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  1. Well, he has been among the most accurate last few years. Also seems to have better insight into what NFL GMs are really thinking.
  2. If you told me the number was 50 I wouldn't be surprised. We did it ALL the time Rex and Williams and even Bowles just would not accept giving up 10-12 yard on 3rd and 15. They wanted a sack
  3. Has anyone thought about what Saleh would prefer? Sure it is easy to say that he would want a Top 5 QB, but it might not be that simple. Getting Watson leaves him with less other players and less cap to build a winning team. Watson did go 4-11 on a crappy team. Getting Watson changes his personal narrative. Now there is added pressure. He is expected to win earlier. They have to develop the offense for Watson which might no align perfectly with what they do. I am sure Saleh believes he can coach anyone up. So getting say Wilson and developing him into the exact offense they want, with more draft capital and less "win now" pressure might be a much better alternative in his mind.
  4. I have to say that seeing the days of the Cover 0 blitz pretty much end for the Jets is a good thing. The "exclamation point" type of defense gives up so many big plays in hugely negative situations for the opponents.
  5. Makes sense plus he can provide a lot of insight on how they were "coached" under Gase
  6. There's a difference between worst and saying he is a "bad" fit. He simply is not as strong of a fit for the Shanahan offense.
  7. Very good points and maybe Houston will consider. But the concept that the Jets will include multiple #1s including #2 just makes no sense to me.
  8. It is what it is. The last football for 7 months. Teams usually play different than they do in other games. All that game planning leads to teams not always doing what got them there. Plus there are so many commercials that teams just never get in rhythm. It makes teams less predictable. Both QBs have won a SB, so you would have to think KC is the favorite. Just comes down really to defenses preventing touchdowns. The team that causes the most punts and FGs in the Red Zone likely wins. Brady has also rarely been as effective in SBs as he was in regular season. i HATE the two weeks of endless hype.
  9. I think that comp is fair. The one thing that is odd is that Wilson is also the best fit for Mike LaFleur. You know the Jets OC. Fields is by far and away the worst fit. Slightly disagree on Lawrence, his best fit is the NE offense of Brady
  10. I actually think the Johnsons are pretty decent people and that is one element of why they have struggled. It is really painful to clean house, and so they always did have of what they should. Fire Tanny keep Rex. Hire Bowles and Mac separately and expect them to work well Keep Mac hire Gase In a way they have finally cleaned house. I am pretty excited that the Jets finally have a unified foundation and that shows in Saleh's comments.
  11. People are only seeing this from one perspective: Trading for a 25 year old franchise QB. But that is NOT the situation. Houston finished 5-11 WITH Watson. They are in complete cap HELL. They have a total of a 2nd round pick in value for the entire draft. Not 1st or 2nd If they keep Watson, they will actually have less talent than this year as they will have to cut players and have such little prospects in the draft. Really at best it is unlikely for Houston to be able to be competitive just from a cap and draft pick standpoint for at least 2 years, possibly 3. Watson knows that. The only real solution Houston has is to trade Watson for picks and cap relief. Ideally they need several picks, and a 1st round QB on a rookie contract to have a path to rebuilding within a couple years. They pretty much HAVE to trade Watson. Because of all the above, Houston does not really have any leverage top force actual market value for Watson. People are thinking the Jets are best positioned but the reality is that Houston will get less in terms of picks with the Jets than they might from other mid-range to good teams. Teams like Carolina, New England and San Francisco could realistically trade 3 #1s. But anyone that thinks that JD will just throw away value to get him is fooling themselves. There are articles on how important draft picks are to JD and how much he values them. The #2 pick has about the same value as 3 1sts from San Fran. Especially since there is Fields and Wilson there both already considered Top 5 picks (and QBs usually rise. I suspect by the end of the process they may be raked 1, 2 and 3) In the end, Houston will have to take less than full value for Watson. I used to think that they would keep him. But for the reasons above I dont think they can and be competitive. If the Jets were to trade they might trade more 2nd and 3rd round picks than firsts as that arguably helps Houston more. In the end I expect a thermonuclear meltdown when he goes for 3 1sts or even less to a team like NE or Carolina, and people think we should have just traded #2 and several more ones. I just do not see JD doing that, and Houston IS DEFINITELY leveraged enough where he would not have to.
  12. Actually if you factor in the actual values of the 2nd pick and Q's value (1st and 2nd at least) this is essentially 7 1sts and 3 2nds. My upper bound is like Seattles 2 first rounders and a second, 2 is off the table.
  13. I rarely have strong opinions about college players because it is so difficult to predict., but I think Wilson is the best college QB i have watched. and Fielfs I just see as good at the college level but not a NFL QB. As you mentioned I could be 100% off
  14. Most people took the cash value of what they won. For many it was the only way to pay the taxes. Probably what she did
  15. He is, plus I look at Rivers (retired) Brees (going to retire) and Rapelisburger (going to hang on one more year it seems). and they all seem shot but Brady looks like he has many years ahead of him. Some say really PEDs but man you just cannot deny his talent

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