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  1. johnnysd

    Offensive Minded Head Coach

    I do not actually agree with that. A defensive head coach unless he has the brain of Belichick will never have the offensive aggressiveness and QB development skills we need in the next head coach. It's just not really in their DNA for the most part. If we had an established QB than a more balanced head coach like Dan Quinn wouldn't be too bad or a very involved head coach in college like Pete Carroll. But I really think we need to look to the LA Rams, Eagles, and Chicago as models
  2. 100% agree. I think that this would be an interesting combo. I kinda of like it. I DO NOT want any retread. No Schwatz, or any of the Harbaughs. We need to look at dynamic, young offensive minds that will push the envelope a little and can develop a QB
  3. johnnysd

    John Harbaugh

    I do not think he is a fit for what we need in a HC.
  4. johnnysd

    John Harbaugh

    Totally agree. He is near the bottom of my list. We need a progressive thinker, with experienced QB development assistants for this team. Nothing else is acceptable in my view. No to either Harbaugh, Schwartz, Fisher, Fox, etc....stop the madness
  5. Neither are getting fired. They get one more year. The fans suffer.
  6. johnnysd

    John Harbaugh

    Hes a good head coach but only that. Not the right guy to develop Darnold. He's had like 8 different OCs. Not the right guy.
  7. johnnysd

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    Good list but its not happening. If Bowles was not fired today its not happening. If we eek out a couple victories, we will hear about progress and Bowles and Mac will be back, possibly with another OC. I just dont see Bowles being fired at this point. I am not sure what they see in him other than this perception he is somehow overachieving because of lack of talent but Coffee Drinker is not being held accountable for having a bad roster either. I would touch Bell in any way shape or form. My plan would be similar but more aggressive.
  8. Theres this part of my brain that says that if Bowles was not fired today, that he WILL NOT be fired at all. I think the Johnsons are so clueless that the worse they will do is let Bowles go into next year as a lame duck, and once again like Rex firing him at least a year late in this case two years. Darnold will be ruined. Also, this tells me Woody is still in charge. I do believe Chris was planning on firing Bowles today. Woody I believe just exists in this world where we he still believes in his head coach being a defensive guy and that he is looking for the next Parcells. Even if he fires Bowles he will hire another defensive coach that charms him by reminding him of Parcells. I have not missed a Jets game either in person or on TV in probably 40 years, but today I can actually see myself walking away and never looking back, like I did with the Mets after they cancelled the Wold Series in 1994. I have watched maybe 5 baseball games since then, and I was one of the biggest Mets fans there was.
  9. Some really really dumb ideas in this thread. The entire focus needs to be on Darnold and his development. Someone actually wants ANOTHER defensive head coach.
  10. johnnysd

    Fans are outraged. Ownership...

    I think the " I am not going to say anything today" comment makes it a strong possibility. Id fire MacCagnan, Bates and Rodgers too.
  11. He is completely incompetent in almost every way.

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