becton left the game.
  12. Sam wasn't good yesterday, he had all day to throw, own receivers all game and Christian McCaffrey. That's why he won, Zach was the better QB when you factor in the conditions and it wasn't close.
  13. This group first played together yesterday. It will take a little time for them to come together. If they are still playing like this at midseason then we can bash Douglas but this was week 1 for a group that had since injuries in camp and never really played together.
  14. I like Sam, I think he can succeed as a starter but I'm blown away from what I've seen from my Zach. He's still not guaranteed to be a success but he has tools that very few QBs have and he appears to have the right mindset as well. Clean up the OL issues(I think there's enough talent to have a good OL this year) and we are looking at a potential star QB. The first half was awful yesterday, it looked like a continuation of the past few years but for Zach to bounce back and even give the Jets a chance with what he dealt with yesterday was incredibly impressive and we should all be really excited.
  15. When did Henry suck with Mariota? He averaged 4.6 YPC his first three seasons with Mariota. I don't know why he struggled early in 2019 but when tannehill came in for his first extended action Henry still struggled. Are you saying Henry has been great because of tannehill? Tannehill is an average QB with the best RB in the game and some of the best offensive talent in the league around him. Ask him to win a big game without Henry going off and he cannot do it.
  16. A lot of work to do for Zach but if we can't be excited with what we've seen then people are crazy. We've been burned before so I understand if fans are nervous but I think we are entering an era that will be really fun.
  17. 1988 vs Pitt https://youtu.be/awZI--R5P6Y
  18. I liked Luvu. The Jets deserve ridicule for what they did most of the last decade, let's hope those days are behind us for a long time
  19. Definitely inside by NFL for me but I must mention Jets Journal. I watched both shows every week
  20. It's actually not all based on him because they are building around the QB but either way he's a ROOKIE. He's going to have ups and downs. He has all the tools to succeed but it's still a process
  21. My argument is not in favor of Mariota, is more showing that he did more in his playoff win than Ryan in his 2 playoff wins. Both were led by Henry bit Mariota did more.
  22. He wouldn't be a big FA if he was let go. Everyone connected to the NFL knows he's in the absolute perfect situation. They underage he's holding them back but he has pretty numbers and that impresses some people
  23. No you didn't, because of you watch tannehill on a weekly basis you'd know he's nowhere near as good as those numbers. If tannehill was the reason Henry got it going in 2019 how come when he came in during the Denver game Henry struggled? They were only down 13 with a qtr and a half to play, surely the great Ryan tannehill could get Henry going? So why were 3 of his 4 carries (which led to having to pass and abandon run) for negative yards? He had 4 carries for 1 yard but yeah Ryan was why Henry turned his season around
  24. Ohhh it was Andy Reid that choked the game away. No credit to Mariota but when tannehill threw for 160 yards TOTAL in his 2 playoff wins or it was all the greatness of Ryan tannehill Mariota had 205 pass yds, Henry 156 in their playoff win. With tannehill, Henry had more rushing yards in each playoff win(182, 195) than tannehill had COMBINED pass yards(160). Please don't confuse me argument, in not stating Mariota is good, I'm stating tannehill is overrated. He's an average QB in a perfect situation. If Tennessee had a good QB they would be a legitimate SB winning threat
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