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  1. Of course it is, but it should also be about the fans and building the fan base especially for young fans where TC is an opportunity to get near their idols
  2. Polian has said on NFLN that it is the civil standard, which I think it should be.
  3. Jets Training Camp is presented by M&T Bank Seriously. And all of 5 public practices. Training camp is supposed to be about the fans, but whatever.
  4. Actually our judicial system DOES work like that. Two types of cases, civil and criminal.. In a criminal proceeding where you are going to take basic rights away from a defendant, the burden of proof is on the prosecution and they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. Civil is completely different. The NFL has a collectively bargained civil based disciplinary system. They are not putting Hill in jail, they are taking away the privilege to play in the NFL. And unlike what you think almost all corporations have personal conduct policies employees must adhere to or be fired. The NFL does have the right to fire players. In a civil proceeding (most court cases are civil btw) all that needs to be shown is that it is more likely than not that he committed the infraction. That is clearly true of Hill. Here is a definition of burden of proof for a civil proceesing: The Lowest Standard: Preponderance of the Evidence – The rules of civil procedure used by all U.S. Courts require that a plaintiff prove her case by a preponderance of the evidence. This roughly means a greater than 50% chance, based on all the reasonable evidence, that the defendant did the wrong that caused the damage. The defendant doesn't have to do anything to defend their case if the plaintiff fails to prove their case by a preponderance of the evidence.
  5. Couldn't possibly disagree more. In fact the burden for the NFL is significantly less than criminal prosecution. All the NFL needs to suspend is a determination that it is more likely than not that he did it. You may disagree with that, but then again the concept of defending this turd on any level is mind boggling to me. Just because he is an elite NFL player should never give him special consideration but in the greedy minds of the owners it does.
  6. Here's the the thing with Hill. Let's say that somehow he is not the one that broke his child's arm. It was his wife. Would anyone here keep their infant child in that situation? I mean its almost as bad and that audio should be a ban for life IMO when you consider his past history. The NFL is protecting the profits Mahomes generates, nothing more. They could not give a fossilized turd for the child. It actually makes me really angry. And mfing no I don't want this guy on the Jets. Oh and last comment. The concept that you cannot charge either because of lack of evidence on WHO did it, NOT that someone injured the child is ludicrous. Spousal privilige should not apply in this case, and if neither will step up the charges should apply equally.
  7. The NFL started sweeping this under the rug the instant it came to light. Anyone who thinks the NFL is truly concerned with domestic violence and preventing it when it games to the elite players is seriously deluded.
  8. I have "quit" on the Jets probably 100 times. It lasts at most an hour. I think Darnold will get us there, but if he doesnt I will be a fan until I die.
  9. The problem I have with this view is completion percentage is not directly related to a QBs accuracy. A 65% passer is not necessarily a more "accurate" passer of the ball. Accuracy percentage is really a function of the offensive scheme, QB decisions, WR drops and situational passing. It does not really say much at all about ball placement, how catchable the ball is, pace and timing all which contribute to how "accurate" a QB throws a ball. A ball can be accurate but batted down, difficult to catch (in certain situations a perfectly thrown ball can be very difficult to catch especially in the end zone or double coverage. Completion percentage is helped by knowing where your outlet is and throwing the checkdown, turning down a deep throw, the play call itself. the offensive system, the level of OL pass blocking-if defenders are continuously in your face it becomes super hard to make a completion as opposed to a clean pocket. Having said that all other factors the same, a more accurate passer with have a higher completion percentage. There is a reason Brees has 70% completions. In Darnold's case I think the completion percentage is entirely misleading. To my eye he is among the most elite I have ever seen in ball placement, catchability, pace, timing and ball path. So where's the disconnect? What people ignore with Sam is that he was frickin 20 years old at the start of training camp and barely 21 during the season with only 2 years of prior NFL experience. Hell, he is still younger than 2 of the 3 first rounders taken this year who came out early and only 2 months older than Murray as well. Darnold's completion percentage (and interceptions) are ALL about 3.5 games where his maturity and lack of experience led to disaster games. It really wasn't an indication of his accuracy but just the growing pains of a very very young QB. The second half of Cleveland game (where he forced things) the Min game and the Miami game are why his completion percentage was low and also account for 66% of his interceptions. The Min and Miami games were doubly bad because he was not completing passes and also throwing almost twice as much as normal. He struggled against Chicago but they were tough on a lot of QBs, and he wasnt terrible with a rating of around 76. He had a low completion percentage in the Denver game but if you remember he was actually very effective in that game and had a QB rating of around 100. Outside of that he was very solid in completion percentage, including 80% in one game, and 66% in the last 4 games. It was youth and inexperience along with TERRIBLE coaching-(Bates did nothing to help Sam in the games he struggled, he literally passed MORE and hund Sam out to dry) that led to a low completion percentage, not his actual throwing accuracy, Frankly in Gase's system and with Bell as an outlet I would be shocked if he wasnt a 65%+ accuracy guy this year.
  10. I dont believe that at all. I think Johnson just finally opened his eyes.
  11. Actually he needs to be better than that. If he's not an All Pro it was a stupid pick. McCoffee is gone. We had a guy that rigidly adhered to BAP in the first round, would rather try and find a draft "steal" than take solid players, did not value the OLINE at all, was unafraid of picking corners with ACLs, did not like taking playmakers, and drafted consecutive safeties in the first and 2nd rounds. He was so incompetent it is mind boggling.
  12. I can see why you went there but I never meant to suggest that I see Darnold having a completion percentage lower than 60%. I was primarily talking about interceptions and interception ratio. I think Darnold will not necessarily be a 2 to 1 guy. He very may well be, he only threw 1 in the last 6 games and if so then he will be even better, maybe best QB in the NFL better. I don't disagree with your point.
  13. It is the right approach with Sam. He will always be a gunslinger and has a lot of Favre in him. He will likely always throw more interceptions than some other elite QBs but will also win games by himself. Most fans will love him, but Sam WILL lose us a game maybe a pivotal one being too aggressive and the fans that really are still in a defensive mindset and love QBs like Alex Smith and think interceptions and completion percentage are everything will continue not liking him.
  14. That one back foot pass Darnold made was cray-cray

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