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  1. When we had Sanchez there were things that made you say, he could become really good or he could just stay a JAG. Same thing with Geno. But with Darnold, I honestly don't see how someone can watch him even purely objectively and not think that he will almost 100% become a franchise QB and possibly better than that. Without almost any weapons, and with a suspect at best OL, and a doofus head coach, he was one of the best QBs in the NFL the last 4 weeks after he came back from injury. He had three potential knocks against him in college: 1. Ball security Was VERY bad in college. But he fixed it so well basically instantly that he was the best in the NFL at not fumbling. 2. Elongated release which should cause slow delivery Gone. He has among the fastest releases in the NFL 3. Interceptions He threw a lot. However 2/3 of them were in 3 very bad games, and he had only 1 in his last 4 games, His decision making and decisiveness in the last 4 games suggest that INTs are not likely be a big issue going forward Add to that: Youth, arm strength, ability to throw on the run, movement in the pocket, packet awareness, decent scramble ability, intelligence, ability to correct flaws almost instantly and then factor in the very poor coaching he got from Bowles and Bates, and a move to an offensive head coach and I am just not sure how anyone can think, barring injury that Sam will be anything less than a Top 10 QB in the league. Darnold over Barkley after a year of review is the biggest no brainer since Jordan over Sam Bowie. And over their careers Darnold will be better than Mayfield, though having him at 1 still is probably correct.
  2. johnnysd

    Robby Anderson

    Yet every article and many many people here think we should take defense again. And the "value" argument is trite and frankly bogus, and actually not believed in by many many GMs.
  3. I have been saying all along that our cap space is a complete illusion. We really should not sign any of the huge Day 1 guys but use the money wisely to build a solid YOUNG base roster with depth. And NO the first pick should never ever ever ever EVER be used for DL again. Trading down should be first priority but OL or WR are acceptable as well. My god the obsession with DL and this team is just ludicrous. How many of the previous 6 DL really made a difference. Answer: ZERO. The DLineman that made a difference we let walk because he was a UDFA and a quote unquote "2 down guy" Outside of Darnold Mac's approach to building this team has been ludicrous and frankly clueless. And Darnold was Heimerdinger anyway and the stupdity of the Giants who will HAVE to trade up likely to get a QB also likely to be no where near as good as Darnold. Note: Expect the Giants to fall in love with Haskins. He was described as a Eli Manning clone yesterday in demeanor and attributes yesterday on Sirius NFL Network. NY to NY or not we need to make a trade with them
  4. johnnysd

    Dan Snyder wanted Todd Bowles bad

    What the hell is Snyder watching? It's like reading that Playboy desperately Ruth Buzzi to be the centerfold
  5. No teams must always be fiscally responsible and not overpay regardless of their cap situation.
  6. I think I am going to skip this SB. I can watch the commercials after. Definitely need a few new "just OK" commercials. But Brady AND Nantz in the SB, id rather have a root canal without anesthesia.
  7. johnnysd

    The Bright Side

    Not a chance
  8. Why would we take less value for #3 than we gave away just last year for a QB? Top 10 and at least 3 2nd rounders or Top 10 2nd and first next year,
  9. 1. Hes NOT slow, he ran a poor 40 because of hamstring issues, but has excellent game speed for a slot guy 2. He is very quick in space 3. He has GREAT hands 4. He runs excellent routes 5. He has great chemistry with Sam 6. He flashed hard at the end of the season 7. REALLY young and will get bigger and faster What in the hell is there not to like? Just discard because he ran a bad 40? So did Jerry Rice. PFF graded him at 74 for the season which is solidly above average and LOVED him as a prospect. I actually think he is a foundational player for the Jets.
  10. Long played OK at guard after Bowles moved him to protect his veteran QB. Sam? Suck it up, you dont need good snaps
  11. Exactly what I meant. Great clarification.
  12. Wish I was young. I vividly remember Joe Namath winning the Super Bowl. I was actually a Namath fan first and then sort of just stuck with the Jets since.
  13. I dont think this will be sort of a middle ground type of hire. We are either going to be wildly successfull, quite possibly be a last to playoffs type team, or a complete media circus dumpster fire hit by a locomtive for the next 2 years
  14. If you think about it, it is really amazing how completely different the Jets will be next year. It will sort of be hard to recognize them. All preconceived notions and historical trends and tendencies are completely out the window. This could actually lead to a few extra victories for us next year. From a fan perspective it is even greater. Think about it: 1. New Uniforms and logo so the team wont even look the same (sticking with Kelly Green, grey and blue as primary colors as my specualtion) 2. Offensive minded head coach for the first time since Al Groh. EDIT: KOTITE!!! 3. Head coach that is the polar opposite of Bowles 4. Very aggressive coaches and approach to football which is completely different than Bowles 5. An emphasis on "modern" even forward looking schematic concepts. We have been trying to be a run oriented team in the face of a changing NFL. "Ground and pound" is finally dead!! 6. A good in game coach. Gase may fail, but one thing he was good at in Miami was in game situational football which led to a VERY strong record in close games 7. Big one for me: NO QB COMPETITION. This is absolutely huge I think. Darnold could legitimately get more than twice the reps he got through OTAs and training camp then he did under "hedge your bets, I want a veteran" Bowles. The impact of this cannot be overstated. Darnold will make a huge leap from year one to two just from this 8. We have SAM DARNOLD. Seriously we have not had a QB centric team since Namath. Before many current Jets fans were even born. 9. Expect more prime time games. Yes, we sucked, but the Jets will be a new look team with one of the future QB stars in the NFL. Browns (Mayfoeld) Bills (Allen) Cowboys and Giants are all intriguing prime time games that can get good ratings. 10. Better coached. So far it looks like Gase is creating a coaching staff without fear, and one that will provide feedback to him even to a confrontation level. This is impressive. Bowles staff was so bad, there wasnt even an interim candidate 11. Players: We could see 50% turnover in the roster next year. New HC, new schemes, not many players under contract and a LOT of cap space means a very very different roster than the one we had this year. My hope is we avoid the really big ticket guys (including Bell) and use that money to create a young foundation team that is solid throughout the roster with great versatility and depth and look to find stars in the draft. I personally think trading down from #3 is a must. We are in maybe the best spot for a trade down, and we set the value last year so we can get a Top 8 pick and 3 seconds minimum for it for someone that wants the QB. If Bosa falls because of the name association we could get more 12. Post game interest: Not a huge one but pressers, the SNY post game show will all be more interesting next year 12. Last but not least: WINNING. I did not love the Gase hire, but I am starting to think Gase and Darnold will be a good marriage, the coaching staff is shaping up to be very strong. Williams Pollak and Boyer are a fantastc set of coaches for the most important non-HC staff positions, we will be younger and hungrier, and between the draft and FA we should have a much stronger roster top to bottom next year. I think we make the playoffs. Regardless it will be one of the most interesting years as a Jets fan since the first two Rex years.
  15. Yeah, I didnt realize it at the time, but it might have been a subtle knock on his previous staff in Miami basically saying he hired crappy guys he thought he could handle as a young HC. Dennison was a good OL coach, but let's face it the the entire tone of your team is set by five coaches: Head Coach, Defensive OC, Offensive OC and OL coach, and Special Teams. Gase obviously both HC/OC and he filled the two other positions with 2 very strong aggressive coaches in Williams and Pollak. Talk about culture change!! Also, Gase has now hired 2 coaches who could be legitimate interim HC guys and that shows a lot of confidence by Gase in his second bite at the apple.

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