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  1. Yeah I hope he doesn't get snubbed for DPOTY though.
  2. Mularkey abandons the run too quickly. And when he does get the ball over 25 times we win, he wears down opposing defenses. As for Joey, I wouldn't miss him next year, he's a decent back up a ****ty starter.
  3. We'll see who the better team is on Monday I don't know if APC is working on another album or not.
  4. FFIC, Joey is the best we have right now too bas he sucks big time. I would like to see what Citrus Man can do. Ronnie's only had one major injury, and that was a freak injury. Any RB would get his finger broken.
  5. I'll wait for a price drop. I have played it though and its pretty sweet.
  6. Hello Everyone. Yeah I'm afinfan but I'm not a troll I'm just here to talk football. Smizzy invited Finfans to come over here at Finheaven. This is a nice looking site. Anyway Here's to a good game this monday and happy holidays.
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