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  1. The played hard part is mostly a myth and pretty much ALL teams play hard. But how many HC and OC combos in the NFL have actually given up on a game this year like the Jets did other than them. Other than Anderson this Jets regime has pretty much not developed anyway. We need a totally new direction. Morton has shown some good things, but has also professed a desire for veteran QBs which is not the future of this franchise.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    No issue with Rey being a nobody, but the first movie chose to foreshadow her parents as being important. Snoke on the other hand, you need to know about. If we say he is a totally new character, fine. But there has to be a story about where a force user stronger than Ren and Vader, and the emperor , comes from especially since they said he lived through all of the events of the first 6 movies. I judge the movies on their own merit, and never really get caught up in fan boy character assassination things, but seriously they way Luke was handled was completely ludicrous. Dumbo Kathleen Kennedy should listen to Hamill if he states that his character is completely mis-written in the movies because it was. So many issues with the core storyline in regards to Luke. First of all the Republic won in ROTJ. But the situation in TFA was that the Resistance was essentially right back where they started because of Snoke. And he was well on his way or had already conquered the galaxy when the whole Jedi school thing happened because Luke stated he know Ren had been turned by Snoke. So we are to believe that Luke almost kills his nephew and then goes into hiding. No Luke would have went after Snoke and nothing suggests he did. I could go on but Id rather dwell on how dumb Bowles is
  3. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    I did not think this movie was very good at all. I am leaning towards bad and I have no interest in seeing it. It has one of the dumbest plots ever (seriously, most of the plot is a friggin CHASE because the good guys ships are faster than the big bads ships, but you know they couldn't scramble fighters or bombers or just warp in front of them, but then again we learned that the rebellions ships run on gas....lol) It was truly kind of terrible. Clearly Rian and JJ are not on the same page at all and entire elements of the storyline is just randomly discarded. Luke's super important lightsaber? We wait 2 years to see Rey give it to him and he throws it off a cliff. Just dumb. The movie was just dumb and boring and stripped all the mystery out of the storyline by essentially ignoring any mystery. Snoke's origin-ehh well just kill him. Rey's parents-well build it up since it is important-nah they are nobodies. Yoda just pops in in the flesh. The movie was almost entirely about astral projection, that was the big new thing. Led to one of the lamer endings ever to the most important character in the entire SW universe. Snoke's room looked like a set for a play, and apparently that was on PURPOSE. Why? And it was seriously long. I love long movies but this was long almost for the sake of being long, and when they cut it down they chose to keep more random CGI crap rather than scenes that moved the plot along which were clearly missing. The more I think on it the more I realize- It was just BAD. Even though the first was a remake, it was far superior to this crap. Of course clueless Kathleen Kennedy gave an entire trilogy to the stiff director.
  4. There could be no subtext her other than the Jets having decided to move on from SlowMo and will not start him the last 3 games to avoid an injury causing next years salary to be guaranteed. We will make a token attempt to trade him first next spring.
  5. Keeping up with the Tank.

    OK well maybe not. They play the Titans, Jaguars and Rams so pretty difficult.
  6. Keeping up with the Tank.

    I think we could get to 6 pretty easily and San Fran is not an easy out with Garapolo, they could win out....not super likely but just saying...
  7. Signing Kirk Cousins would be a monumentally dumb move. The Redskins have not locked him up for a reason.
  8. You actually believe it was Morton's call and he is just not covering for Bowles? I for one don't. I think it was all Bowles.
  9. Absolutely, though the owner needs to agree and sign off on HC hire, but by then hopefully the owner and GM are already aligned with their team development philosophy. Also, the GM needs to maintain control of the 53 man roster, the HC the 45 +1
  10. 100% with you. It is a large part of why Bowles as HC is so frustrating. No vision. No confidence in HIS players to do their job. No effort to be great.
  11. Head Coaching Candidates

    Draft Mayfied sign Riley
  12. Another reckoning

    I want the Jets to be the first NFL team to ever fire a HC on the field during a game.
  13. No. There is NOT. All 31 of the other Head Coaches call a timeout there and try to score. Every single one. Bowles should be fired for quitting in the second half, but he should also be fired for explaining why in his own words from his own mouth why he is too big of a pussy to be a NFL jead coach
  14. The unknown about Mac is how much influence and power Bowles exerts over drafting. Does Bowles control the first pick? He might.