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  1. We were supposed to be a playoff team this year. We're 2-8.
  2. Jaiquawn, Dawan, Bilal, D'Brickashaw.......Shonn and Laverneous get thru alright? lol
  3. Amen.....brother. Have we learned nothing? Give smith at least a game or two with harvin, decker, give amaro a chance...geez. I know we are positive he is toast after a year and a half with NOBODY to throw to-----f dejavu lol-- People here are all if a sudden remembering that sanchez had nothing to work with.,..Guess what? Decker was nursing a hamstring, amaro sucked....becuz hes wet behind the ears and that was it. Nothing. I say he should start the rest of the season. That would be six invaluable games of evaluation. (And for those who say he has been evaluated already...see first half of this post....and sanchez last two stat lines) Luckily m vick will soon be injured for the year.
  4. Cardinals have a culture of winning? Let me be clear. I did NOT like Sanchez when they picked him, but as the season went on I saw the talent, and after hardknocks I bashed him for being a clown, unfocused....and I bashed him in an article after the opening day mess that year, but after a few games he won me over and ive been a fan ever since. Its really well known around here because I was dogged for it. Im also all over twitter defending him. (Shonnfrank) I was disappointed in his last season....no doubt, how could u not be. I would not say that I "supported" keeping him after the injury, because there was no issue, He was gone. But because I know how good he really is and how much better than Geno Smith he is ( I mean, number 6 overall vs. A second rounder lol), I personally WOULD have been ecstatic if they kept him over smith. Of course, A. That was never gonna happen. B. I wouldve soon been pissed again becuz they did nothing to improve besides dump Tebow. Speaking of, the Colts are MUCH better offensively than our 2011 squad. They actually surrounded their franchise pick with playmakers that draft.
  5. I agree with much of that. And ftr im not basing this on high draft picks. Geno smith had one game with harvin, decker was always hurt and now amaro is waking up. Just like sanchez he had no chance. Give him a chance. Not nearly as much as #6, but he HAS showed signs. LET the kid work with harvin, healthy decker, and coming around amaro before we throw away another high qb draft pick. Thats all im saying. There are no playoffs this year and certainly no SB. Genos "sulking" again much like sanchez', COULD be due to the fact that a. Hes young b. He had NOBODY getting open!! It takes TWO to complete an NFL pass and you have about 3 seconds to do so. No seperation=no completion. A qb who obviously sux is someone like Tebow..who cant throw...Geno smith CAN play and has made some tremendous passes....he has extended plays. Again, every qb throw picks as a rookie....especially with the receivers he has had. Just give him a shot with harvin, decker, amaro and a strong running game. At 2-8 it isnt his sulking that will ruin morale.
  6. Personally, im not saying tank the season for picks. Im saying there is more to be gained by starting Geno----win or lose. AT least that is definitely so after one more loss.
  7. It is, Slats. But I'm telling you, I believe in this kid. Maybe it was the playoff game in NE. I dont know. lol
  8. Sanchez is number 4 in QB rating.......after 2 starts, but hell remain right around 95 all year. Harvin wasnt about timing? Why did it come at 1-6 and not in the offseason? Yes...and nobody told CJ....setting the stage for locker room problems....intangibles like that NEVEr get taken into account by these non-football gms who go by a specific formula and never bother that these are human beings...., kids with GIANT egos?...hence Santonio Holmes 50m No the us is the organization. Is it better to finish 7-9, 8-8 or 2-14.....long term? Actually scratch that last part. It is irrelevant with this team and the answer is probably 7-9.....becuz id rather keep rex, honestly.
  9. 59% is barely 50? lol Lets see how you feel in 6 games.
  10. Some people defend tanny, others idzig. WHO is responsible for falling from the final four to the bottom of the league in four years?? And I think just listing a handful of successful draft picks shows nothing. Any one of us can make picks and enjoy SOME success. That is the job of a scout. A general manager has to ensure the entire team is running well. And we clearly are not. It isnt about a pick here and there. Its about cohesion, consistency...and football intangibles that neither guy brings.
  11. If you were here 2-3 years ago you would know that I defended Sanchez from the moment they replaced the whole offense with Plaxico Burress. Then when they got Tebow I shouted from the Hills. You could search the posts urself but the basic theme was: This is the best qb weve had in decades. He won 4 friggin playoff games in his first two years, beat Ne in foxboro. We had stripped him of all his weapons and set him up to fail. The Tebow thing is killing him. Sporano is killing him. Clyde Gates as his go to guy is killing him. ALL the great qbs throw picks and have accuracy issues early. Hes a winner. Look at his game winning drives.......blah blah blah On and on amid a host of Tebow nuts and headline, bandwagoners........Then, when the onslaught was too much for anyone to overcome, he started really messing up. BUT he had a chance to turn it around---a slim chance becuz they still had done nothing to provide offense weapons----but still he clearly dusted Geno Smith in the so called competition, but then the nail in the coffen....they put him in with a third string oline and ask him to win a preseason game----for rexs ego I suppose. At that point, he was finished in NY. FTR YES I WOULD have given him a shot with morningweig even after shoulder surgery, but I was the only one on the planet......besides I figured he was mentally spent here. Theres no doubt he played horribly at the end.....as would anyone in his position. I predicted he would go to another team and blow up---- I thought the Bills just to f the jets, but I guess the fact we have a 35 year old vick while he gets busy with philly is close enough. Does that clear up my position to you?
  12. Four years ago we lost our second straight AFC title game. Now we're 2-8 talking about cleaning house. I dont see how you can defend that. They f---- blew it! Tannebum blew it. And Idzig his completing the job. We needed a tweak....... Ironically what we needed was a pass rush, now thats all we have. Holmes, Burress, Sporano, Tebow.......they f---- blew it. Its that simple. lol
  13. No not those. I shouldve said "many". Theres no doubt he was mentally destroyed here at the end. The good news is we now have 6 more Eagles games to answer all of the Sanchez questions. lol
  14. Hes already number 4. Harvin was a panic move. Nobody told CJ he was gonna be a third down back. What could Vick playing well possibly do for us?
  15. Are u kidding? 59% in two games...not exactly "barely 50" lol Monday he was 20 for 37 over 300 yards, 2 tds no picks. They scored 45 points. He has a 97.7 rating. You really cant spin that. And the MOST important thing---Hes 2-0. Thats 39-31 career, better than ANY Jet QB ever. Im sad to say also that this argument will only get worse for you. The kid is gonna roll. Geno would do better than 330 2td 0int ? Really? Really? When did Chip Kelly become so magical? lol smh
  16. And four playoff wins and a 37-31 record.....are we really still doing this? Ok I understand. GIve it a couple of weeks and youll see that those turnovers were because his receivers are guys who are mowing lawns right now.
  17. Really? It doesnt seem like anyone told him. lol Thats a lot of cash for 5-10 targets a game. What about Powell at 400,000?
  18. OK forget about who deserves what and also understand that they will screw it up anyway, but just for a logical discussion's sake What are the pros and cons of starting each guy? What are the best/worst scenerios? Start Vick: The best thing that could happen is we win out. VIck does his thing, shake and bake. We finish 8-8, no playoffs and a mid-level draft pick. Geno Smith is finished, although still inconclusive, for the same reasons Sanchez was...and MAY potentially go to another team and be successful. He HaS showed signs at times. Vick, our hero, turns 35. The worst thing is he sux and straight chaos ensues. lol Another likely scenerio is injury which negates everything, but takes starts away from Smith in case he did need to come back. He seems like the type that would disappear (moreso) mentally quickly if hes sidelined. Start Smith: The best thing is he digs deep and turns it around, now with Harvin, Decker healthy, Amaro coming around somewhat and maybe the two headed RB could step up. We win out. Still no playoffs, but we wouldnt need to draft another QB. We would have plenty of reason for optimism going into the offseason. The worst thing is he sucks and they lose out. Is that really the worst? We draft number one, get another franchise QB to make us happy for a minute until we ruin him. lol We can then feel MUCH better about moving on from SMith, having seen six more bombs from him. Bottomline is we HAVE nothing to save here except for Idzig and/or Rexs jobs. ...which is the only reason Vick is starting. But it is only intelligent, in the wake of the Sanchez embarrassment to be ABSOLUTELY as sure as you could be before throwing away high Draft pick QBs. At this point losses=higher draft slot next year and wins (especially Vick-led wins) = nada. Thoughts? (And I swear this has nothing to do with the fact that I love dogs. lol)
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