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  1. This is true. I was vehemently against Cousins and was regularly crucified. I believe many even said they didnt want to draft QBs anymore. But there are some Darnold haters so you never know about what goes on in peoples minds
  2. johnnysd

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    2nd round pick is not nothing, and Leo will not re re-signed.
  3. johnnysd

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    Id trade Leo for a 2nd or higher as fast as possible.
  4. NOT true. Jets had zero interest in McCarthy. McCarthy tried to spin it but it has been stated many times that McCarthy wanted it but the Jets eliminated that doofus early.
  5. Not a fan of the Gase hiring but McCarthy was the worst candidate.
  6. johnnysd

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    https://overthecap.com/player/leveon-bell/2258/ Look at trade post June 1 pulldown.. $2 million a year in dead money, but I think it gets accelerated all into this year so $8 million.
  7. Mac is GONE. What do people not understand about that? Regardless of what the talking heads, and offended former GMs are saying, that is a POSITIVE. It gives us an opportunity for additional victories not less. So increased interest. I did say when Gase was hired that it would either be very successful or a dumpster fire, so it could certainly still go up in flames, but firing that loser was not the fuse nor the match.
  8. johnnysd

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    It's an $8 million cap hit.if traded. It's obviously not happening because the team getting Bell would be concerned about a holdout, but they could have Bell for 2 years at around $20 million. A miniscule amount compared to his cost in FA. A loaded team might consider it.. Not going to happen but it is not completely outlandish.
  9. johnnysd

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Actually it would only be an $8 million cap hit. Would you trade an $8 million cap hit for a first rounder in 2020? I might. Bell could be great but it is hellishly risky.
  10. johnnysd

    Manish Speaks

    If this article is true, Mac's incompetence is even greater than thought. In fact, I wouldn't even describe it a coup. Just Gase letting Johnson know how bizarre and unacceptable not involving the head coach is? Seriously? It is just mind boggling
  11. Completely wrong. Johsnon realized a mistake and then do the only option he had at the time. There is absolutely nothing selfish about it.
  12. You are the worst poster on the board. The Jets are clueless because they fired an incompetent GM at the wrong time take is incredibly lame. You once admitted to preferring to be mediocre to shooting for a great team, so I guess your plan was to give Mac an extension and keep letting him dismantle the franchise. Yes he should have been fired on Black Monday. That didnt happen, but the owner finally realized how incompetent he was and took action. That is a good thing regardless of what the talking heads say
  13. johnnysd

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

    I think the Jets offseaon was pretty bad. Moseley was a luxury hire that should have been capped slightly below Keuchly. We would not have gotten him for that so move on No one wanted Bell. We should have offered less with little impact if cut in a year. He is a huge question mark and not worth the salary risk. Osemeke trade was decent but he is a band aid. Crowder could be a decent starter but we overpaid. Trying to also sign Barr was idiotic. Huge dollars there and unless Bell is all pro, not huge impact. We we're already good against the run, and slot was not a gigantic first tier FA need. In the draft, we drafted a replacement for Leo that will likely be a decent run stuffing tackle. We took a huge flyer on an edge with single year performance and measurables that point to bust. A developmental LT. Not terrible but not a high probability of success. Our best pick was a blocking TE. We also drafted a replacement for Lee. And a worthy gamble on a talented but often injured CB. We did not address center, not enough at OT, and added no OL depth. We gave big money to a decent WR that has never stayed healthy. It all adds up to not much impact. This offseaon should have been all about Darnold. Mac's philosophy just does not align with modern football or what the Jets needed
  14. johnnysd

    Whether you are happy Mac is gone or not

    What Mac did in the offseason in no way represented what Johnson said we would do and frankly what McCoffee did is completely bereft of any plan. Mac had to go. Would it be better if Johnson recognized it on Black Monday? Sure, but we can't change the past and all you can do is the best decision for the current time and that was firing our loser GM.
  15. johnnysd

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    He's our coach. I would not have hired him. But he deserves a shot and there are things you can point to in Miami that suggest he may be a good coach. It almost seems like people here already hate Gase more than Mac before we have even played a game. Gase also built quite a good coaching staff, infinitely better than Bowles. Plus it seems that we will wind up with a qualified GM that has the same philosophy as Gase. How is any of that bad? I just dont get all the outrage over firing an incompetent GM. It's seriously cray cray.

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