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  1. Trade down ... e.g. with the Cowboys ... Draft Malcom Jenkins (CB) ... next draft some size and toughness on the OL and DL (NT, OG, OT, etc.)
  2. CP = Miserable Failure EM = Unfit for Command
  3. Trent Edwards >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Peter Pan ... If you said that before today's game, people would have thought you were drunk ... now
  4. It is dangerous to let Peter Pan throw a pass over 5 yards.
  5. Tom Tupa could have put up 21 points against the defense the Bills put out there today!
  6. CHAD LOST THIS GAME.! The 3 yard dump off offense didn't work against the worse defense in the league (that was missing over have of its starters). TRENT EDWARDS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chadwick
  7. chad can now throw a bunch of meaningless dumpoffs to make his stats look good ... How many Bills defensive starters are missing? Almost as many as we have points.!
  8. Chad can't throw the out pattern ... we are limited to between the hash marks and five yards downfield. Trent Edwards >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Chadwick
  9. On top of that, the Bills are missing over half of their defensive starters.
  10. Yet they have only given up 7 points ... got turnovers and field position and he hasn't done squat besides complete dumpoffs underneath
  11. Chad managing no points against one of the worse teams in the league (that is also missing over half of their defensive starters). PATHETIC.!
  12. 1) Clemens 2) Brad Smith 3) Manu 4) Jacob Bender .... 99) Tom Tupa .... 2999) "Miserable Failure" Pennington
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