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  1. I admit Im only looking at their 2014 salaries, but I have to think the rest could've been worked out. Especially since they both wanted to be here. Oh well......Doesn't matter now. Lol This should be exciting..
  2. Mike Tannebum was horrible. Idzig has been horrible. Bradway is still here. (Revis, Cromartie alone...) Brian Schottenheimer couldnt have been to great if Mark Sanchez would rather sit on the bench in Philly than join his old pal, with whom he went to an afc championship.Tony Sporano was terrible. The talent on the offense in the last four years has been a joke. His qbs have been Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. So, basically we could keep a coach who missed 2 SBs by a game with no offense and no pass rush and TRY to hand him a talented team or we could let Idzig take us to the promised land. The only thing Woody hit on was hiring Rex. He may well be finished. He may have run his course, but this mess is not on him alone.
  3. In that case, IF the plan was to save for 2015 then I dont see how you could fire Rex Ryan and/or blame him for a sh---y season. AND it would've been nice to share that plan with the fans, especially the season ticket holders. Lol And idk, it may just be a superficial assessment, but I just dont see how Revis for one year/12 mil and Cro for one year/ 3.5 mil---whp both wanted to be here-- could possibly , on any planet, have been a bad deal. Right? lol I would like someone to explain it to me. It almost seems like a joke. And there's no way that Rex Ryan could have been cool with that, which shows how bad he's been castrated this year. Its not even the same RR that went to the AFc championships. Three years ago Revis and Cro anchored a defense that was lacking up front. Now our strength is up front and we cant find acorner back. haha idk And just to ice the cake, the Pats grab him.
  4. Cowher had a solid roster and a competent organization. Rex had Woody Johnson, Mike Tannebum, Idzig, Brian Schottenheimer and Tony Sporano, not a single decent WR in four years....For years he had an excellent secondary and no pass ruah and we had a top defense in the league. Now we finally put together a solid d-line and we let our corners walk. We've seen him have success with half a d and no offense and we've only gotten worse since. Why not give him a real chance, just once? The other option is start all over with a fresh group of idiots. Ryan may very well be burnt out here, but the fact is that he is the ONLY talented and halfway successful person we have had running this team since woody took over.
  5. Revis and Cromartie....Both were there for the taking. We could probably use them. Smh Then, with the remaining 5 mil----and perhaps CJ's 5 mil-- a professional WR....
  6. He blew everything. How do you just decide you'RE gonna come in that far under the cap? Unless Woody was a weasel and instructed him on the low OR he made it clear were rebuilding.......in which case he crapz on rex ryan.
  7. I apologize for the post containing some questionable language. It was right after yesterday's debacle. I didnt mean to come off like an immature thug. You must admit it is quite a piece of work, the way this guy Idzig stuck it to Rex Ryan.....and all, of us btw. You chum around with the guy.Say you support him, and then hold back 20 mil? Shaady!
  8. He's too much of a punk to tell Rex to his face to hit the road because he wants his own coach. So he buddies up with him, tells the media how much he supports him, then throw him out there with this low budget econo motel 6 team. Gtfoh! Pussy. After he gets fired Rex should beat the s*** out of him. in fact, if I were Rex I'd start punkin him right now. Tell the Post what he REaLly thinks.
  9. I thought this would be a good time to talk about how bad Sanchez is. Lol This organization is the pits. Um..lets see, there's the Browns, the Jaguars, Jets.....Cardinals....teams that are a death sentence for a kid on draft day..... ......and for head coaches.
  10. Considering the personnel he gets handed year after year. And now, what we'll do is keep the inept GM and fire the capable coach....and the wheel of idiocy keeps on rolling. No team in the league can win with the trash we're putting on the field. 8-8 is a masterul job
  11. We have completely forgotten about the WR position for four years now. Idzig makes Tannebum look like a football guru. How did he look at that offense (and his OC) and decide that another RB is where he needed to throw his money? This will be the second QB with no chance to succeed. And imagine if Rex had a pass rush AND a decent secondary? or at least NFL cb's? .....and im sorry, this is a little off topic and late but wtf is with these empty backfield formations on the 5yrd line? The element of stupid?
  12. The whole season is on Idzik. We know the CB debacle. And STILL nobody to throw the ball to. In four years our answer is Eric Decker. lol smh
  13. It's nearly impossible for me to give any credit to Mike Tannebaum by way of his football knowledge, but whether it was luck or Rex Ryan or the sheer volume that was bound to produce, but over the last 5 years or so we did manage to put together a pretty formidable D-line. Considering we had NOTHING a few years ago........
  14. Well, considering Rex would rather move his starting FS, ex-linebacker, over to corner and shuffle things from there than start KW...should speak volumes. It's not that he's just an irreplacable dime specialist.
  15. I know we're not even through his second pre-season yet, but based on Revis and Cromartie alone this guy has the potential to be one of the all-time Jet GMs...no? This guy is gifted. I mean, an average idiot would've had at least ONE of those two fall in his lap. He managed to lose both of them without breaking a sweat! smh Seriously, on the surface it looks like he let two pro-bowl corners just fall out of the bus, like in the blink of an eye he turned the best tandem in the league into the worst, a top five secondary into a bottom five...........but you have to look at the big picture. He cleared $35 of cap space!
  16. We all love NM but not for nothing was it the Giants loss where he snapped the ball off his leg on the goal line? (One of those games) The blame fell on the qb of course. And there was also the shotgun snap vs. Titans that ended our season-- again solely #6 fault.....which is fine...just saying tho.
  17. I don't understand how CJ is " washed up" He just rushed for over 1000 yards hurt. He's 29. I understand RBs have short life-spans but for this guy washed up means not fantastic. Vick is a different story.
  18. CJ2K= 19? He's averaging 1600 yards a season. He was better than anyone on our offense last year playing with a torn meniscus. Just sayin' I understand he hasn't taken a snap for us yet but......just a tiny bit of respect, no?
  19. Don't really see Decker as a "#1". I think we paid too much for a guy who came into the league with an injury, then played with Tebow , then finally had a decent season with Peyton Manning. I think we might b disappointed. I'd b very excited about Stephen Hill if I didn't see him play for us last two seasons. Lol On the other hand, I think CJ was a steal! That's a guaranteed 1000 yards and a couple long TDs....but ED doesn't excite much. I question this new GMs judgement.... But what do I know..well see
  20. Right up this team's alley. Then we could boast the 3 worst QB's in the league.......and the biggest dirtbag.
  21. Hey KJ, how's it going? yeah...and now he's giving them a week off? That can't be right.
  22. A week off? lol That's gonna get this putrid offense in sync? This team isn't getting embarrassed because it's tired. They have no idea what they're doing out there. He's just joking, right?
  23. Anyone who cant see that they ALL suck, WRs cant catch, RBs cant run, OL cant block, defense cant stop a backup QB, special teams cant block for a punter, OC cant call a game......is being selective. Oh and of course...QB cant throw, use judgement or hold on to the ****ing ball Is the OP suggesting that these WRs... Hill, epps, Grimes,schilens......belong on an NFL field??? and Rex gives them a ****ing week off??? Are u sh*tting me? My question is whether Rex knows how sh*tty this roster was from day one?? Is he a bullsh*t artist or an inept delusional HC is mt question. Our problems are much worse than just QB....and lack of a competent backup. They never had a chance.
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