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  1. You are all right. I think this will be a game up until 9:00 left in the 4th qtr. The Jets will probably score 10 points to seal it. If the Jets don't get a consistent pass rush however, Brooks can be dangerous. After all, he's auditioning for a job, be it with Oakland or someone else. As is Ronald Curry. And the defense, which has held high scoring teams below their average, will not roll over at all during the 60 minutes. It's more of a gimme in terms of victory than a blowout: 23-13 Jets.
  2. Thank you guys. No I did not get tickets to this game. I prefer to see a competitive unit on both sides of the ball, so I skipped this one.
  3. I am wondering why Martz was not brought in. He has an ego I believe, so the marriage wouldn't work. As for Fassel, I agree. I don't want him as a HC. But I think one positive is that he can help Walter grow into a better QB. But as a HC, no. I still say not to fear about this game. I honestly think the Raiders will hang tough for the 1st 20 minutes by the defense, but after that, the Jets will (should) handle their business. lol, he does look the part. I wouldn't mind just as long as the defense doesn't suffer when RR has to take over more responsibility. He did sig
  4. I will always love Al Davis for what he's done in general, but he's the reason why we are like this. If he just lets someone young come in an establish their attitude, ala Mangini, then we are set with the talent we have. But Al has an ego and wants to do it his way one last time. Hopefully he'll realize that he needs help and lets someone do it. It's not like coaches don't want to come here because of talent and the whole Raider aura. It's just that they don't want to work for someone who has a short leash and a bullhorn in their ears. Next coach? Jim Fassel? Would Davis let one o
  5. If we had Moss & Porter playing like they cared, then I'd be worried. But half the players on offense have their suitcases packed, with their multi colored shirts dangling out of their luggage. Some may replace that black makeup with sunscreen 905 or something. I know the history of the Jets dictates to worry, but I can't see it, unless the Raiders treat this as an audition for next year's coach.
  6. I don't like smacking the Jets because since I am here in NY, I cheer them on occasions. But I gotta defend my team, despite their utterly piss poor performance these last 64 games.
  7. As you can tell, I am a die hard Oakland Raider fan, living in NYC. To tell you the truth, as a wee lad, I liked the Jets (I met Freeman McNeil, Richard Todd and Bobby Jones) But my father was a Raider fan, so I started rooting them for the father-son bond. And now I am a passionate die hard. And by the last four years, you know what I mean by die hard! Not here to talk smack, except in the "Raiders Suck" thread, but I will be here for the duration to chat football and NY stuff with you guys. I wish Gang Green good luck this sunday and beyond. Let's have an injury free "competitive
  8. Man I hate for my first post to be in this thread, but you have to realize how funny it is to any fan when a Jet fan talks smack. I mean after all, "Same 'ol..." is always followed by: A) Jets Lions C) Cardinals D) All of the above
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