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  1. Ok, we've beat the Sanchez thing to death, which is a blunder that hasn't even started to fully reveal itself. Sanchez is 27, with ALL the tools to be a steady top 10, winning qb, including big game experience and a doctorate from the school of rock bottom hard knocks.....both of which we strapped him with before letting him walk away. It will actually be MUCH worse than the "O'Brien over Marino folly" since we actually mortgaged the farm to draft the kid, had him, and then......well, you know. Then, of course, there are the cornerbacks, two of the best in the game, that we could have had twice over with the extra cash we have laying around, but instead decided pass coverage wasnt THAT important. But lets talk about RB now. They had two guys capable of starting, both 26, and went out and signed a big FA as the third, an accomplished veteran, age 29. Now they have a 29 year old star on the downside of his career, unhappy with the number of carries he is getting, about 10. He is starting to bitch. Nobody realized this would b an issue on a team with 2 other RBs and a coach who loves to pass....even though he's already been known to bitch about carries in TEN. He's on year one of a two year contract. Then there's a beast, the team's best back, a punisher who emerged last year as a JET. He is 26, on year two of a 3 year contract and is also horribly underused and has to be looking for the exit asap....another guy we primed and then force to go seek a more competent football environment. Then there is Powell, age 26, who was ignored, on the last year of a 4 year contract, who will probably leave and blow up somewhere else. So, where is the plan exactly? Im just asking..... Please discuss....
  2. This is beautiful! Lmao its almost surreal. Jet fans....fans....people are for the most part...brainless. smh Yeah...Jet fans are ALL behind Sanchez. Good for you, buddy! Gimme a f break. Any success he enjoys from here on......which will be plenty, as was obvious went he went on the road in four playoff games against Brady, manning, rivers and I forget who else, before he was 22, and won...something we will never see again from a Jet qb......will all be DESPITE Jet fans....so give it a f rest. Smh What icing on an already embarrassing season.
  3. Switch SARS for lancemehl and welcome to jetnation. But let me tell you there is no glory. Especially since you cant bump posts from that far back. Lol.
  4. 1% Morons....morons..the friggin kid won FOUR playoff games in his girst two seasons!!! Morons!
  5. And what did you have for us hosting Pittsburgh at 1-8? See, that's the whole idea of running the table....it's not SUPPOSED to happen. It would be something of a miracle.
  6. I cant believe what I'm reading. lol
  7. Braylon Edwards did nothing "psycho" here except play his ass off. The real psycho who couldnt be trusted with a contract got a contract. Nonetheless, they were let go and not replaced. At least you're not waffling. Wow...where were all these Sanchez supporters two years ago!? NOBODY made such a post then.
  8. Pettine is in a different category tho. He's a Rex Ryan protege (the ONE guy in the organization who CAN spot talent) who was good enough to move on. It was very natural...and props to RR and pettine. I wish him the best. The other 3 are painful gashes of stupidity inflicted on the most tortured fanbase in history. 3 exclamation points at the end of our most embarrassing season yet....capping off a four year free fall. smh They should sign us up for another hard knocks, be entertaining.
  9. All 3 would have been enjoying success as Jets if there was just an ounce of competence. Unfortunately, between woody, tannebum, idzig and bradway...,they REALLY arent qualified to organize a pop warner team. Seriously. Not one of them arrived with a shred of football knowledge. smh LOL
  10. Amen to that, bro. Lol Lets take a look at the Tebow- year posts and laugh at how they get spun ever so gently in the coming weeks. There r a couple of us who saw this coming, and Lord knows we tried to get through, but the lynch mob was vicious. Smh Now its Rex lol. The problem is that You cant just forget back to back afc champoonships.
  11. Lol...ur right, a couple of weeks early, so I could get front row seats to watch all the turncoats jump on his ----. I mean, u have to cut me SOME slack considering how I was crucified for insisting that he was a talented, clutch QB who could win big games for you, pointing to his game winning drives, playoff performances and 37-31 record overall..and repeating the mantra that the GM had dismantled the offense around him. Its almost impossible to say nothing. Still, I reiterate that Im NOT enjoying this. Plz, before u nail me to the cross a second time, realize that all the pain that Jet fans are going to feel in the coming weeks seeing OUR franchise QB playing his ass off for Philly, while we get embarrassed with Michael Vick......Ive been feeling for years now. Btw. I dig ur avatar.
  12. trust me, guys.....I'm not enjoying this. Sure, you would think that it would be a good feeling, to be proven right after you told the world that Sanchez WAS a very good QB, and a winner, when not one person would listen. But, trust me, being able to see through mass ignorance is an extremely frustrating gift....and in THIS case, it's downright painful. Damn, I wish I was wrong......but I'm not and Lord knows I tried, but what could I do? smh So now I'm supposed to feel some sort of satisfaction because Mark Sanchez IS going to blow up before all of our suffering eyes....and there will be no where to hide for guys like Ray Lucas and Phil Simms. Fellow Jet fans, I didn't want this to happen.
  13. By the only guy who prophesied all of this. I think its only right. lol (I did think it would be the Dolphins or Bills, but this works since we are now being embarrassed with mike vick under center as the result of what amounted to a trade---washed up has been villian for young all american franchise 6th overall, best w-l record and most playoff wins of any jet qb ever---straight up! So typical! Ok., not saying another word until the probowl chatter begins. Then ill come get some more props. lol
  14. You really think they could go 7-3? I don't know. I'd like to see 2 more wrs at least.
  15. And ruin another kid's dream? I know it's very easy to say "the qb sucks" "fire the coach". And it's fun. Even girls on facebook and twitter are giving their expert analysis: OMG, like, Geno Smith is the Worst QB ever! Wait a minute---- WORSE than Mark Sanchez!? Is that possible? You mean to tell me that we replaced the sh*ttiest QB in history with an even sh*ttier one? A coincidence like that should raise a few eyebrows, and probably warrants a closer look. And upon further review the only honest assessment of Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez, among any halfway-knowledgable observer, is inconclusive. Lets separate ourselves from the woman and small children and look at some basic facts about the game: - It takes two players combined to complete a pass. Anyone who has ever played two-hand touch in the street knows this. One guy throws, one gets open and catches. Instead of "ten mississippi rush", in the NFL a QB typically has slightly under 3 seconds from the snap to get rid of the ball, before hes sacked. In that time, he drops back, searches the field for an open receiver, decides, aims, fires. In finding a target, he'll look from one receiver to the next as they run their routes, to see if he has created enough space, or separation, between himself and the defender to allow the ball to be thrown and caught without being deflected or intercepted. Naturally, he'll look to his best guy, with the best chance to make a play, first and go down the line from there. The defense will focus on taking away the best option, and its success in doing so will depend on the quanity and quality of all the options on the field. Continuing with the basics.......... The NFL is a game of split-seconds. In a throwing motion, it can be the difference from Marino to Tebow. Likewise, a guy who covers 40 yards in 4.3 seconds is a stud, if it takes him 4.7 he's a dog. Agility, route running precision, change of direction......the difference between a pro-bowler and a practice squad player is the ability to be in a certain spot within fractions of that 3-second window. It's the difference of a complete pass and a punt, a win and a loss. With that in mind now, we go back four years, to the year that Mark Sanchez stopped going to AFCCs on the road...coincidentially, back to the same year our QBs became inept. And you can't help but notice a BLATANT void of talent at the WR position, the necessary second half of a pass completion....fallen from the formidable group that had wonderfull success (and seemed to be having some fun, doing the "plane" in the endzone......) the two years prior to well below that delicate threshold of success. And there it stayed, for Sanchez' historically terrible years to now Smith's even worse ones... Remember the QB is one half of a passing attack. FOr the last FOUR years, (4), this is the second half we've thrown out there: Santonio Holmes--our supet-star, when he wasn't hurt, complaining, crying, dividing the locker room, mailing it in, under-acheiving or just plain sucking Plaxico Buress- 34, and coming off a 3 year hiatus in the clink..... playing for one more paycheck. Jeremy Kerley Stephen Hill Clyde gates Patrick turner Jordan white Jason hill Chaz Schillens Omar epps Mardy gilyard Matthew mulligan Jonathan grimes David nelson Hayden smith Greg salas Josh cribbs D
  16. More than enough talent for what? Lol And you're right, its much better to have 12 mil in the bank, collecting interest, than a one year deal for a guy who was the best in the league three years ago. Where did the "16 mil" come from? Creative license?
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