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  1. I figured it out. Because there's no way I'm ready to just say this guy sucks...and that's that. Browning Nagle sucked. Rick Mirer sucked. Brooks Bollinger sucked because he never belonged there in the first place, and I'd have to say Todd and O'Donnell also sucked. As opposed to O'Brien who had no line and got sacked to death. Esiason was in a bigger circus than this one. Pennington's arm fell apart. None of them sucked though. I understand the average Jet forum fan believes that , but Testeverde was awesome (4-time INT champ w/ a 56% career comp and btw 57 INTs in his first two years...wow), which shows that it's really nothing more than a popularity contest, based on what..I'm not sure. (Nationality? Eyebrow thickness? idk) All I know is that Testeverde is a Jet legend based on his one playoff win at home, one good season, the Monday night miracle (and his meatball recipe?) , because he did get us within a game of the SB. And I know Sanchez has nothing that compares to those contributions, but I still can't put him in group #1 because he doesn't suck. Those guys never won a game for us in the fourth quarter (one for Mirer I think lol) much less in the playoffs on the road. The suck group never orchestrated drives like we saw last week, much less with scrubs. Go look at Nagle's 92 season. That's a QB who "sucks." And he was throwing to Al Toon and Rob Moore. O'Donnell had Chrebet and Keyshawn. lol Could you imagine? So, if Chad's problem was his arm and OBrien/Vinny were immoble, Sanchez' problems are all upstairs. Last week was a classic case. He puts together brilliant drives. He throws the ball great all day BUT 3 BIG mistakes! And so it is with him. Mental lapses. Missed handoff. Miscommunication. Bad reads. Just overall dumb plays, like just flipping the ball up in the air when he's being sacked instead of tucking it away. With him, you're just waiting for the blunder. That's different from not being able to get the ball where it needs to be with as much zip as it needs, like Chad, or being unable to buy time in the pocket like OB. (O'brien mastered the tuck tho. lol) So why? Well, he started his "decline" second half of last year and we can guess where the distraction came from. But what about this year? He's clearly not all there. I thought it was the Tebow thing that would ruin him, but no....now i see how obvious it is. Come on! Reports say she broke it off and ended their 'THREE MONTH' relationship. That means they hooked up right before training camp. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that most of the dudes here have at least one point of reference. lol Do you recall what your mental state was during that magical time (first few months) when you first hooked up with that girl? lol Pick the hottest one you ever landed and I hate to say this but she was NOT this hot. Yet, still, remember your performance at work when you first hooked up with your 7? The texts every five minutes (or for some of us...the beeper codes lol).....etc. I guarantee you if you spent the night with Eva...you would have trouble reading coverages too the next day. lol These guys are only human! And now the break up....... He's a 24 year old kid! I think Broadway Joe himself would get his ass kicked by Eva. Now, whether or not it shows poor judgment or a lack of committment is another thing. He has to take all of the blame for putting himself in that situation. But it still doesn't mean he sucks. As long as we find someone who can get this roster back up to par, get a 3rd down back, replace Cancer with a real #1, teach Hill how to catch, and insert a complete NFL-style offense...we'll be fine. Just keep that mf'er away from the A-list! Let Tebow catch all the birds. Get Sanchez a nice homely chick. There you have it. I know a reply to this will be: "Sanchez sucks" , and it'll be funny because this post is long and that answer is short and I love funny sh*t like that. But no...it's really the Eva Longoria thing. This is actually good news. Especially if he's still "getting benefits". And if not then what better way to distract yourself than practice.
  2. Where does his receiving core rank? Jerey Kerly, Stephen Hill, Jason Hill, Chaz Schillens TE Dustin Keller RB Shonn Greene Does that count? Was that pass to Stephen Hill anything less than perfect? Doesn't show up in the stats unfortunately. Just happy he's not Cam Newton or we'd have a lot of fun... How nice would it be to have Gronkowski AND Hernandez....or just one TE of that caliber? or a RB who can run an effective screen play? or a WR who can separate...and make the catch? These are very important staples that all of the great QBs have enjoyed. So, nobody's saying Sanchez is fantastic. In fact, his decision making at times pisses me off to no end. I'm simply saying two things: 1. He is nowhere near as bad as the lynch mob proclaims. 2. He is far and away the best QB we have on the roster. (Kudos to our FO for bringing in some stiff competition. lmao What was the phrase....to "light a fire" under his ass. )
  3. Too bad it's not helping the Lions though, because even when he's on the field...they lose. One playoff appearance. 0-1. Sanchez still has four more playoff wins than all of his classmates......without a reliable target. lol In fact, without ANY stars on offense. I would have to think Megatron = at least one SB....no? How about a Jerry Rice, Cruz&Nicks, Wayne&Harrison& James? I'd love to have a Hernandez/Gronk one. two at TE. Who knows? Yeah, Sanchez may be the worst QB in the league, but he has the worst supporting cast too. So, you ready for Tebow? lmao
  4. I'd love to see any QB in the league play with this group of scrubs. lol Sanchez has head problems...not even attitude problems, he handles the witch hunt like a champ. I'm actually surprised he hasn't gone Ryan Leaf yet...or even Cam Newton. The MF'er just HAS to make at least one or two deadly mistakes every game. He starts slow. He doesn't take care of the ball in traffic. But saying he flat out sucks is just ridiculous. He made these practice squad receivers look like the Greatest Show on Turf on those final drives. Unfortunately he couldn't run over and jam the ****ing ball into Hill's facemask. What can you do? This joke of a FO, headed up by the fat accountant who has a "Football For Dummies Book in his top drawer, just doesn't have the smarts to build a roster like Brady has. We get no Gronkowski and Hernandez to bail him out on third downs. We have no RBs who can run an effective screen play. We don't even run a screen play. We get Tim Tebow and Chaz Schillens. Does anyyone who's been around for a while notice that ALL of our QBs suck? FAs and First rounders alike. lol You could rip these guys all you want. Run em out of town. Start Tim Tebow (<lmao) Suck For Luck. Doesn't matter. Just like it doesn't matter who's president....the problems are way above their heads.
  5. Could that pass to Stephen Hill have been more beautiful? lmao I love it. It's either the OC or the QB. Period. There is plenty of sucking to go around. Plenty. God forbid the defense holds anybody when it counts. This team is a joke from top to bottom. I'm just glad Sanchez isn't another Cam Newton or we'd really be a freak show. Coaches coach now......lmao
  6. lol Oh really..were you not here during Schottenheimer's reign? Coaches coach now, huh? haha
  7. Obviously, the wildcat crap is a failure. Obviously it is ineffective and Soprano has no way to make it effective. But what makes it worse is they way they use him. It has literally cost us drives. I would say can it completely, but IF they must keep it in (pressure from upstairs) Then AT least bring him in for an entire drive. Let him finish the crap he starts instead of bringing Sanchez in on a 2nd and 15 every time. Give him a chance. His whole "thing" was that he found the endzone and converted big third downs....He sucked on first down and that's all we use him for. With that said....I wouldn't trade him....keep him around for the fake punt thing alone....and maybe as a RB at times.
  8. lol I'm sure we've all heard the big news-- The football player, whose team is in a slump, is reportedly devastated that he just got the boot from “Desperate Housewives” actress Eva Longoria, the New York Post is reporting. According to the tabloid, Longoria told Sanchez bye-bye last week right before last Sunday’s game. The two had been an item for four months. Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/entertainment/2012/10/24/mark-sanchez-really-upset-over-eva-longoria-break-up-source-says/#ixzz2AFyPdmxl Right before the game? Bitch lol I'm just wondering though-- Was she responsible for the ****ed up handoff, the underthrown INT and the retarded fumble or the drives where he looked like John Elway?
  9. Unfortunately, we can't fire the owner. So, let's be honest. The job (or lack of) that Tannbum has done turning a promising team that was right there to what we see today, added to the fact that he knows nothing about football, topped off by the Tebow-debacle, is enough to get any GM booted on any other team. But I'm afraid that Woody doesn't quite see it like that and would probably give him a bonus for the spike in Jersey revenue. What do you think the odds are of finally purging this team of this dude and maybe, just maybe, bringing in someone who could take this seriously moving forward?? BTW I jumped over to Wikipedia quickly just to see if it had anything on him that would tip me off, anything at all. Lol Geez it looks like there's a few pages missing. smh How the f--- did this guy ever get a job as GM? And at one point he was VP of football operations!!!! Holy sh*t. And we wonder why......... Here is his impressive resume that landed him with the New York Jets in 1997: -Tannenbaum was an intern for the Pittsfield Mets during the 1991 season. -Tannenbaum worked in the Cleveland Browns' personnel department. -Tannenbaum worked as an intern in the New Orleans Saints personnel department while he attended law school In 1996, he worked for the team as a player personnel assistant. (God help us) Damn, I should've applied for the gig at that time. I think I would've had a shot! Who knew? Once with the Jets of course, he shot right up to VP of Football Operations, Asst. GM and the rest is history. I think he had a brief stint as our offensive coordinator if I'm not mistaken. lmao This is my favorite line, though: Tannenbaum has become well known for his aggressive nature when it comes to adding talent to the roster. Lmao excuse me? When you follow the footnote you see that the fool who wrote the wiki knew as much about football as Mike. He deduced that info from an Ian O'conner column a few years ago.
  10. No sh*t. It's the only f---in time i would give the ball to Tebow. isn't that why we got him?? Isn't that his f----in specialty? If he can't pick up 2 yards on 2 tries (or four yards on three tries) Then WTF is he here for? I'm stunned at the level of stupidity this franchise has maintained for over three decades. This Tebow thing is the ultimate though. You would think he just joined the team the night before these games.
  11. 3rd and 2 from the 3 ----slant to Schilens. lmao smh
  12. Wow...Imagine it was Schottenheimer who was billed as the Godfather of the Wildcat and yet in seven games Tebow hasn't run for more than two yards on a given play (maybe once)?? Schottenheimer's wildcats looked more creative than this dude's. Are you kidding? Where are the calls for Soprano's head? We just watched Mark Sanchez put together the best drive of his life. He's been throwing the ball like Johnny Untias all quarter. We just marched 90+ yards to go in for a TD and would've had another one had Hill not dropped the ball. Now here we are on the 18 yard line, poised to ice the game..........and here comes TIM TEBOW!!?? Tim ****ing Tebow?? Get the **** out of here! We went from the best red zone offense last year to the worst. What if Schottenheimer had to settle for three after having a 2nd and 4 from their 5?? A slant to Schillens?? hahaha I just don't get it. Not one Soprano post? This guy has been a mega-failure so far. At least with Schotty there was SOME good. Red zone for one. He looks like a genius next to this guy. AND of course, this goes right back to the FO! Another collossal blunder. Seriously, just play GM for a minute, instead of resumes just use wikipedia or something. They hired Sparano, what a week?, after firing Schotty? haha Based on what? Based on f----king what??? Even if they hired someone like Norv Turner that quickly, i would say they were too quick to act......and Norv Turner has an extensive body of work as OC in the NFL. Prior to this, Sparano called plays in the NFL ONCE...........Once. (<Joe Piscopo in "Johnny Dangerously"). They were 9-7 whoopee. He was a failure in Miami that's why he was fired in a disgraceful manner. The Miami Dolphins offense was on poster for anemic offenses while he was there......and we snatched him up like he was Phil Jackson. Please, guys. Again I am slow to comprehend and I need your help. Please explain this to me, because such questions are very disturbing for a fanatic like myself. I wish I didn't have to carry this cross through life, but I've been cursed so I'm just trying to make sense of it the best I can.
  13. Wow. My patronizing Giants fan Brother in law says, "You should be happy, they played well." I've heard, "That's all you could hope for. They were right there." "At least Sanchez looked pretty good." blah blah blah I could not disagree more. First of all, yeah it was a good game statistically for Sanchez and he played brilliantly on a few drives.....and again got jerked by a drop that was, this time, perfect. He has played well stats wise in the last three games at foxboro. And still, this was the game I disowned him.....and overall I am more disgusted with this game than the blow out by San Fran. **** that! The handoff/fumble/safety and the would-be-TD-Interception, topped off by the sack/try to throw a pass while horizontal with his eyes closed/fumble/end of game put Sanchez in the fire for me. But as a team!!?? Oh my God. I don't give a sh*t what happened for the first 58 minutes. You recover a fumble inside their 20 under two minutes in a tie game?? Any other team in the world wins that game. Oh....this thread was started by a Pats fan! OK.....um...yeah....good game. thx whatever
  14. Well, that's it. Sanchez is no longer in the circle of trust. It's not like I didn't see it. Here's an article I wrote after game one in 2010....forecasting this. It's not that i think he's not talented. Ironically, in the same game he showed the brilliance that I saw in him when we were on the upswing. He is as good as anyone ONCE IN A WHILE. But his problem is all upstairs. His decision making, his tendancy to **** up routine sh*t like a handoff on our own 10.....his demeanor when sh*t happens...and worst of all..he JUST DOES NOT want to protect the football when he gets sacked! He literally closes his eyes and chucks the ball up. One thing all the 'great' Jets QB disappointments could do was take a sack. OBrien was a master at it.....tuck and fold!!!! I also can't help but notice our lack of a no huddle. At least it'd be reassuring to see a play ran without the ****ing arm band! Part of that could be the new OC......which brings me to the real blame for this team's pathetic-ness. I guess first off, it's the Jets mystic in general, which gave us a classic sunday, an epic choke. (Last time I remember anything like that was the Knicks-Pacers in the 90's.....I was walking out the door celebrating up by 8 with seconds left lol) and that's probably the reason we attract people like this....but our GM makes me sick. As far as our QB, you could not have handled a #5 overall pick (that YOU traded up for) worse than he did. You would think he was purposely sabotaging the kid. But forget that. Let's just say Sanchez sucks....end of story. Just simply explain HOW on Earth you could get to back to back title games...with this same sh*tty QB AS A ROOKIE....and in one year miss the playoffs and one year later fall to the laughing stock of the league?? Just look at this: Before the 2011 season even started, they were the only team in a salary cap league of parity to be in the last two final fours....AND they weren't even in the discussion to be in the playoffs. Now two years later, giving him the benefit of the doubt that last year was a bump, Vegas has the over/under at 8 wins!!! That's with a healthy Revis and Holmes. And if you read the little blurb from all the handicappers, to a man they talk about the "eroding talent" and the "homemade QB controversy" How does that NOT fall right on Tann-bum? Any owner who wants to win first and foremost and isnt in cahoots with these assinine decisions would have him escorted off the property! Sure I veered off from the thread topic, yeah our QB sucks.....but all roads lead back to the FO....alwaysand forever. Damn, I loathe this organization. lol
  15. Too bad we couldn't put Chad's brain in Sanchez' head. It's hard to compare their skill sets. All I could say is it wouldn't hurt Sanchez to have Chrebet and Coles running routes and Curtis Martin (recent addition to the HOF congrats.), Lamont Jordan, and a FB who catches 60-80 passes (Richie Anderson)....yeah, hard to compare when our FB caught more passes in one season that the entire roster full of WRs this year. lmao. But whatever.....no matter. I'm only looking at one point of reference right now: Sunday, January 16, 2011 Gilette Stadium Foxboro,MA Last two games @ Pats 32 for 51 62.7% 5 TD 0 INT 114 rat. So, we'll see what happens.
  16. I thought he did start. He was in the game early I know, because that's been driving me crazy. They actually looked ok up front today. I hate the Jekyll/Hyde good team/bad team routine...I hope we can continue to get production out of those draft picks. The pass rush has been painfully non-existant since Rex got here.
  17. lol Nothing, huh? Well, he did complete over 60%. He averaged over 8 yards a completion. 2 TDs, no turnovers, some big third downs. He threw the ball well and pretty much on target all day. And only one tip. lol Plus, our #2WR rookie, who has been a question mark up to this point, showed us something big in the absence of a #1 guy. that's somewhat promising, no? I just think to focus on total yards on a day when only 18 passes are thrown is a bit slanted. lol His rating was a 102. He did what he had to do. I'll take that every time. So, yeah, it wasn't a shoot out...but compared to what we've seen the last three weeks and considering I had him on the shelf with Kenny Rogers, Richard Todd and them....shot. And considering that I wasn't sure if we would see 11 more completions all year.......It was a TINY BIT promising.
  18. We could use a nice Stephen Hill explosion. lol Who knows what he could do? Nobody's seen him catch much
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