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  1. Russel had his first start this year and played well against most of the chargers 1st stringers. He struggled one time this season against j-ville. I agree though kellen will be a good qb.
  2. I think bill is going to get the cowboys low level exec.
  3. sapp hasnt decided yet because hes contenplating retirement. Porter I dont care about because hes an overated jerk who could flourish as a #2 if the #1 is there.
  4. LOL adam shein doesnt know what he's talking about then. Aso is going to be tagged and likely extended. No franchise lets there best player go to another team for nothing.
  5. I know i think he's going to be good too but will take some lumps. I expect to be in the playoffs with him by 09
  6. He reminds me a lot of ginn. I've seen a lot of cal games and I know the other starting WR on cal(levelle hawkins)
  7. Tommy kelly, namdi asomngha should be extended soon and rob ryan isn't gone yet. benard berrian said he wants to stay in chicago but if he must look elsewhere he said he'd like to come home. berrian is a merced native which isn't far from oakland,SF and he wants a warm weather city.
  8. Hes staying with oak now because we didn't activate Michael Bush.
  9. despite the BS rumors the knicks better give up a good player or your not getting ron.
  10. Moss is still a punk arse quitter however he wont be on the pats becuse they have the lockeroom and they'll win so he wont be a distraction.
  11. wow, why do i see so many overating a jake plumber clone in J.P Losman? The Bills have one of the worst FO in the Nfl for signing someone like langston walker too a huge contract. walker sucks and as a raiders fan im happy too see him gone. Lee evans is good but who do they have outside of that? No one! They have a pretty crappy coach in dick jaurosn also. I dont see them winning more then 7 games. I see the AFC east like this 1. Pats 14-2- These guys are loaded with talent and will be a serious contender as long as Brady is there. samuel may sit out but they still have alot there too work with in James,hobbs,gay. There secondary has a really good SS in harrison and has a really good young talent in merriweather. The pats have an arsenal of offensive talent as well now too. 2. Jets 11-5 The Jets need a little more out of the TE posistion however that shouldnt be much of a probelem now becuse the TE will get open more with something the jets havent had since c mart got hurt and thats an elite RB. The jets RBs remind me of ty wheat and charlie garner on the 02 raiders. 3. fins 7-9 They got green to try and stablize the QB spot however Green isnt as good as he once was and miami's O-line isnt even close to the chiefs O-line. The defense will carry this team but for how long? 4. bills 6-10 J.P losman is grossly overated and will show why next season. Langston walker starting on any O-line means problems and marshwn is a great talent but can only do so much.
  12. I doubt this would ever happen
  13. Bro, his first season he had like 12 Tds 70 recptions over 500 yards in receving yards and broke 1000 rushing despite missing three games at the end of the season. His second season he got hurt becuse the line scheme didnt fit the line nor the RB skill set. shell regrssed the whole offense and thats not lamonts fault. raiders picked up dom so that way lamont can stay healthy and not have to carry the load but lamont is still the primary RB. I like thomas jones but he didnt do anything untill he got too chitown.
  14. hes pretty good at evaluating talent
  15. LOL no way, The Bulls cant run with the warriors at all. The spurs will win it all the west dominates the east IMO.
  16. GS baby whoever they play next will lose becuse utah,houston cant run with the speed they have.
  17. stupid mavs, GS will beat them next game. Bad calls in that game too.
  18. Moss was traded for a 4th becuse he was waisting cap, he was an arse to the coach, he quit last season. Hes going to be dominant once again though.
  19. Guys i cant stand Moss and hes an absolute jerk but him with Tom brady is going to be one of the best QB too WR combos there are. Imagine the points they'll score. I wish oakland traded randy to a diffrent team but hey what can you do. Pats will proably go too the SB now
  20. with pick #65 in the Nfl draft the oakland raiders select DE dan bazzuin central michigan
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