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  1. Because it is the same exact situation as Darnold when JD was not GM and then the issue was not purely offset language but when Sam would get the bulk of the money. Sure it is just my gut feel but same situation same owners. Same likely hold out and compromise.
  2. To play devil's advocate here, there is a pic of Becton from OTAs in a similar angle and he very clearly has a noticeable guy. He does not here. I would say he has lost several inches on his weight and in general looks leaner. He might not be that much less in weight if he also added muscle but he definitely looks slimmer and more toned to my eye
  3. Must admit this pisses me off. This is on the Johnsons not JD. Ruins what should be an awesome day.
  4. Whatever. Did you join specifically to troll about the sexual predator Watson?
  5. Not exactly true. Goodell can put him on the Commisioners Exempt list at any time if he believes there may be a major violation
  6. It's a reasonable assumption that the holdup is offset language but it could also be how quickly Zach gets paid his bonus. I seen to remember the Jets wanting to pay in installments with some players rather than all of it in like 10 days. Isn't that what eventually solved the Darnold holdout. And FWIW this HAS to be driven by the Johnsons because we consistently have this issue. Unfortunately Zach will miss TC just like Darnold.
  7. Vaccines should not be political. But it is what it is with the voices from the extremes on both sides drowning out the vast majority somewhere in the middle.
  8. Well unfortunately somehow vaccines which have saved billions of lives is now a political issue so unfortunately I see no place for these discussions here as people will insist on making their political beliefs known...the NFL policy should be the only thing that matters or if it affects the Jets and then only in how it affects football.
  9. This will be a Carson Palmer retirement not a real one if he does it.
  10. With the numbers you are predicting most of you must think Zach sucks. And is worse than Mullens. Really good QBs are more successful today. Right away.
  11. I swear its like "reporters" doing this get towards the bottom and are all like o crap I forgot the Jets so I will just put them at the bottom. The Darnold and Adams trades alone are enough to be higher than 24 but I guess the stench of Gase lingers
  12. He was such a beast. I love the Sports Science one where he tackles the tiny host. The hazing scene was not cool though.
  13. In Wafish's defense. I have stats that suggest that "pressure" does not materially affect QB efficiency.
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