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  1. Joe I have been saying that for 2 weeks. The NFC is killing the AFC this year in wins. I thin 8-8 could definitely be enough for a wildcard this year. People are not accounting for all the wins being pulled out of the AFC to the NFC. And I see no reason it wont continue, the entire NFC North is very mediocre, the AFC West is mediocre outside of the Chiefs, the NFC East weak outside of NE, and the central is decent but very beatable and they beat each other up which will keep them close to 8-8 As the OP for this future HOF thread, I STILL say the Jets are going to the playoffs this year. Our last 10 games are maybe the easiest stretch of 10 games we have ever had.
  2. For me the worst thing about it is none of those are called against the Pats. ZERO
  3. Well Sam needs to mount another TD drive or that pick might turn this into a repeat of Buffalo. He has been so awesome in this game too.
  4. My god Gase is such a pussy play caller. Get Darnold on the move its what he does best. Gase loves the draw then punt manouver. No balls at all. None.
  5. The more I see Tua the more amazed I at him as a college QB, and the less I think he will be successful in the NFL.
  6. I am sure Baker will have many good games in his future but I saw on NFL Network that he is statistically the worst starting QB in the NFL (I dont think they include Falk). Pretty shocking drop off.
  7. I think with Darnold back, he can hide a lot of the OL issues with his ability to read a play and make decisions quickly, as well as move well in the pocket, and throw on the run out of the pocket. These are several dimensions we have been missing. Herndon being back opens up the passing game and allows us to be more dynamic between the numbers which should open more opportunities for Anderson and Thomas (maybe even Vyncent) in the intermediate and deeper routes. Regardless, Darnold should be able to make enough plays to free the box up which opens up things for Ty and Le'veon. I am not saying we will have a Top 10 offense but we can be solidly middle of the pack. Our defense has been decent and hopefully Moseley can make it back in a couple weeks. Now normally a mediocre team like the Jets will be with Darnold should have no chance, but past the next game with NE, every single game is winnable, and I think we will be in a better spot than the opposition in the 2 Miami games, Midgets, Washington, Bengals. Pittsburgh under QB 3 or 4, We face harder challenges against Baltimore, Jax, and Buffalo, and I think the Cowboys are way overrated. I think under Darnold will we be competitive in every remaining game maybe except for NE, and the better team for 6 of them. I think we win 1 or 2 that surprise a little, and lose 1 or 2 we should have won as the team comes together, but even if we lose both NE and Dallas (who I think we can beat) I think we can win 8 of the last 10 and maybe sneak in at 8-8. Our last 10 games are as simple a schedule I have ever seen for the Jets and I DO think we see vast improvement with a healthy Darnold back. I am not giving up hope yet.
  8. By the way, I STILL feel the Jets have a very good chance of making the playoffs. See the post above, if the inter-conference trends continue 8-8 might very well make the playoffs this year. Shoot me if you want, but I still feel optimistic with Darnold coming back along with Herndon.
  9. Actually that statement is wrong. One of the hidden trends that is keeping hope alive for the Jets is that the NFC is completely dominating the AFC this year, 16-8. If that trend continues you could very very well see even an 8-8 team emerge from the AFC. As an example the AFC North is playing the NFC West. Arizona is not a complete pushover, and based on last night the Rams, 49ers and Seahawks are all better than all of the teams in the AFC, plus they play each other 2 times each. 8-8 could easily win that division. Same with the AFC West. They are playing the NFC North. KC is the best team, but you could argue GB, Chicago Detroit are all better than the 3 other teams and Minny is no slouch. KC wins the division but good chance none of the others even have a winning record. So yeah your statement is completely false. Now on the flip side it might be 11-6 is needed in the NFC
  10. In house free agents are a separate category than bidding on a Day 0 FA their current team does not want
  11. Meh...Baker will have more good games. Sometimes games get out of control. That said, he does not seem to have the poise he had last year and he is very shaky in both ball security and accuracy. When Sam comes back in 3 or 4 weeks (I think he "fails" the tests for a few more weeks) I think he will show how superior he is to Baker even with no weapons and the worst OL in the NFL.
  12. No more big ticket free agents. No more big ticket free agents. NO MORE. Worst possible way to try and buiild a team. Build through draft, UDFA and mid tier free agent signings as well as waiver claims. Sit out the first few days of free agency. Fool's gold. "lose" free agency every year and we will be on the way to building a team with depth and versatility.
  13. Oh foolish people. Imagine the gnashing of teeth and outrage when Joe Douglas first big signing is to retain Leo at just more than Moseley is making. Never underestimate the ability of teams to stick to the potential of former first rounders than pay on their actual play on the field.
  14. I agree with this. Here is my HUGE issue with Gase: He talks like he is a creative guy that designs the offense around his players. I have seen absolutely no evidence of that with this guy whatsoever. Look we have a very very very bad OL, and currently have an accurate but weak armed QB that can be effective in a spread, single read/quick dump off type offense. But Gase made exactly zero adjustments, His "solution" is exactly the same I would expect from the most conservative of defensive minded head coaches: turtle the offense, run on almost all first and second downs, and throw super short passes to your one playmaker. In today's NFL that approach is 100% guaranteed to fail. Gase is a fricking NFL head coach, he should realize it. Off the top of my head, I could come up with a better plan for Falk than what Gase did: 1. Play up-tempo no huddle type offense mostly from the shotgun, and limit defensive substitution 2. Utilize some non-traditional player groupings that give you options to protect the QB better and create matchup issues. Personnel groupings like 21 and 22 personnel with Montgomery and Bell both in the game.Lots of formations you can use from that personnel to protect better and isolate coverages 3. Move the pocket on rollouts 4. Throw slants, bubble screens, play action seam routes on 1st down 5. Use Wesco as a FB, and do some straight man run plays with a lead blocker. Our OL sucks at zone, stop trying to force it 6. Max protect and throw some deep passes. It doesnt even matter if that hit as long as you can get them to respect it and get more 2 high looks 7. Use Jet play action with quick passes 8. Throw screens on obvious blitz packages 9. Design blitz killers with cloud patterns behind the force side of the defense 10. Run a lot of rub plays like NE Bonus one: Bench Kalil, he is at the core of many issues. Gase did not a single on of the above things. His solution was play an offense even more vanilla than preseason offense, and pray Bell breaks big runs against a stacked box. It is ludicrously stupid and unimaginative. AND it is what he did in Miami. All across the NFL we are seeing backups with coaches adjusting to their strengths and finding quite a bit of success but no, not our latest doofus. There is nothing to suggest he will somehow become imaginative and successful when Darnold and Herndon come back. If I am the owner, I talk with Douglas, commit to letting him find his guy in the offseason and in the interim fire Gase, Loggains. Promote Williams (I am not a fan of his either TBH but he did decent as interim for Browns) make Vitt DC and promote Cooter to OC. Find a QB coach for Sam.

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