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  1. Would love to hear your thoughts on why you think that. I think its improved dramatically but would like to hear why you think and how you would have approached it differently
  2. Cannot stand the narrative that McCarthy should have been hired. I didn't want Gase but I had McCarthy WELL below GASE. He is a complete dinosaur and not a very good coach IMO anymore. After a year in which there was a GB resurgence after he left continuing to insist he was the best choice is just not true. We will see the picture better after this year but McCarthy was not the guy. Also if we get McCarthy we might still have McCoffee. Dwell on that. I also think Gase's seat is very cold unless there is an epic collapse by the Jets, and the only way there is an epic collapse is if Darnold recedes and just is not the guy. Gase likely has at least 2 years before the Jets will consider firing him. Yes our offense sucked, but overall, especially with the end it's hard to say with a straight face that Gase wasn't at least competent last year.
  3. Wow, so sorry to hear that. Will keep a good thought for you
  4. Video was great and I vote for Hat 2. It is a big one though, if Gase can just harness that scripted play success and be more aggressive with play calling there could be a lot of success. I think people are underestimating how improved we are on offense. No huge names, but I really feel what we added was significant.
  5. It will be sketchy I would think first 3 or 4 weeks and then get better. Actually an opportunity for a team like the Jets to get off to a big start if the coaches can get the Jets more prepared.
  6. I really really dont see the Jets being that bad. I think they are greatly improved from last year. It is simple to just look at last years teams and say that this season will be really hard, but there is no guarantee that the NFC teams will be anywhere near as strong as last year, and ALL AFC East teams play them. The AFC West has the Chiefs but I am not sure the rest of the teams will be all that improved so we could have success there. A lot of it is timing and injuries. If we play Cincinnati a week earlier last week Dalton might not have played and that might have been a win as an example. 10 games might win our division this year and with a vastly improved OL, another year of experience for Sam, improved WR core and much greater depth at CB, couple with Herndon, Moseley and others coming back from injury I think we really have a shot. I can see us being as high as Top 3 in defense and I think we will be Top 15 in offense. That is a playoff caliber combo
  7. Kinda not really two sides of this issue though the way I see it.
  8. I can't really pick 3 favorites but I personally think the coda of "The Ocean" ---3:17 on in your video is the best piece of rock music ever written. My Top 3 as of 8:19 on Thursday if I have to answer Song Remains the Same Zeppelin (could pick 30 Zeppelin songs) Wont Get Fooled Again Who Jungle Hand Springsteen
  9. Nah bro, with the Prez we never need another safety ever. He is as good as 3 or 4 safeties combined
  10. We have less than zero need for another defensive tackle.
  11. One thing I come back to us a positive for Gase is that we were very good at scripted plays. Hopefully Gase can figure out how to extend that to the regular play calling. He was more conservative than Bowles on 2nd down which killed many drives.
  12. I was a Mayfield guy, I didnt really investigate Darnold until a couple days before the draft when there were reports that the Giants were definitely taking Barkley and then I became a Darnold guy as I still believe he is best prospect and will be the best QB from that class.
  13. Anderson was a good player but in my view was extremely lacking in a couple key areas. Unlike many really players he was literally NEVER a threat to score any time he had the ball his YAC production was terrible, and he just did not catch contested balls. He was fantastic at high pointing a ball where he had a little separation but in a physically contested situation he just never seemed to get it done.

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