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  1. And let's face it. Bowles would force Bell on EVERY single first and second down and many third downs., and put Darnold in even worse situation than now.
  2. No not when the player is under the franchise tag. I am not sure if Pittsburgh can even revoke it at this point and make Bell a true FA and look to get a compensatory pick
  3. I have to be honest, 3rd down defensive holding calls are a bigger scourge on the NFL than this ludicrous rule. The entire "competition comittee needs to be fired. Bringing back in the grasp would be a FAR superior solution. It would still suck, but not as much as this BS.
  4. I think they can use the Transition Tag which would allow them to match if he tests FA. With our passing attack and OL he will not be appreciably better than what we have. Would be a super dumb move for anything more than like a 2020 6th
  5. The really sad thing is that he is probably better than Winston, Tampa fans sort of hate Winston and he is off to such a ludicrous start, that if it continues tonight, the Fitz cycle would be in full implementation mode.
  6. Yes, yes it most certainly would be.
  7. Has nothing to do with that. We CANNOT sign him long term because of the tag and we are not a team in a position to spend draft capital to rent a player for 10-12 games. Even if we came to a "gentleman's agreement" on a long term contract starting next season which is not exactly legal, would you trust this guy to honor it?
  8. Trading for Bell would be Top 10 dumbest thing the Jets have ever done.
  9. We have this "discussion" every time we discuss a loss. Let's be clear. I do not care what football insiders (who love Bowles) think., Bowles is a bottom barrel head coach. But let's be real. He is Woody's type of coach. He has hired an endless stream of essentially the same head coach: Ultra conservative defensive guy, with a complicated defensive "system, allergic to offense, and over-emphasizes turnovers. Very passive head coaches that sit on leads instead of trying to put the game away. Undisciplined coaches that make undisciplined teams, with poor game clock management and poor situational awareness. If this were another year, and Woody were still day to day owner, we would be looking at probably keeping Bowles, or possibly firing him. But if fired we would bring in another conservative DC with ties to Parcells at some level and a deep allergy to offense and modern football. But things are different now. We are going into a "perfect storm" type of season in 2019 that almost screams new HC. Think about it: 1. New day to day owner that seems to have a brain 2. New uniforms 3. New face of the franchise QB that is more important than any coach 4. Maybe as much as $125 million in cap space It is the perfect season to start completely new in almost every way. New look,. new GM, new HC with offensive mind, lots of tools to build a winning team, and an opportunity to build a team around a young QB that will be dynamic and exciting. After Thursday and with all of the events next season that point to a new type of Jets team, I would be shocked if Bowles survives. Note: Darnold looked to be un-wreckable. But Bowles showed Monday that Darnold CAN be wrecked. Chris I do not think will allow that to happen. Another couple games with game plans tailor made to hurt Darnold not help him like Thursday and Bowles was gone. Bates also seems slimy enough to start campaigning for the HC position and throwing Bowles under the bus if things head south.
  10. We have seen this movie before. Monday was ALL Bowles. That may be the worst offensive game plan I have seen. So disappointing.
  11. johnnysd

    We're really missing Kearse

    Yes we need Kearse back and I would like to see Deontay get called up and used as a situational receiver, Should help Darnold,
  12. I've decided I want to stay green and white only but Kelly green, and a completely new logo
  13. johnnysd

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    The play right before the half I would say most TEs score. Q would have. It was not optiimal but the TE should have been able to get 2 yards. But I dont really care Darnold will take away a lot from that game. He will have bad days, and I think that was as bad as we can expect.
  14. johnnysd

    Giants - Cowboys Game

    God I am so SICK of seeing the Giants and Cowboys in what seems like every other prime time game
  15. johnnysd

    Other NFL games today...

    I will say this: Barkley is VERY impressive...but compared to Darnold??? Still boggles my mind.

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