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  1. I don't see how this could be a bad move at all. He's been a free agent since last season when he was cut, and no one jumped on him, so he'd be getting the vet. minimum from us. He and Sanchez had great chemistry, he's a great blocker for our run-first offense, he can stretch the field along with Hill to open things up for Santonio and Kerley underneath, and he was a real team player for us. He didn't have a fair chance in San Fran because of his injury and wasn't able to compete at his potential. I would take him back in a heartbeat if he is healthy and at the right price.
  2. Although I really like the Stephen Hill pick, I think we should still see about bring Braylon back. I know Tannenbaum said before the draft that he wasn't ruling anything out, but is there any news on that since? I think a one-year deal that is mainly incentive based would be great for us, granted he's healthy.
  3. absolutely not. he's almost worse than david barrett
  4. He probably feels at this point in his career that he's earned the right to say what's on his mind all the time. He should just keep his mouth shut.
  5. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/03/06/jets-reportedly-interested-in-free-agent-ronnie-brown/ Jets reportedly interested in free agent Ronnie Brown Posted by Evan Silva on March 6, 2012, 5:16 PM EST Free agent tailback Ronnie Brown is running out of gas at age 30, but he can still pass protect and catch passes at a respectable level. Multiple sources tell ESPNNewYork.com’s Rich Cimini that the Jets have interest in Brown. Brown knows new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s system from their time together in Miami, and would be a natural replacement for free agentLaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson was the Jets’ third-down back last season, but isn’t expected back. The Jets need a third-down specialist because starter Shonn Greene struggles mightily in the receiving game. In terms of playing time, New York would seem to be one of Brown’s best possible landing spots. Probably more speculation but I think he would be a good addition to our running game, especially with L.T. most likely not coming back and the fact that he's played in Sparano's system.
  6. You're saying Shaun Ellis was invisible for 10 seasons on the jets?
  7. Cotchery felt his days as a jet were over. he asked for a release or to be traded cause he was gonna be replaced by derrick mason. he got brought in for a physical and that's when the jets let him go
  8. Jets management is known for not being loyal to players. That's been the case for many years now. The way Cotchery, B.Smith, and Ellis left just shows it. I don't feel bad for Ellis though. Brad and Shaun staying in our division may have meant something. Also, not sure why he was told he would be a backup when he came off a great year for us (stats for 3-4 DEs don't tell the story obviously) and Mo Wilk didn't prove anything yet.
  9. he isn't coming here. i'd take braylon back before him. the last thing we need is another over-the-hill receiver to sign a one year contract and spend the season working on building chemistry with sanchez.
  10. Obviously Shotty was gonna be gone before Sanchez. 1.) We have a much bigger financial investment in Sanchez. 2.) Shotty has ruined every quarterback we've had since he's been here. If we let go of Sanchez, the next QB to step in would be ruined too. So yeah, Shotty is clearly the one going to take the first blame. Now that he's gone, we can see what the real problem is. If Sanchez fails to progress again, we will cut ties with him and start fresh. After four years, you know what a guy is about. Other great quarterbacks have struggled through their first three years, but if you don't make a significant stride in your fourth, you are probably never going to be a franchise quarterback in this league.
  11. If you spent the time reading the article, no quote from the Jets was made. This is 100% speculation.
  12. If we don't make it in, Schottenheimer is a gonner for sure. If we do, heck, let's see what happens. Why don't you give any positivity to this forum? You love watching this team lose. BTW, if we "back door in" which is ridiculous because that would mean we still have a better record (or a least tie-breaker) than all other AFC wild card viable teams out there, we would be a dangerous team. We may be the most inconsistent team in the NFL, but if we play WELL, nobody wants to play us. We can definitely beat Houston if we were to make it to the post season, and then we would play New England in Foxboro. Who wouldn't love that?! And I won't ruin my new year since we wont play till 2012. But either way, GO JETS! I'm tired of your negativity
  13. Thanks JIF for your continuous negativity. We got this. Go Jets!!
  14. I guess all we can do is not get our hopes up and maybe we'll have a nice surprise come 7:30 or so on Sunday.
  15. Doesn't Houston have the 3rd seed locked up already? Do they have anything to play for/do you think they will they rest starters?
  16. we needed jax to beat baltimore or for the bills to beat the pats to have a chance- if we beat miami. neither of those happened so we didn't control our destiny. we weren't making the playoffs, even if we won. however, i feel this year that if the oakland/denver, tennessee, cinci games go our way that we will capitalize and make the playoffs (slim chance they do). but of course by making the playoffs, shotty sticks around and we will have the same conversation we're having now abut a year from now.
  17. David Harris. Making tackles all over the field.
  18. Well first off, it wasn't an overwhelming display of boos from the fans. I was at the game and didn't even notice it until reading this. And you can say the Jets have a slapdick fanbase, but Yankees and Giants fans boo much more and more undeservingly than Jets fans. Probably because they're more spoiled than us when it comes to winning. Brandon Jacobs called out the fans only a couple weeks ago or so for booing. And Jets fans are known as being a$$holes and low-class, which is absolutely true. But when it comes to booing, we are not towards the top in that regard.
  19. okay, well if cromartie didn't fumble that punt, then buffalo wouldn't have scored that touchdown and maybe we win the game by a greater margin. they blew one coverage and that was to plaxico. the others were not blown-first to keller was a good play call, second to keller-clearly covered, plax td was blown assignment, and santonio td was after play broke down. too many variables in this game. just enjoy the win since we don't get many around here and be grateful that we're 6-5 with a reasonable shot at the playoffs right now. and hate sanchez or not, he comes up big in big situations.
  20. I don't know about anyone else on this board but I am as miserable as I've been as a Jets fan in quite a while. It wasn't the most devastating loss in terms of impact on the season as we've gone through, but this one hit hard. It made me realize what kind of team we have. Without going into detail, we have a declining defensive line, clearly declining offensive line, a quarterback who can't get it done for us, and an offensive coordinator who is absolute garbage and I have no hope for change. We were built to "win now" when we got Sanchez his rookie year as I'm sure you can all recall; well that time has passed as our 2 first rounders in damien woody and alen faneca left the team, kris jenkins left, our and our special teams getting worse year by year. I just think we hit our peak somewhere in the middle of last season and I don't see a bright future for us.
  21. Rex doesn't know sh*t about offense anyway so I don't think he's a factor...perhaps a reason Shotty is still around.
  22. Before we got Pool last offseason, I wanted Otagwe. I know he was a little expensive, but if we can get him at a good price, he's the guy I want. Like Pool, he was an above average player on a below average team.
  23. I hate bandwagon fans as much as anybody. What I realized though is that even if we do win the superbowl, they won't get the satisfaction that we will as real fans. Hopping on board at the very end when they don't really even like the team can't bring them much joy, so I try to block it out. What does bother me is bandwagon fans that think they are diehards, that's what really gets me mad.
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