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  1. johnnysd

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    The whole issue is ridiculous. The NFLs unilateral "vote" for the new policy was embarrassing.
  2. johnnysd

    By The Way ...

    None of the top 3 are signed. Will all likely happen at the same time, but becoming a slight concern.
  3. That's Woody for you. He basically hired the same person over and over with a slightly different personality every time. I truly hope he never ever comes back, his brother appears to maybe have a couple of brain cells.
  4. This is SOOO true. Even before analytics was a household name, NFL teams had certain physical attribute requirements for each position they would not deviate from.
  5. As someone else side, pretty much preaching to the choir, but I have to see that if a GM told me that he was not a proponent of spending high round draft picks on OL, I would likely not even hire him. Macs stance on the OL is perplexing at best and his hierarchy of position importance does not align with mine at all. I would as an example NEVER draft an in the box safety or tweener ILB and yet we have spent 2 first rounders there.
  6. Robbie Anderson was wide open on almost every play with s QB not skilled to get him the ball and he keeps in 20+ yard touchdowns and has some of the best hands in the NFL. Darnold makes our offense better just for that fact instantly, and we were not the worst offense in the NFL last year. We WERE completely one of the worst defenses, almost historically bad on 3rd and long last year despite all the resources devoted to that side of the ball. Darnold leads us to the playoffs and us OROY and possibly MVP. He is the type of QB better in the NFL than college. Our offense will be better than the defense this year.
  7. He's not changing his throwing motion or being coached to. He is holding the ball higher with 2 hands. Bates has said they are not changing his throwing motion. Slightly elongated or not he will have one of the fastest releases in the NFL
  8. I remember being able to predict pir plays almost with 100% accuracy from the couch. He was awful. Sanchez was poor, but he was 3x the QB in 2 minute when Schottys plays we're no longer called.
  9. Jordan Palmer as an examplr
  10. Lol, Bowles loves his tweener in the box safeties and undersized linebackers
  11. The Jets with Darnold are at worst average
  12. I also suggest a sticky and adding numbers to each players blurb would be hella-awesome.
  13. He is NOT in the competition. He will get extended time in preseason games. If he plays well he will be traded. If he plays poorly he will be cut. We should have drafted a second QB in this draft. Our only QB for next year is Darnold. The BW crap is getting really annoying. Darnold is our starter.
  14. I think that expectation is unrealistic for a Top rookie QB prospect. I actually expect him to do that, but for me he would earn it if he shows he has learned the playbook, commands the huddle and respect of his teammates, is comfortable with the stage, and performs at least decent in preseason games.