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  1. Really I thought we went to two straight Championship games.
  2. No. Because in Woody Allen's eyes the Tebow thing was a great success.
  3. Because otherwise my life is pretty good...and stress free. And then I let this pack of jerkoffs set me into a tailspin.....smh
  4. Yeah because we ALWAYS blow people up with our screens. lol
  5. I can't keep ruining my Sundays (and Mondays and Tuesdays) like this,......
  6. CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable FBPhotoZoom First of all Sanchez had a guy open for a first down. Second, I dont give a **** what anyone says. Mike Tannebum has ruined this team. We don't have a backup QB because of him. We didnt have a fourth round pick. And I think the Tebow trade may be rivaled in stupidity by hiring Sparano. He was NEVER AN OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR!!! We had a clean palette! We had the whole world to choose from. And he jumped on THIS dude like he has 10 rings or something. I detest that ****ing guy. (as GM, although I'm sure he's a dick in real life too)
  7. Enough with the Tebow. He is no secret weapon. He is a level of suck even we havent seen yet. trust me.
  8. run the offense they did in the fourth quarter last week abandon the run
  9. So did they completely wiff on those draft picks or do they coach to NOT rush the passer?
  10. Tebow already cost us 7 points and he didnt even take a snap yet.
  11. It's easy to be the worst QB in the league when you are on the worst team
  12. At least our running game is solid. lol Who would like to see Drew Hanson right now? Does anyone realize HOW idiotic the Tebow thing was?
  13. Yeah I agree I cant wait to see Tebow running the offense..So I can just skip the game altogether and spare myself.
  14. Please stop calling a pass on third and one!! This guy is terrible.
  15. We like to simplify things around here. Sanchez sucks. Good QB's can 'sense' when a RB sidesteps a blitzing corner back. Can't blame Hilliard....that guy looked mean!
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