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    Born in '73,Jet Fan since the crib!
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    1. Jets vs. Miami (91?) I attended last game of season. Raul Alegre fg to go into playoffs and send fish home.
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    Where do I start? Lol Richard Todd/AJ duhe --- fake spike --- Doug brien miss are a few.
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  1. His first two years in the league, where he was thrown in as a rookie after a late preseason injury and had ZERO receiving talent, in fact zero talent period (IDZIG...he played during the -26 million dollar Idzig era with a lame duck coaching staff.) Yet still managed to grab a handful of fourth quarter comebacks as a rook and made some throws that Fitz simply could not have made. He may end up not playing well, but its crazy to count out a qb in his third year, coming back to a much better team, because he made mistakes in his first two seasons. In fact, year 3 is known to be the year QBs bloom in the nfl. Sent from my SM-G386T1 using Tapatalk
  2. Its takes TWO guys to complete a pass. Of course, one to drop back and throw...and the other, who may have the more difficult job, to run a precise route, create separation, make a catch. Now, in his third year, this is the first we see GS surrounded by players who can do that at a high level. We had been glaringly deficient there before. Our offense was talentless and complicated. GS was a rookie thrown in the deep end.......... MAYBE he will be really bad, but this stupid jaw thing/missing 6 important weeks notwithstanding.....The Jets seem to be set up perfectly for a third year QB. I personally think wed have seen more completions downfield with geno. Sent from my SM-G386T1 using Tapatalk
  3. There was a reason you didnt want to make this thread. Should of stuck with that. You knew that the question couldn't possibly be answered intelligently and it would just be throwing some more mud on a lame duck who can absolutely do nothing to change any opinion rite now. BUT since u asked, IMO, of course we win that with GS. Lets b serious. lol probably win with Bryce P. We have more weapons that GS has ever seen in a huddle before. We have a punishing run game, good line, stingy defense...a nice simple OC withoit all the moving parts...... and its the browns with johnny manziel. I think Geno puts even more points up. Sent from my SM-G386T1 using Tapatalk
  4. http://nypost.com/2015/06/09/muhammad-wilkersons-return-provides-few-answers/ Is it not obvious to him whats going on? Sent from my GT-P3113 using Tapatalk
  5. Lol No mention of the actual numbet of games played by each over those two years tho. Go check out Fitz first 2 seasons.
  6. Yes....he has sucked....as a kid who was thrown to the wolves with NO BODY to throw the ball to would. And yet still.....he has shown flashes.......a handful of comebacks (I think he has a record of first year 4qc......could be wrong, but still..... )
  7. the difference is that Fitz has hit his ceiling.
  8. I love how we write off a third year qb..who was thrown into a starting job as a rookie that he wasn't ready for.....who has yet to have anything resembling an NFL caliper group of pass catchers around him.......AND who has shown flashes despite, including the last game of the season. It takes two to complete a pass, and now we have guys who can seperate. Let's see. And if he really does suck, than Fitz can get it done.
  9. I know everyone has written off geno smith, but just keep in mind this is the first year with NFL receivers.
  10. Harvin vs. Revis twice a year will be kind of fun, I suppose
  11. First time in years we have a decent nfl receiving corp......a little late.
  12. Im just saying, isnt it a little soon to give away Revis' number 24? I mean, they certainly didnt HAVE to. Its like they did it out of spite. lol Its not like its Marshawn Lynch. Ok, I dont think they should retire it. But he was the best CB in football and the best player on the Jets for a few years and (according to pro football reference) during two unprecedented seasons. a slap in the face and an attempt to whitewash the situation imo
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