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  1. No the Jets are more than capable of losing all on their own. But it is not a fair playing field and we need to overcome the refs as well. And it's not just the Jets. The officiating in the NFL is insanely biased towards the 6 teams or so they think are elite plus Dallas and Pittsburgh regardless.
  2. The NFL does not want a 2-5 NE team tied with the Jets they want a 3-4 NE team and a 1-5 Jets team. So expect the NFL to do everything they can to help NE out. They will get very strategically time "television" time outs. If the Jets try hurry up the referee will prevent the play until NE is ready It will be open season on Zach. As long as they don't him in the head it will be fair game. On the other side any gentle tap on Jones one step after he throws will be roughing. Don't be surprised with several completely unexplainable calls against the Jets. Mac Jones wil
  3. It was obvious to me at least that Seattle would suck this year even with Wilson. Sunday and Monday footballe literally has like 1 of 5 teams in every single game. It is so lame.
  4. Actually it is 22 women filing complaints. There been others that want no money or attention that have also come forward in articles and such to back up the claims. Like I have said if he just really wanted a handy it literally takes around 20 seconds to find Houston based sensual massueses online.
  5. When Jim Brown played it was actually socially acceptable to discipline your wives. Honor and obey was much more literal then. And that does nothing to excuse Brown. He was a scumbag and because he was a scumbag and continued to play should have nothing to do with whether Watson should play in today's NFL. That said the NFL desperately wants Watson to continue playing.
  6. I am thinking the Dolphins and Giants might be 2 of the teams hiring a head coach at the end of the year.
  7. The irony of course in all this is we went from an offensive coach whose only real skill seemed to be scripting the first drive but had no ability to adjust after that, to a coach that cannot script at all but adjusts well in the second half. Neither is remotely ideal. Listening to Zach and LaFleur, unless it was the ultimate in diversion, it seems like LaFleur will still force 12 and 22 personnel because it is the "offense" and Zach sees nothing really to change. I sort of wanted to hear that they are moving exclusively to 10 and 11 personnel except for short yardage and even then i
  8. This may be a controversial take but I don't think Wilson has really been as bad as we think. He has certainly had some clunkers but also been victim of so may penalties and drops early there is no way for him to establish a rhythm. I think Zach's self analysis of just letting it rip is correct, but we need to accept there will be more interceptions and bad days till he dials it in.
  9. I have said this before but Bill Polian has stated that even in a "establish the run offense" that "balance" means you are 60/40 pass on first downs. You cannot establish the run against a stacked box unless you have an elite RB and elite OL neither of which the Jets actually have.
  10. Well if he is scripting 24 plays that might explain why we are only successful in the 2nd half. Even to a casual fan the answer is so obvious. Spread the WR out and let Zach attack the edges opening up the running game and middle of the field. Recognize that your TEs SUCK so 12 and 22 personnel should never be used for this team. Be in 10 and 11 personnel 80% of the time, do no huddle and morph 11 into 20.
  11. Why would they do that? It is what they have tried at the beginning of almost every game and it has failed miserably.
  12. A year after the trade, Ryan unloaded on Rhodes in his book, "Play Like You Mean It," delivering perhaps the harshest criticism of any player or coach in his three-plus seasons as the Jets' coach. "He was a selfish-ass guy," he wrote. "He wouldn't work, and he was a Hollywood type, flashy and needing attention. I don't mind flashy, but your work ethic had better back it up. He was a talented SOB, that's for sure, but he wasn't one of us."
  13. He was way way more than that. And when asked to blitz like Jamal he was at least as effective as Jamal, but Kerry was well rounded and dynamic. Rex didn't like him because of his "hollywood" attitude (Jamals is 10X worse) and likely his orientation. He was a great player.
  14. Based on what I have read about the "investigation" the NFL is doing (essentially slut shaming and calling them liars) it is pretty evident the NFL wants to sweep this under the rug and keep a marketing asset. It kind of nauseates me because his behavior is also backed up by several women NOT looking for attention or money or revenge, and maybe I am weird but being a sexual predator is just not OK, you need a second chance material for me. Also, I won't link here but it took me like 20 seconds of internet search to find at least 20 Houston based sensual masseuses who essentially advertis
  15. He's right and I still think he was sort of pushed out of the league because of his orientation. Also Rex hated him which was just idiotic. He was 10X the player that Jamaloser is.
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