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  1. Not to take anything away from Tanne but some perspective for the people that think he had a huge game should check the YAC from his last game. http://www.footballdb.com/games/boxscore.html?gid=2015102508 They had 296 "Passing yards" but also had 236 YAC. So their passes only traveled for a total of 60 yards through the air all game.
  2. Sanchez used to run, even go for the first down at the risk of getting hit (which was the problem) but I think they coached it out of him.
  3. At least shotty is helping us not go down as the worst offense this afternoon.
  4. I feel like he could do this every week as long as the running game is there.
  5. I would say the best part of his stat line is the 4 targets/ 4 catches
  6. Wasn't really sure what you were asking for but here is one....can make changes pretty easy.
  7. I kind of attributed some of the lack of sacks do to the new officiating crew. Not saying that they are any worse but just different. Their threshold before throwing the flag on holding seems to be a bit higher.
  8. I don't think McElroy would make a very good punt protector.
  9. In all seriousness what would you see if he were trying to get him the ball more? More throws into double coverage and stuff?
  10. Depending on how they play I don't put to much weight on height. If I take Revis at 5'11' and Cro at 6'2'' and have to pick someone to guard a stud 6'5'' WR it's still going to be Revis.
  11. You are kind of misstating the article here. "There is ZERO chance of the Jets trading up for T-Rich at the current asking price."
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