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  1. So basically he has a predatory element aspect to the way he booked his massages, you feel he is booking massages trying to get sex, sexually assaulted most of them and "he's on his way to being a sexual predator"? And then the NFL should not get involve because rape cases are almost impossible to get convictions without exceptional amounts of evidence, which means he's not guilty. You seem to have believed the victims. Look it is insanely simple to find a happy ending massage. But he wanted to prey and dominate on legitimate masseuses. Fuuck this guy. And by the way there are more than 22 claims, some of them that have corroborated want nothing. The whole thing is repulsive. But he's good at football so let's circle the f-ing Wagons.
  2. Why do people not get this: THE NFL ONLY HAS TO THINK IT IS MORE LIKELY THAN NOT THAT HE COMMITTED THESE ACTS. Guilt by trial is utterly irrelevant. Some posters seem to think his behavior is OK, but there is a 100% chance this guy is a serial sexual predator. And, the whole contract Cleveland gave him was like a gigantic FU to the NFL and pretty much all women. He should be banned indefinitely with the right to apply for reinstatement in a couple years.
  3. WAY too early to write him off but the Jets MUST sign another OT before the season starts.
  4. The Wilson doubters seem to only remember early season Zach and bad Zach. The short throw accuracy thing was over a few games and not an issue at all near the end. He does not have the yips. None of these things will become clear from OTAs
  5. If you work for a company greater than 50 people you would be eligible for unpaid leave under FMLA
  6. No that is what we have had so far in the offseaon program. OTAs are essentially actual practices but with no contact.
  7. Yeah I think the TE room upgrade could be the most important thing JD has done for Zach's success and I think the magnitude of it is being seriously understated. We went from easily having the worst set of TEs in the entire NFL to having a group that is at minimum a Top 15-20 group. Both Uzomah and Conklin are solidly above average TEs. Uzomah brings a ton of leadership and was parr of the Cincy turnaround and then we draft Ruckert who many thought was the best TE in football to develop. People are assuming we will just run 12 all the time and while I do think we will use that their presence will upgrade all personnel groupings including 11 which we will run more than 50% of the time. From a completion and receiving standpoint having reliable receivers is a massive change for the Jets offense. They are always called a young QBs security blanket and now Zach has it. I still think Zach is an amazing prospect at QB and I expect him to be night and day compared to what we saw at the beginning of last year.
  8. Man I loved Kiner Murphy and Nelson on TV and radio when they rotated and then Murphy was just fantastic on radio. But Scully was really the best and he did it forever. I have not watched a baseball game on TV since 1996 when they cancelled the world series and for a long time I was a far bigger Mets fan than Jets fan and I was a big Jets fan from 69 on.
  9. It would great to see that HC/GM owner call. TBH Strange has close to 0% chance to bust so in the end he will be a better pick than half of the first rounders anyway
  10. I will say that to my eye Fields looked awful and he has a horrible situation in Chicago, and to be honest I think he will ultimately bust (I know @JiFapono thinks he looked awesome) Lawrence looked pretty mediocre and not a whole lot of wow factor in his game to make you think he will be a generational guy, Jones looked OK but really sort of regressed towards the end of the year and just seems to have a ceiling of noodle arm if that. Mills looked pretty decent to me actually. But you are correct that how they looked or their statistics are really not correlated with ultimate success at all. I will tell you that Brees failed the eye test as bad as any QB I have ever seen his first 2 seasons. And well he turned out OK
  11. One of the things you are missing is an unfortunate pattern or cycle that has emerged in the NFL. Here's what happens: 1. Team struggles gets high first round pick QB or trades up for one 2. QB plays the season, struggles and team winds up with another high pick 3. Team fires HC/OC (usually both) and GM and then brings in new HC/OC that installs all new system 4. Second year QB struggles again because most of what he learned gets tossed away, he has to learn all new playback and by the time he does it is late in the season and he struggles again 5. Team makes "offensive changes" struggles ensue and he becomes a bust. Many of these situations are also accompanied with teams that draft a QB and then mysteriously focus on defense in draft and free agency. This cycle happened with Geno and Sam. Just this season Lawrence, Fields and Mills are in this exact situation and even Jones has a new OC. Their careers are seriously in danger. if you go back it happens with a very very significant amount of high QB draft picks Baker and Rosen from Sam's year. It may happen more than 50% of the time. Now let's look at KC and Buffalo. KC sat Mahomes for a year and let him walk into an offense that was loaded. Would Mahomes have made it on the Jets? Maybe but not 100% sure. Josh Allen sucked his first year, but Buffalo went out and bought an OL and kept building weapons. He was still mediocre at best even in his second year but he was in same system same OC and got more and more weapons. Then he exploded in year 3. I have become a huge proponent of the concept that the development environment a QB gets is maybe 50% or more of a factor in his success and teams by not being patient are ruining the QBs they draft. Luckily for us, we finally do not have that situation with Zach. He has same HC, OC and system in year 2 and the team has gone out of their way to surround him as best as possible with protection and weapons, People love to say "Zach does not have any more excuses" but I think the right thing to say is "Zach has the right situation to develop" History would say he has a good chance.
  12. Papa does SiriusXM, Champions Tour Golf and sometimes boxing.
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