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  1. Very different.. Pennington was an aging QB whose shoulder was hanging on for dear life, but he had heart, was accurate, good leader, able to win some games (which made him a stud with the Jets) Jet fans were down on him because he could hardly throw a 10 yard pass. However, he showed some grit early with Miami, and those who were against the Bret Farve experiment, started clamoring when he had success, especially when Farve got injured and he couldnt throw 5 yards. Sanchez is a 6th overall pick, franchise QB that we sold the farm to draft and build a team around, and after unprecedented success, abruptly pissed on and ran out of town. He is now on the verge on becoming an NFL star. We are going to see his face during every commercial break, every Sunday, for years now. So, its a little different. lol
  2. Please don't do it to yourself, bro. Denial is not healthy. lol
  3. Revis and Cromartie are playing on one year deals. There would still be 5 mil leftover.
  4. I cant figure out the 20 mil leftover deal. Is that incompetence, shadiness, a classless scheme in cahoots with Woody...? Idk But I agree that pulling the plug now would be more of a mess, unless it was a for a situation like you describe, which, like u said, isnt happening. Woody Johnson's number one priority is something other than a super bowl, unfortunately. This isnt Mark Cuban we have here.
  5. It wouldve been nice to spend the ALL the money alloted under the cap at least, which could have bought an entirely upgraded secondary.
  6. Idk Dont you think the overruling of Rex's QB decision basically telegraph the situation? They quite obviously dont want Rex to win. Theyve done everything possible to sabotage this season. I'm surprised they havn't cut his brake cable. lol But let's also TRY, for once, to have an honest perspective. We would have been down to put Parcells face on the helmet after ONE playoff win and a trip to the AFCC. Rex won FOUR games to do it TWICE. Weeb Ewbank sucked for years before SB3 and then sailed through 5 more lackluster seasons, including two 4-12s--AND STILL retiref on his own. This, back in the "glory days" We would probably piss ourselves if we brought in John Gruden, even though his Raiders did crap and he made the playoffs only twice in the next six years after his one SB, and only won 10 games in a season once. Mike Shanahan is a name that always pops up during head coach hiring time, based on his 2 rings, and he's about to get fired from his second team. Then there's Coughlin, who was a dead man walking a couple years after his first SB win, survived, and came back to win another, and now he's on the block again. And of course, two "losers" we basically said good riddance to when they left us, Belichick and Carroll........ I guess the point is that there have been "worse" coaches kept, "better" coaches fired, and vice versa and vice versa and the results have all varied wildly. lol It's about management, assisstants, personnel, schedule, performances, turnovers, calls....luck...for the most part. The reality is that a coach who gets to this level can't "suck". Thats why I think you have to judge them based on their best. Im NOT saying Rex should stay or go, because there are so many factors involved, idk. BUT to say that Rex can NEVER win a SB (when he was 5 points away from facing a team he held to 9 points that season, for example) is silly. (Thats like saying Mark Sanchez can never win a super bowl, and he's about to this year......lol)
  7. Idk ive been re-thinking my feelings about Bradway. Not saying he's a genius, but he IS the only one in that FO who is competent somewhat. He is the only "football" connection to woody. All of these draft picks that people are using to defend tannabum and idzig were actually Bradway....Cothchery, Coles, Mangold, Brick, Moss, Harris, Vilma, Kerley...... blah blah blah. Without him, who knows what depths we would plunder to. lol I cant say Im around them day to day, but with my limited knowledge of the way they function, Im not sure Bradway is that bad.
  8. Except for the unprecedented playoff runs, back to back, Bill Parcells/98 × 2
  9. I liked him, thought he was a cool guy, got screwed, set up to get ridiculed and handled it with class, no Ryan Leif act. I knew he was good and knew, without a doubt he would have success, because he's that good. In fact, I was a Sanchez fan. Family got me the shirt, the f-in doll, the poster (really exagerrating and picking on how much Iiked him). I got dogged at games, on forums, but it was tougher seeing the kid get killed like he did, fallen so far from hardknocks. I should really be ecstatic.........and right now Im not so sure a career ending injury isnt what Id like see. lol
  10. 4-1, 63% comp, 90 pass rating, two straight 70% games within 5 days, the second, in which he threw up a 102 qbr, he smacked up the Dallas Cowboys in a huge division game on Thanksgiving. Its probable the Eagles dont see Foles again....and since he brought the abyssmal dysfunction that we know as our NY Jets to within a game of the Super Bowl TWICE before he had hair on his nuts, then.........it could get very ugly very quickly for those in denial. I'm trying to help, guys. Heal yourself now, it's only getting worse. lol This kid is a rising NFL star. smh lol
  11. Hes a third string QB. Hes being treated exactly like a third string QB.
  12. No doubt. Its just not crystallizing for people yet, but I understand why. Its another nightmare for Jet fans. I know I'm green with envy ( get it? lol)
  13. Sanchez>Foles and has much more clutch playoff experience. Not to mention he's in a groove, the team is hot, and Foles is cold, coming off long injury, and wasnt really playing well went he went out. I wouldnt be surprised if Foles' return as the starter is brief if he doesnt go Alex Smith, str8 to the bench. This isnt Tom Brady, we're talking about. Either way, he'll be starting somewhere next year.....still Mark Sanchez, who won 4 playoff games for us in 2 years. (Damn, when will THAT ever happen again. Smh) Im sorry, brother, I'm not trying to argue in house because, like I said, this is a painful situation. I'm just saying that the "Sanchez is a good qb and the Jets blew it by releasing him" week is really going to be the "Sanchez is a good qb and the Jets blew it by releasing him" years. He just turned 28. Its best to just face it now.
  14. No, his previous game he was 30 of 43 for over 3 bills, in a win.
  15. Is that based on test scores or what? Btw, the big news out of the Jet camp is that the clown chorus has been overruled by the a$$hole ensemble regarding QB play. (Still tough for a third stringer to get the nod because of a high IQ)
  16. And he sent Manning home from the playoffs, YET again, in his rookie year. lol Its just gonna get uglier and uglier for the anti-sanchez crowd unfortunately.
  17. Oh my bad. One of those classics that I never really caught all the way through. lol Are you still not convinced, SFJ? smh Btw, In one week I'll be heading back down after 6 long years. Hows the weather been? lol
  18. No. Actually, in a retarded, assbackward, embarrassing way, this idiotic franchise accidently got this ONE thing sort of right IMO (sort of, because the QB that SHOULD be starting for this team was smiling on the back page today and since they f---d that up, it should be Matt Simms, but since he probably wouldnt be in the league if his name was Simmons, its between Idzig's two gifts to us, Dumb and dog killer........and it should be Smith, by duh-fault.
  19. Come on guys, I know it's painful. Spending an entire draft to move up and grab a stud, franchise QB......finally, a guy who smacks Tom Brady out of the playoffs while he's still hitting frat parties (and I'm comfortable enough to say he better looking, too lol), only to sabotage him, embarrass him, run him out of town, and replace him with trash is a f low blow, EVEN for the Jets! They kicked us in the balls. It's only natural that we're boiling hot, talking about f--- a PSL.... But let's not turn on our brother. We really need to be there for each other right now!
  20. No. I'm not. I'll be honest, I have no idea what you're talking about. You got me. lol
  21. Oh, because my post said 1.5 iNTS, short for interceptions, but it's cool. Misunderstanding, no big deal.
  22. It was only a matter of time. This is just the beginning.
  23. Retard? Come on, dude, lighten up. The guy's good. I know it sucks, but no need to start insulting Jet fans.
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