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  1. All you need is one pass rusher to get past his man to send Geno running away and out of the play altogether - I've never seen an NFL quarterback do this so regularly, it's exactly what not to do. He is an atrocious quarterback - we saw it for two straight years. "Fritz" (thank you, I like that) delivered more in one game than Geno in 2 years. 

    His first two years in the league, where he was thrown in as a rookie after a late preseason injury and had ZERO receiving talent, in fact zero talent period (IDZIG...he played during the -26 million dollar Idzig era with a lame duck coaching staff.)

    Yet still managed to grab a handful of fourth quarter comebacks as a rook and made some throws that Fitz simply could not have made.

    He may end up not playing well, but its crazy to count out a qb in his third year, coming back to a much better team, because he made mistakes in his first two seasons.

    In fact, year 3 is known to be the year QBs bloom in the nfl.

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  2. First of all Geno can make the throws downfield that Fritz can't. Clearly both Chan and Todd felt that Geno was progressing well and Chad was installing a system that Geno was certainly more comfortable with.

    Then you factor in Geno's ability to run with the ball, something Fritz is not going to do, and suddenly you add another whole dimension to the Jets offensive attack.

    I certainly want to see what Geno can do in this new system. Yet, I also want him to earn the start by CLEARLY out playing Fritz in practice. No more give me's if he can't beat out Fritz in practice then he continues to hold the clipboard.

    I know am in the minority here, but I believe that Geno will out play Fritz because, Chan will install plays that Fritz is physically unable to pull off.

    If what happens that I think will happen, we will see a different QB making plays that will surprise many Jets fan. It might also make many of you reevaluate your thoughts about Geno.

    Its takes TWO guys to complete a pass. Of course, one to drop back and throw...and the other, who may have the more difficult job, to run a precise route, create separation, make a catch. Now, in his third year, this is the first we see GS surrounded by players who can do that at a high level. We had been glaringly deficient there before. Our offense was talentless and complicated. GS was a rookie thrown in the deep end..........

    MAYBE he will be really bad, but this stupid jaw thing/missing 6 important weeks notwithstanding.....The Jets seem to be set up perfectly for a third year QB.

    I personally think wed have seen more completions downfield with geno.

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  3. There was a reason you didnt want to make this thread. Should of stuck with that. You knew that the question couldn't possibly be answered intelligently and it would just be throwing some more mud on a lame duck who can absolutely do nothing to change any opinion rite now.

    BUT since u asked, IMO, of course we win that with GS. Lets b serious. lol probably win with Bryce P. We have more weapons that GS has ever seen in a huddle before. We have a punishing run game, good line, stingy defense...a nice simple OC withoit all the moving parts...... and its the browns with johnny manziel. I think Geno puts even more points up.

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  4. It's such a shame you hold such low standards for QBs. Geno is statistically the worst QB in the NFL. Over the last two years, he has ranked 34th in the league overall. That means that every QB in the NFL - along with two BACKUPS - were objectively better than him at the position. By definition, he is anything BUT a starting NFL QB. There is absolutely zero reason to defend Geno. Zero.

    Yes....he has sucked....as a kid who was thrown to the wolves with NO BODY to throw the ball to would. And yet still.....he has shown flashes.......a handful of comebacks (I think he has a record of first year 4qc......could be wrong, but still..... )
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  5. I seriously can't wait until Geno is named the starter. The tears that will be shed here will be high comedy.

    From the way you babble about you clearly haven't seen Fitzpatrick play but let me clue you in on something... he sucks. Good QB's don't go to 6 teams before their 33rd birthday. I live in Bills country and "Fitzmagic" had a terrible penchant for throwing an INT at the worst possible time. The difference is he was doing it with better talent than Geno has ever had.

    There is a reason the guy who coached him for years scoffed at the notion he would be starting.

    In the meantime continue on with your little fantasy where Fitzy is a way better QB then Geno.. it will only serve to make you stay in the fetal position that much longer when Geno gets the nod.

    the difference is that Fitz has hit his ceiling.
  6. I love how we write off a third year qb..who was thrown into a starting job as a rookie that he wasn't ready for.....who has yet to have anything resembling an NFL caliper group of pass catchers around him.......AND who has shown flashes despite, including the last game of the season. It takes two to complete a pass, and now we have guys who can seperate.

    Let's see.

    And if he really does suck, than Fitz can get it done.

  7. Im just saying, isnt it a little soon to give away Revis' number 24? I mean, they certainly didnt HAVE to. Its like they did it out of spite. lol Its not like its Marshawn Lynch.

    Ok, I dont think they should retire it. But he was the best CB in football and the best player on the Jets for a few years and (according to pro football reference) during two unprecedented seasons.

    a slap in the face and an attempt to whitewash the situation imo

  8. Gruden called out Idzik about the corners that Rex had to have this year. He said that Rex could of play his defense when he had Revis and

    Cromartie. Basically Idzik blew it. Oh yeah where is our 3rd round pick who was a waste of a pick at DB. Nitwit Idzik has a habit of picking injured

    high pick cornerbacks in the draft who will never see the field.

    Good thing hes on mnf and not JN.

    So, all it takes is two all-pro bowl CBs for Rex to run his defense. Got it!

    And we could have had those two, with money left over. Some people are saying they're no good, which is funny. Their presence this year could have given this game playoff imps. And it was a matter of two phone calls.
  9. Cromartie sucks. There's a good reason he only got $3M on that 1 year deal and the league determined that was his market value. The Cardinals pass defense was among the worst in the league, with Cromartie getting destroyed repeatedly, until their pass rush decided to come alive. They've gotten 17 sacks in the last 3 weeks. It's easy to hide your awful secondary when you do that. Since we have no pass rush, Cro would be getting burned repeatedly here and we'd be wondering why that idiot Idzik brought back a bum with a bad hip.

    And Revis at his best never carried us to the playoffs on his own. Because that's not what corners can do for you. They're complimentary pieces, not QB-money pieces. Not to mention Revis was NEVER going to come back here, especially not on a 1-year deal. Give it a rest.

    I'm only defending Idzik on his spending in free agency. Him being frugal has made it so that if he gets fired the next GM doesn't have to step into an awful cap situation like Idzik was thrown into following the Tanennabum era.

    As for Idzik's drafts, they've been an abject failure. There's no denying this.

    Wow, I disagree with just about everything. lol Not one person would have bitched because Idzig gave 3 mil to keep Cro here for a year, on a team with Dee Milner leading the pack.

    He went to the pro bowl last year for us. He doesnt suck.

    Revis WAS absolutely coming here for a year. Who ever said he would take us to the playoffs singlehandedly? The point is that what he makes this year, we have laying around. We could sign him without making a ripple on the salary cap situation.

    We are talking about, a one year deal. I think you're missing that. That 20 mil laying around can be used on one year deals, like revis and cro are on, and STILL be there for the next GM (which, im sure, is Idzig's concern lol). See that?

    The desperate grab for Percy Harvin spoke volumes.

    And he has little to do with draftinh. Thats Bradways department. He does the money.

    And the only thing the Jets do have is a pass rush.

  10. Don't even bother trying to argue with someone who's still defending Idsuck. There is no excuse for the Jets not having been able to build talent-wise off what was a surprisingly decent season last year.

    Has there ever been a team in history that has held 20 million dollars back , whose owner wasn't going bankrupt or whose gm wasnt trying to sabotage a season so he could fire a "popular" hc?

    You figure a multi-billionaire wouldnt need to save cash on a $130 mil salary cap. So, its either that or he was completely incompetent. Even if a team is fully rebuilding, there are one-year deals. He was supposed to be a cap specialist.

    He's either incompetent or a shady dick. lol

  11. What you ignored in the Colts game is that Sanchez gave the Jets a lead, Rex's defense gave up a late TD in the 1st half (which was a precursor to things to come over the next 5 years for a Rex D), then Shaun Greene got hurt early in the second half, Thomas Jones was completely ineffective thereafter and Sanchez could not keep up with Peyton scoring at will against Rex's D.

    As to the Steelers game, you completely ignored the fact that the Steelers ran all over the Jets to start the game and controlled the time of possession in the first half building a lead. Then Schitty calls an empty backfield against the best defense in the NFL and DBrick gets turnstiled which leads to the Sanchez sack and fumble. However, Sanchez brought the team back in the second half. To claim that his TDs were when the game was "out of reach" is preposterous. The Jets immediately came back in that game and were in 5 points with a chance to win the game if Rex's D could get the ball back. Of course, Rex's D failed on the biggest drive of Rex's career and the rest is history.

    Its come to this? Dont forget his fourth quarter comebacks. Dont worry, its all about to unfold. lol It will quickly reach a point where all this is irrelevant.
  12. Sanchez had a couple decent years playing with the league's best O-line, an excellent running game, Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, Dustin Keller and Santonio Holmes. Yeah the playcalling by Schitty was awful and cost us at least one SB appearance but let's not act like 2009-2011 Mark Sanchez was Dan Marino over here.

    QBs arent usually Dan Marino in their first two years. They dont usually go to back to back AFC championships via four road playoff games either, tho.
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