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  1. Can someone unban me over there? I will be good.
  2. Oh no. You called me a virgin. How will I ever live that down?
  3. OK you keep getting your panties get all wet over an underage girl.
  4. Ever make fun of her prosthetic foot again and I'll **** you up.
  5. First, I weigh more than 125 pounds. I weigh 140. And I can even bench press 150 so that's more then my weight. Second, she'd never be with you anyway. You can dream that's it. Dream you have a life first bitch.
  6. I think this is boloney because of April fools day.
  7. Forward them to me. She won't mind.
  8. I don't like it. Those guys all sucked. We've had better players and coaches than those 3. Also it should be a picture of the new stadium not Giants stadium.
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