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  1. Broncos make OC change.

    Especially since Arizona essentially lost the Super Bowl with the same play. Roll out Russel Wilson have the TE shadow him mid end zone and they score there 65% of the time and still had another down. Dumbest call in NFL history.
  2. Actually it doesnt unless Seattle misses the platoffs
  3. Broncos make OC change.

    Bellicheat has one of the best QBs in history, and is likely also the best OC in football, along with best DC and HC. He proves time and time again he can keep winning no mater who is QB, and then they suck elsewhere, though Brisset looks non-horrible.
  4. Why does this thread even exist? We are drafting corner with out #1 and #2 pick, we will hear how they tried to trade up for Rosen or Darnold but didnt and we will pick some QB prospect in round 3 or 4 and sign another veteran loser that will start every game. Bowles and Mac are not getting fired, the Jets are too stupid to make the right move, and even if they did would just go out an find another DC flavor of the month that is allergic to offense. Screw this team. They are just half measure buffoons.
  5. I agree 100% with this which is why I would dump both
  6. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    Which is the most idiotic philosophy the Jets can possibly employ.
  7. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    Problem is that it is a ridiculous concept, and I would consider firing Bates for even having said it. The short term is NOT more important for this team than the future. Exactly the opposite. To be so clueless as to actually intentionally be so tunnel visioned is criminal. They are young QBs. ALL young QBs are AAA level, period. Even the flavor of the month Watson. The all take time to develop and the ONLY way to progress from AAA to Pro Level is to play. People act like Watson would have had similar success here. NO First, Bowles, Bates and Morton are all "Play the veteran" guys so he likely wouldn't have played anyway Second, O'Brien fully committed to Watson the SECOND he knew Savage was not the answer. FULLY. And what does he do? He creates an offense that gives Watson the best chance to grow and succeed. And he blossomed. The reality is that after 10 games or so, teams are likely to figure out how to defend Watson, he will start looking like a young QB, and he will have to adjust. But we have bozos running our team. Next game is less important than next season and the season after' Evaluating at the end of the year is so laughably stupid with a 38 year old QB it defies all logic. This coaching staff is destroying this team right in front of our faces. If our Dumber and DUmber owners don't step in we are doomed. Only thing that can save us is a McClown injury at this point. I am so tired of defensive minded loser head coaches.
  8. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Drafting a CB in the first round can make sense, but he needs to be Top 10 in the NFL to truly be worth it, and unless he is a once in a 25 year man coverage guy like Revis, a ballhawk. Unless you get a generational talent like Ed Reed or Polamalu AND a guy that is a ballhawk Safety is NEVER worh a first round pick, and yes that includes Adams. First round should be in order QB>>OT>= Outside Pass Rusher> Pass Rushing Defensive lineman>=Elite WR>ballhawk CB> RB>= TE and every once in a while a OG, ILB or C. First round picks should be picks that either score points, or cause turnovers on defense (sacks are essentially a turnover) Run stopping DL, Safeties, small/slot receivers, third down running backs, zone CBs, ILBs, and players with injury concerns should never be taken in first round. Amazingly, almost all our recent first round picks have been from this second category. A teams #1 needs: QB, Left tackle, pass rusher, #1WR, and RB to be successful in most cases. With our drafting, we amazingly have ZERO of these.
  9. I agree with this. What I would say though is the Bowles was playing McClown from before OTAs even started and nothing the young QBs could do would have changed that.He wants a veteran game manager no matter what. Best way to describe it is ice cream. Lets say QBs were Ice Cream and veteran JAGs are Rocky Road. Well Bowles likes Rocky Road. Exclusively. He does not like any other flavor, he does not want to even try any other flavor. Let's say franchise guys are Mayan Chocolate, Top 15 are plain chocolate, JAGs are Vanilla and crappy QBs are strawberry. Well Bowles has 2 unknown ice creams on the bench. Well he wont even take a sample spoon. He does not care that one of them might be chocolate or even the very rare Mayan Chocolate. They could be Strawberry. And he cant risk tasting Strawberry. He only wants his Rocky Road. Rocky Road is safe. No one better touch his Rocky Road or even suggest he try another ice cream. In fact, if this years's supply of Rocky Road goes away, he will just find a new supply of Rocky Road. He just never even wants to TRY an unknown Ice Cream. P. S. For those thinking in their head "Mayan Chocolate?? WTF is that?? It is the best ice cream flavor. Chocolate with just a hint of hot pepper. Sometimes cinammon, but I wont eat that version. Allergic to cinammon. Unlike Bowles though I am all for at least trying mystery flavors to see if they become my new favorite.
  10. FWIW, Polian thought McClown should have only started until Petty was healthy. He was OK starting Hack too but he thought starting McClown was the worst thing the Jets could do and said it all year.
  11. You are right, I disagree. McClown is not a middle of the pack QB in game impact, he is a middle of the pack in EFFICIENCY which is a function of scheme and padding your stats with 3rd down checkdowns instead of trying to make a play. He consistently chokes under pressure. Bowles learned nothing from Fitz he wants essentially his older clone. Bowles will not start a young QB unless forced to. Ever. I would fire him today. We should have gone into camp with Hack, Mahomes or Watson (whoever we had higher rated), Petty and Kyle Sloter who we should have picked in the 7th and ran a REAL QB competition. At this point we would have some clarity at QB, instead of a bigger question mark than the beginning of the season. God I hate what Bowles is doing to this team. Make no mistake, Bowles is hurting this franchise by even still being here, trying to protect his job.
  12. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    We seem to avoid drafting impact players like the plague. Non-pass-rushing lineman and secondary is where we draft. We need a complete philosophy overhaul. Parcells philosophies really don't work anymore but Woody kept drafting the same type of head coach over and over and over. Will the new Johnson learn from his brother's mistakes?
  13. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    There were, actually. One of them got traded though.
  14. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Blow is far too kind of a word for Bowles.
  15. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Tanking is stupid. Extensively playing rookies and young players this year including at QB is NOT