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  1. Not complicated at all. Darnold will start Day 1. Just listen to the info coming out of the Jets organization.
  2. I am just listening to the GM and coaches and the Jets marketing and it is 100% different than last year and unless he truly falls on his face I just cannot see him NOT being the starter Day 1
  3. He is starting Day 1. Listen to the hype coming from the Jets and the things that the staff are saying.
  4. johnnysd

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Its a pretty solid myth that the majority of southern Califonians spend the majority of their time at the beach....there is certainly a good sized segment that do but very far from the majority....most just like the weather, and anyone expecting the beach to be filled with the girls from Baywatch are going to be mighty disappointed....
  5. Lol McCowns not starting, Skrine will be cut, if the DL picks work out the Jets may look to trade Leonard Williams (they are not giving a 2 sack DL a gigantic extension, just don't see it) and Pryor is not guaranteed to even stick. Not the most realistic list.
  6. Just listen to what the Jets are saying. Top 3 QBs do not sit long if at all. Bowles exclamation was not just a joke, the way he discusses Darnold starting is way different than it ever was for Petty and Hack, plus the Jets also realize Darnold playing puts butts in the seats. I would actually be shocked if he does not start the season. Just look at the comments they are making on only his third practice. Sitting a QB and expecting him to learn under the current CBA is just not a reality.
  7. There is close to 100% chance Darnold starts Day 1, just listen to the way the Jets are already talking about him.
  8. If you look at Cleveland's draft their first round picks were straight From PFFs rankings. People assumed they went away from analytics when they hired Dorsey but I don't think that's the case. And if analytics swayed the decision at last second it is idiotic.
  9. Nathan Shephard was NOT a reach, he was actually slightly under-drafted.
  10. johnnysd

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Good. Keep him away from the Jets.
  11. We are greatly improved at DL. I do not know what he is smoking. We are improved at QB. Darnold starts Day 1. We are improved at CB Parry Nickerson will be game #1 starter for Mr Penalty We are at least neutral at TE We will be a better team.
  12. johnnysd

    Something to Consider

    Just allow me a couple days of excitement before we start reading about Sam fumbling and throwing picks in OTAs
  13. johnnysd

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    If Bridgewater outplays Darnold he will be traded. There is like a 99% chance Darnold is day 1 starter.
  14. Of course it does not mean that states will legalize sports gambling. I live in California but from what I have read I would not expect NY to be legalizing it any time soon.