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  1. Bunting was terrible, I was hoping he'd be gone a few years ago so the Heels could get Spurrier but it worked out getting Butch.
  2. I have no problem w/ Payton winning it but Mangini gets 3 votes? Come on that's complete joke.
  3. We were down 19-7 w/ about 2 mins left vs. NE and scored 2 TDs late, We needed a Hailr mary and KR to beat Buf, we needed 30 pts in the 4th qtr to beat Miami and we needed 2 TDs and a 2 pt conversion in the final mins of the TB game. The Pitt plays happened during the regualr part of the game, if they happened in the last 5 mins I'd say it was a miracle. We were humiliated by the Steelers? We lost 17-6 and it was a 10-6 game until the final minutes. we did get beat up by NE but we came back in posjtseason to beat a very good SD team and nearly knocked off a 15-1 team in their building w/ zero offense. Cincy scored a late TD to make it close, SD scored a few TDs to make it close- why are those mentioned but when we make a game look clsoe it's a knock on Herm? No matter what we did Herm was always to blame according to you guys. If we won it was b/c of the players, if we lost it was b/c of Herm, if we beat a team that went on to have a good record that team stunk b/c they weren't winning at the time but if we beat a team that was winning at the time then went on to have a bad record that team stunk. Once Chad was healthy we had 9 to 11 win talent. mangini was left w 2 good guards, a good blocking TE, very good WRs, good DL, excellent LBs, decent secondary, great STs. Thata dds up to mroe than 4 wins. Priro to Chad proving he was healthy I thought 6-7 wins but once Chad was healthy it was clear we would be a playoff contender. That 2000 team was not very good. I think our '03 team would have beaten them(after Chad came back) and in '03 we were 6-10.
  4. You aren't going live against an opposing D, it's harder to see the smarts in practice. We had alot more than 4-12 talent, when healthy 2 years ago we were a kick away from the title game. We won 4 mainly due to disastrous injuries. In '00 we won 3 miracle comeback games and lost 6 of 9 to end the season, we were alot worse than a 9-7 team.
  5. That is the point, put Chad vs. Vinny in practice and Vinny looks much better but in a game where it's more than just physical Chad is better. it didn't set Shaun back too far, he became a PBer in 2003. We had mor 4-3 personnel this year and mangini converted us to 3-4- coaches do that. It took half a season for the guys to get it and we still have missing pieces that we'll need to acquire. he was an OLB as a rookie, basically a guy who only came in on 3rd downs to rush the passer. He never played every down and got hurt in game 6 I think and missed the rest of the year.
  6. Aren't you rh one looking for the Colt game? I still haven't had a chance to check the archives but some day I will. I have every game on tape or DVD since 1990 plus a ton of 80s games.
  7. Bennett was the key? His 24, 33 and 32 recs from'00-'02 were the differenc but not Dinger? Watch Chad throw passes then watch Vinny and tell me which one would look more impressive in a practice atmosphere? Vinny is one of the most physically gifted QBs to EVER play the game. The "bowling ball..." comment was made by Warren Sapp of Dewayne Robertson. He was an OLB in his rookie year.
  8. Parcells doesn't scare me. He has been a failure in Dallas, he was once a great coach and will be a HOF coach someday but his greatness is a thing of the past.
  9. McNair was a good QB before Dinger but he became a great QB and a top passer under Dinger. In '99 they were carried by a great D and Eddie George. In 1999 Mcnair had 12 Tds and 8 INTs and only threw it 331 times. Dinger took over in '00 and his #s steadily rose. 58.7 was his highest comp % but in '00 he moved into the 60s(62.6 up from 56.5) and his career high in Tds was 15 and from '01-'03 he was in the 20s. he also was a 78.6 passer in '99 the rose to 83.2 in '00 and from '01-'03(his 3 best years) he had ratings of 90.2, 84 and 100. Derrick Mason was a teammate of McNair for 3 seasons before Dinger and in year one w/ Dinger mason went from 47 CAREER recs w/ 3 TDs to 63 recs and 5 Tds in 2000. as far as Plummer goes, he only had him this year and he's not the OC or QBs coach.
  10. I don't take it personal, I love to argue and debates can get heated at times but when I argue and even throw in some digs it's nothing personal and if I stepped over the line I apologize. Let's focus on NE:)
  11. I agree w/ you, I was posting the #s. I have said over and over I did not like how herm handled Lamont. You gusy seem to think I loved Herm and think he is the greatest coach of all time. I liked Herm, I appreciated having playoff football almost annually but he was far from great I just get a little crazy when folk don't give him any credit for winning and all of the blame for losing.
  12. You win the games you have to win to get in, this year 9 was enough and they did it while other teams couldn't win enough games to get in. As much as I hate the giants they won enough games to get into a bad NFC. Mcnair became a passing QB under Dinger, prior to Dinger he was not a great passer and Dinger turned him onto an MVP. my soure? i just posted an article I found. You would think a Jet fan would know Lucas was not on the team in 2001. vinny had been the QB of a 10 win team and Vinny will outplay any QB in practice. Chad is not a great practice player so Vinny vs. Chad is no contest in TC. Anyone who couldn't seee he was motivating Chad doesn't have a clue. It's a problem Schottenheimer addressed w/ Chad this year- sometimes he overthinks and Herm was letting Chad know that. When did he take practice reps of preseason game reps away from Chad?
  13. You provide a quote saying he was hired for another reason besides Chad. Maybe you are right on that one. I remember ferg getting hurt and then sliding Ellis down. The article below doesn't mention Ellis as a DT after Ferg went down: http://archive.sportingnews.com/nfl/articles/20010820/337323.html Either way if it was planned it didn't work out, not every move works but Abe to DE worked, right? Again if wayne holds on we win. Why does it only count when we lose? When we lost to NE in Week 2 we were badly banged up- do we get any excuses for that? NO. NE had won 3 of 4 and 5 of 7 before the Jet game so they were playing pretty well. How come when a team finishes w/ a good record you dimiss them b/c we played them early in the season but when a team finishes w/ a bad record that's what you highlight? They had lost 3 of 4 but won 1 in a row and that made it 2 in a row. Again it doesn't count that we beat them when they were 4-12 but it's a negative on Herm that when we were 4-12 we didn't sweep them? So I guess this year didn't count since they were 6-10? Here we go again, if they finished 4-12 and were 4-0 when we beat them you'd say they were bad b/c they finsihed 4-12 but the team finished 12-4 and was 1-0 when we faced them but they sucked. SD was 12-4 and 7-1 at home(w/ the lone reg season loss to the Jets). They lost 2 games the final 13 weeks of the season by a combined 4 points on the road against playoff teams and they won a tough division comfortably. You guys are amazing the way you take credit away from a person you do not like. SD was 1-0, the giants in '03 were 3-4 so why weren't they conisderd good at the team or at least decent? Buf had lost their first 4 and 3 of them by a combined 8 points- they weren't that bad. That's a problem I had w/ Herm, he should have lifted Chad when it was apparent he couldn't throw. Chad was hurt in the 1st half but continued playing. Incorrect, he was hurt in the first half. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/recap/NFL_20041107_NYJ@BUF I didn't say I agreed w/ his TCs but we ran a touhg TC in '00 and faded down the stretch while in '01 and '02 we got better as the season went on and we were healthy. I know it takes awhile, I will never run and hide though sometimes it may take a while to get back to you. You amde a good point on Ellis-Thomas, my memory was a little hazy on that one.
  14. A year I can buy but how does one get so lucky that it happens 4 of 6 times? How did he take a step backwards when he took a less talented team against a tougher sched further? Where did I say they would have won? I said I don't know what would have happened. Nobody has any idea how the season would have played out if it wasn't interrupted. They were playing for HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE. Had GB beaten the Jets they would have been 13-3, TB and Philly were 12-4. last I checked 13-3 is better than 12-4. Curtis averaged 4.1 YPC on 19 carries, lamont averaged 6 YPC on 5 carries.
  15. I don't think it was the offense he designed I think it had more to do w/ his playcalling. heck is a GREAT teacher of offense but he is a terrible playcaller who is too conservative and predictable. I also think having let go of Cottrell for henderson worked out so well that he thought he could strike gold again- it didn't work out. heimerdinger ran a version of the WCO, so it was a very similar offense.
  16. We had a chance to make a deep playoff run in '04, if he gets the surgery in Dec and is fully ready for '05 we might not make the playoffs and if we did we would have lost at SD then we wouldn't have been much better in '05 b/c of the numerous other injuries we had. If Chad was willing to lay his body on the line and if he was cleared to play then I have no problem. We were a makeable kick away from the AFC Title Game- those opportunities don't come around often.
  17. You aren't going to install an offense for vinny then turn arround and install a new offense for Chad when Chad's ready. '01 was supposed to be a building year but much like this year we surprised and made the playoffs. Chad is NOT a good practice player and Vinny is so vinny won the job in '02, Chad was givent he job after the bad start and we took off from there. The offense was designed around Chad's strengths as they knew Chad was the future.
  18. how can you take place in a discussion like this and be so emphatic we were at home when in fact we were on the road? get your facts straight then we'll pick this up again.
  19. I guess everyone forgets Ray Lucas was gone after the 2000 season.
  20. We didn't use a 1st rd pick on Ray Lucas and ray Lucas was done as a Jet soon after as he had already played his lst game for the Jets.
  21. Here's a link to the Jets-Giants preseason game, surprise! Chad played! so don't start spreading more lies. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/news/2002/08/24/jets_giants_ap/ here is a link about the eagle game: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/news/2002/08/30/eagles_jets_ap/ Here's the box from the Pitt game, Chad played again! http://www.usatoday.com/sports/scores102/102220/20020808NFLX-PITTSBURGH0.htm
  22. but your article 2 years after Herm was hired about minority candidates does? You can't be serious?
  23. It was common knowldge back then, I searched it and that was the only article I found on Hackett's hiring. it was disucssed back then. Don't believe me? I don't care, I know I am right.
  24. That is what was talked about at the time. I remember an interview on FAN w/ terry Bradway and he said that as well.
  25. Completely untrue, Hackett was brought in b/c of Chad. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/news/2001/01/23/tuesday_roundup_ap/
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