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  1. You went to rutgers? And they taught you that 6÷4 is 3.75? lol
  2. Catch the game, today? Good call on your prediction post.
  3. Ok, first of all, my saying he is svgering 1.5 ints a game was ONLY correcting the charge that he had 2 a game, nothing more. The REAL point here is that, regardless, its ONLY 4 games, so whethrr it is 1.5 or 2.0 or 1.25 fumbles is meaningless anyway. Btw did you catch the Eagles game today? Lmao
  4. Yeah, but see its after 4 games. lol so, its really meaningless. The fact is it is 6 ints and 3 of them were in garbage time. Hes 3-1, gobbling up yards, 63%........and sh*tting on the fools we have under center. Like I said, the jets forum is the only place on earth where he isn't playing well. I know its painful, but he WILL be starting next year, and then we have a long time to revisit yhis conversation. Show me a list of qbs who have ever gone 30 for 43.......and suck. lol
  5. Thanks for sharing your fantasies.
  6. No. Revis is shot. You didnt hear? His career is over....cromartie too. lol
  7. Lmao. The team DOES have some comic value. lol
  8. Thank God we didnt take that cap hit with Sanchez tho. That would've been dumb. So, who's the lucky QB in this draft? smh
  9. Hes gonna make it very hard for Foles. I wouldnt be so sure, he doesnt takes his job.......simply because he's BETTER than him. Sanchez sits at 5-1, lets say, and FOlesy comes in and tanks a game and a half.......uh oh. lol And if a lackluster Foles has them limping into the playoffs, they may very well want the guy with the proven postseason track record. Foles can very easily become Sanchez' b-----. This isnt Tom Brady coming back. Either way, he will be starting somewhere next year (if not Philly). Btw, hes averaging 1.5 ints a game......thru 4.
  10. Lol the sour grapes are ripe! 63%....nothing like 2010 (a year in which his "up" was outplaying brady in a foxboro playoff game btw lol) Ok, this year his ups are returning from the grave and coming off the Eagles bench to not only keep them right in the hunt, but make a case for letting Foles take the rest of the season off....regardless. 3-1 , averaging 35 points a game, 300 yards per game, 63% comp, 7tds.......and his downs? 6 interceptions.....3 of them meaningless, occuring with the game decided.
  11. He's playing great for Mark Sanchez, because he was written out of the league a year ago, so hes probably h3ading for comeback poy. He's playing great for a backup QB, 3-1 and keeping his team in the playoff hunt. He has 1200 yards in 4 games, completing 63%......idk. id say the only metric under which he ISNT playing great is on a Jets forum. lol The Sour grapes metric.
  12. 30 for 43 for over 300 yards.....Ill take those 2 INTs if we're scoring 40+ a game. Look guys, the kid is good, and we f---- up. Its really that simple. He playing great. And I had to say this, but most great QBs make a couple plays every game that make you puke......because they usually surround those plays with 30 completions, 300 yards, 40 points and wins. And thats pretty much what he's been doing so far. Its the same Sanchez we saw here, the one that won four road playoff games, before Tebow came and Clyde Gates became his number one receiver. lol
  13. Shat himself? We had to move on ONLY becuz we set him up to fail. Compared to Sanchez, Geno has had it great. In four games now, Sanchez is 3-1, pergorming from average to excellent in each game. He was 30 for 43 yesterday. The only thing left now is to say its a QB friendly system. lol 4 games with nothing to say except he "shat himself"-in a blowout against the hottest team in the league, throwing for over 300 yards. Look, we blew it with the kid, period. He is shatting on The Jets and their fans. Its as simple as that.
  14. Lol might as well Would save a lot of time. I wonder what kind of finders fee Bill Polian got to "sit in" on the interviews after he turned down the gig himself. Smh Problem is that Woody apparently overpaid for the team by about 300% so everything he's done since has been low-budget. Maybe in his final years hell spend like Hess.
  15. Cant argue that. They probably had to seperate. Although at this point even a damaged sanchez is superior to geno. However, Geno has not had to deal with Sporano and shoddy or Tebow or the unprecedented media onslaught. In fact morningwheg is supposedly a QB friendly oc (wouldve been interesting to see him with sanchez) BUT still they have done nothing about giving them people to throw the ball to. That is important. Now is the first time in 4 years that they have a decent group of targets. Geno may well suck, but we should give him a chance with this group. I DID see him throw some sweet passes last year and he had some nice hookups in the limited time he had a healthy decker. Btw....last sunday was a definite 10-9 round for the anti-sanchez corner. We saw a botched shotgun snap, a pick six, and that classic sanchez sour puss. Still, it WAS a blowout. His performance was better than anything geno gave us this year and if you browse thru this years blowouts, his stat line more resembled a peyton manning or andrew luck loss than a geno smith or christian ponder. lol The jury is still delberating.
  16. +1. this is my first time seeing him live. This is horrible. Hes so good. lol aways ways. Smh
  17. 2 years ago? Sanchez? butt fumble, Pick sixes, fumbled snaps..50% completions..sour puss?.............This preseason, Eagles last two games, Eagles game tomorrow, we have smith and vick. Have we learned nothing? Lol Or do u think Geno is more maligned at this point then 2012 Sanchez? Or better yet....2013 Sanchez right after his preseason opening drive that ended in a 95 yard pick six...lol
  18. " John Idzik, son of a coach, grew up in the sport. As a youngster, he scribbled X's and O's on a kiddie chalkboard, sat alongside his father for countless hours as he studied game tape and annoyed his sisters at the dinner table with intense, father-son football conversations. As a teen, Idzik followed his father to NFL training camps, including the New York Jets' in the late 1970s. He washed jock straps, ran errands and served as a ball boy, staying close to the game he loved. He played wide receiver at Dartmouth, won a couple of Ivy League titles and earned an unsuccessful tryout with the New England Patriots...... ....... During his high-school years, he worked as a summer ball boy with the Philadelphia Eagles and Jets. "I was hanging around as a ball boy, a PR assistant, doing odd jobs," Idzik once said. "[The NFL] was always a big part of my life." His father coached the Jets' quarterbacks from 1977 to 1979, in the middle of the celebrated Richard Todd-Matt Robinson controversy...... ...... Idzik was an athletic and academic standout at Dartmouth, playing wide receiver and graduating with magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa honors. After Dartmouth, Idzik coached the receivers at the University of Buffalo for a year before deciding to join the real world. He landed a job at IBM, moving from White Plains, N.Y., to Atlanta to Tampa. After 6 years he returned to football and landed a job as a pro-personnel assistant with the Tampa Bay Bucs, starting an 11-year climb through the organizational ranks. With his math background, Idzik gravitated toward the business side of the operation and eventually was put in charge of managing the salary cap. A former Bucs colleague described him as bright and a hard worker, an excellent cap manager. He lost that job after a power struggle with John Gruden. He then spent three years as the Arizona Cardinals' senior director of football operations before moving to the Seahawks in 2007. (QUICK FUN FACTS: His 3 yrs with Arizona, they won a total of 15 games. and His first year in Seattle they went 4-12 after being 10-6 the year before. Just for the record.........lol) Idzik became an integral part of the Seahawks' front office, surviving a house cleaning and climbing the ladder. He was the No. 3 man, behind coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider. In recent years, Idzik dabbled in personnel, attending meetings and taking a couple of scouting trips. There you have it. Sounds qualified to build an NFL team.
  19. Jet fans are incredible. Btw you dont judge a gm soley on draft picks. ANYBODY could make picks and have a couple of them pan out. A GENERAL MANAGER manages the team.....in general. He builds the team, allots cap money accordingly, assesses players skills AND personalities....and how well they mesh....WITHIN the head coaches particular system. He thinks about cohesion, continuity, consistency. He builds a winning TEAM............and usually shouldn't have left over nuts and bolts. lol We were 8-8 last year...Woody said he expected improvement. In fact, keeping Rex was predicated on that. Now we're 2-8. You could even let that fly in a case where he believed in the guy. But, just like with Tannebum, these are NOT football guys. And after that big dog and pony show interviewing for that job. What was he looking at? It seems quite obvious that Woody is intested in who can best manage his dough. Truthfully, between Tanny, idzig and Woody, I wouldnt trust them to manage my fantasy draft. According to experts, he paid 3 times what the team was worth from the jump, so he's been trying to recify that ever since, which is why he goes for the bargain bin on everything. lol Dont you notice that EVERY one of his hires, GM or head coach, has been a first-timer?? NEVER an experienced guy who commands a price, always a guy looking for a shot. He is heir to a fortune, meaning his acumen for anything is lacking. And like the rest of them, he is looking for anyway to make a name for himself, to seperate him from the other Johnson's......of course, a football team. Honestly, I am thankful that he brought in his long time friend, probably the one guy he knew who had some sort of football background, Terry Bradway...or we'd truly be lost. Lol Btw..its Bradway who gets the credit for all the draft picks (good and bad) thru the tannebum,Idzig drafts. He's the one guy with some knowledge and compared to those three he's Vince Lombardi lol
  20. And thats the absolute BEST it has ever been there. lol
  21. Yeah....a lot of people believe in him now. Im sure Sanchez would rather piss on a Jets jersey than ever wear one again. lol Dont blame him. Sanchez driving down the field. Completr for another first down. He's got a nice drive going here, as the Jets get into field goal range. First and ten. Wait. Here comes Tim Tebow and the wildcat.....take a seat, Mark. Ohhh. Loss of seven. Second and 17...Sanchez back under center. smh foh...... (I wish I had to time to pull up some drives from espn.com..... ridiculous) Whatta you know I found time. Lol This took literally 30 seconds to grab. I just looked for a drive with a lot of plays and a punt. This is nothing...but it IS a game they lost by 6 points....and it illustrates the untimely distraction that was tim tebow. ANY great QB will tell you this is unacceptable. Not to mention the practice reps taken away: NOTICE both first and 10s. Nothing like giving ur QB a shot to get in rhythm. This sums up mark's final season here. NYJ: 6 plays, 18 yards, 2:55 - Punt 4th and 15 at HOU 40: R.Malone punts 25 yards to HST 15, Center-T.Purdum, fair catch by T.Holliday. 3rd and 10 at HOU 35: (Shotgun) M.Sanchez sacked at HST 40 for -5 yards (J.Watt). 2nd and 10 at HOU 35: M.Sanchez pass incomplete short middle to S.Greene (T.Dobbins). 1st and 10 at HOU 35: (Shotgun) T.Tebow left tackle to HST 35 for no gain (J.Watt). Timeout #2 by NYJ at 08:31. 2nd and 18 at NYJ 46: (Shotgun) M.Sanchez pass short right to S.Greene to HST 35 for 19 yards (D.Manning; S.Cody). 1st and 10 at HOU 46: Direct snap to J.McKnight. J.McKnight right guard to NYJ 46 for -8 yards (G.Quin). 1st and 10 at NYJ 42: S.Greene up the middle to HST 46 for 12 yards (G.Quin). The genius of tony sporano. How many times he started 2nd and at least 10 on the opponents side of the field (apparently thats where the plan for tebow was...smh foh) I lost count.....but it was all mark. Do that to Eli. lol
  22. Nobody over 25 would ever associate the Arizona (or Phoenix or st.louis) Cardinals a winning franchise. lol
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