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  1. johnnysd

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    There is a reasonable chance he will be able to accomplish that.
  2. johnnysd

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    Id be looking to trade Leo.
  3. Yeah it would be neat. Can you do a Top 5?
  4. johnnysd

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    If I felt I could get a 10 year starter on the OL at 3, and was confident in it, I wouldn't give a rat turd about perceived "value" and just make the selection. If there is not that guy, then I would look at TJ Hockenson and try to evaluate the impact he would have in protecting Sam Darnold. If his value as an offensive weapon is good enough that it allows the offense to operate faster and get the ball out quicker and take away blitzes to double team him, then I seriously consider taking him at 3, which even by the "value" metric which I hate is not big ogf a reach, If neither of those are there, then I look at the defensive possibilities, likely some combination of Williams, Allen and Bosa and choose the one that will add the most turnovers and QB pressures to the team, keeping in mind that inside pressure is more valuable especially from a 4 man rush than edge rushing. It is just super rare. But always my priority at 3 is to protect Darnold and/or give him more weapons.
  5. I just don't buy this. Just because the draft prognosticators have fallen in love with defensive lineman lately, most of whom as pretty low impact btw outside of the very rare birds like Watt and Donald, does not mean that their ratings are either accurate nor predictive and the whole "value" thing is thrown around like people understand it but I doubt they actually do. NFL teams do not rate players in the way these draft guides do as a 1-100 rating. NFL teams stack players in tiers. Sometimes there is an Elite first round tier and sometimes just a first round tier and often there are only 10-15 players in the first round tier. Once the tier is selected the tier is stacked and this done almost always by positional value AND team need. Draft value is borne out of statistical analysis that looks at how likely you are to get a top tier player at a specific position which is FINE for trades but useless for the actual pick. All you want is a player that makes the team and has a good career, and for a Top first round pick you want them to be a pro bowler or better. So if there is an OL that stacks in the first tier, then whether he is picked at 3 or 8 it is NOT a reach. On any level. This whole draft value argument is just completely bonkers and not rooted in any reality. Bill Polian has stated there is no such thing as a reach if your evaluation suggests he will be a long term starter. Period.
  6. johnnysd

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I said Leo type bust in terms of being slightly better than a JAG. I am also not suggesting taking a huge reach on a player, but not all GMs believe in strictly BPA and most teams BPA board is weighted by positional value and team need. For the Jets, both positional value and team need should be very low with QW. If he is really as good of a prospect as you think our phones should be ringing off the hook for him but like with Leo they won't. Do you feel he is a 13-15 sack 40 pressures guy in the NFL?
  7. johnnysd

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    All your bold font styling does not make QW to the Jets a good move because it isn't. Are the Jets dumb enough to go DT again? Absolutely. Mac and his no boundaries BAP philosophy could enable that. But from many angles it would be a horrible pick. Look at Luck. You cannot repeat the mistake of taking "BAP, and as a result of that exposing Darnold to injury. This draft should be ALL about Darnold. OL C and WR and then more OL. If QW is really all that, we should be able to get significant compensation from a team to select him. Also, having watched him, I think he has LEO level bust written all over him. I just dont see him as an elite player at the next level.
  8. I could see one way this happens: as part of a three way trade where Seattle was guaranteed to get Kyler Murray. Like NY trades 6, 17 and a 2 next year, Seattle trades their first, third, 6 and 17 and next years 2nd from Giants to Arizona
  9. Most overrated NFL player ever. He's a Jet so I like him but man people act like he was all that and a bag of chips. Possibly most durable running back ever but that IMO does not make him great. In terms of Bell a LOT remains to be seen.
  10. johnnysd

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    I agree, it's like all of a sudden DL is the most highly rated and important position in the draft. I have heard more than once "you just can't pass on a player with those measurables and athletic talent". Doesnt seem to matter if they can get to the QB either. So we chose Wilkerson, Coples, Richardson, Williams, all "can't miss guys" or "best player in the draft" Leo and all of them moved the bar not so much if at all. Now all we here is Quinnen Williams this Quinnen Williams that, another "cant miss" guy. Pass. To THIS Jets team OL is infinitely more important. If he is so good, why cant we get a premium to trade down and let someone else draft him??
  11. johnnysd

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    Under what criteria exactly??
  12. johnnysd

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    Yes. Its the main thing he has been doing. He works 16 hours a day and has been watching tape, formulating plans, evaluating college players, and looking at FA veterans. All of that involves extensive play reviews. I mean Gruden made a tape of almost every play AB had made and reviewed it with him.
  13. johnnysd

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    Wrong. At this point Gase has seen every single Jets play from 2017 and 2018 and has watched college tape on every young player we have. Extensively.
  14. johnnysd

    NY Jets Remaining Cap Space

    Let's hope not. Don't make the same mistake twice. Hi is barely more than a JAG. I'd take a 2 fir him right now
  15. johnnysd

    We’re good, luv.

    Yeah Mac gets credit for Darnold, when in reality it was just a series of incredibly unlikely events stringed together that saved the Jets from themselves. Pure serendipity.

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