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  1. Rex started well but got worse as time went buy. In no scenario would I want him back. ONWARD
  2. Want different context? Sam had one of the worst OL in HISTORY
  3. I mean seriously? He played for the Jets and was pretty bad. Have people forgotten the 6 interception game? Or him throwing the entire team under the bus when his play was challenged? I mean there is a fricking famous chart on the exact cycle his career follows over and over and over and over.
  4. Field turf should be banned from football. It is way grabbier to increase speed which unquestionably leads to more ankle and soft tissue issues. Doesn't take rocket science to know that when stress is applied to ankles and knees there will be more injuries when the limb is held in place than if the ground gives out first.
  5. There is some truth to that. But holy hell, the Jets have access (if they want) to the best orthopedic doctors in the world, the best fitness trainers in the world, the best nutritionists in the world. Big data medical analysis. They should be able to customize workouts that develop their bodies to be optimized against injuries. Just no excuse.
  6. You can't use those stats in a vaccuum. On the plus side, we didn't play the greatest teams. On the downside the Darnold had less time to throw than any QB in the NFL AND threw the most TDS in the NFL scrambling. Just not enough info yet to determine what Darnold is. Look at Carr. Looked like a worldbeater with weapons, was close to being benched for Nathan frickin Peterman when he had none. This week Sam will play without: 1. #RB 2 #1 outside receiver Perriman 3. #2 Outside receiver Smith 4. #3 Outside receiver (Mims) 5. #1 Slot receiver Crowder 6. #2 slot receiver Berrios 7. #1 RT 8. #1 Center 9. #1 RG I mean the Jets are close to playing their 3rd string players. How can any QB show anything in that environment?
  7. No question injuries are up league wide but the Jets are unprecedented. It is so bad there HAS to be an underlying reason for it. We were the most injured last year too. Any competent staff would have already done the following: Look to the historically less injured teams (especially the Vikings) and hire a senior assistant away and have him implement their exact training and workout program Fire our entire staff. Do a very rigorous analysis of both the practice field and stadium fields and replace them if needed. There is NO reason in 2020 to have artificial turf in ANY stadium in the NFL at this point.. I mean seriously, it is tragic the amount of injuries we are having. JETS: DO SOMETHING!!!!!
  8. Washington has played well in their games so far and they play in the weakest division in football. I see them as a minimum 4 or 5 win team which is likely too much for the #1 pick. Giants are pretty bad, they will compete but again play in a terrible division. Broncos play in a strong division and have had some bad injuries so they could compete. Cincinatti is not moving away from Burrow so if they do get #1 they will likely trade down a spot of 2. Right now I would say it is a race between both NY teams looking at level of play through 2 weeks. But we will get much healthier at WR over the next 3 weeks and I still think our roster is better than last year. I see us landing at worst around the 6th pick again. Sam was much better last week but no one really noticed. 3rd down drops and penalties are making the offense seem worse than they are.
  9. Look if we wind up with the #1 pick worry about it then. Sam is still the 2nd youngest QB in the NFL and still has less than 2 years of experience and like zero playmakers and an idiot coach
  10. I was kinda hoping he'd get convicted on one hand just because of who he is, but what they did is not really the way we want law enforcement to work either.
  11. Look you don't like Darnold, I get it. People are obsessed with his footwork which I think is silly because none of us really no squat about throwing in the NFL- (Marino has said he actually looks for QBs like Darnold because in the NFL you are always awkward) but whatever, I have no idea why people are all thinking we somehow have to give Darnold a huge contract. We don't. We control him for 2 years on rookie and 2 franchise years after that. Also, it should be noted that Brees was very similar in many ways to Darnold at this stage of their careers. Sam needs rhythm. Brees does too. Even to this day when Brees does not get it he can play quite average like he did Monday

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