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  1. USC Pro Day on now

    The fuuck??? You don't trade 3 2s and a 1 for a RB
  2. USC Pro Day on now

    Smokescreen. Daniel Jeremiah sad it best. Teams tend to take the opposite of the QB that failed. So Mayfield.
  3. USC Pro Day on now

    Didn't Rosen do the last 20like that?
  4. Josh Allen

    There's a lot of truth in this. One of the draft guys said that Allen was inaccurate on one throw, the medium out and that it was easily fixable.
  5. It's so funny that people are convinced that the Jets want Darnold Rosen or Allen when many many things point to them trading up to get Mayfield.
  6. Mac has literally done almost NOTHING well except for the Richardson trade. The Fitz resigning the McClown resigning the drafting of Adams were all completely brain dead moves. Even the Leonard Williams drafting was dumb. But if we get a franchise QB we will be in a better situation. I have no confidence in Bowles and Mac. Neither should still be here. But I am dumb, I tend to get excited despite the rational side of my brain. I also believe all 4 of these guys are going to be franchise guys.
  7. Will giants take Barkley?

    History does NOT bear that out. In fact there was a recent article that showed that the truly elite RBs in the NFL taken in the first round have more positive impact on wins than any other position.
  8. Do you think there is any level of play that will make Bowles want to play the rookie? Our QB taken at 3 will only start when the owners direct Bowles to do it, or after they fire him around mid-season.
  9. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

    lol no. But I might trade Williams for 12
  10. "McClowns the starter". Get used to hearing this every week while the QB we drafted at 3 AND outperformed McClown holds a clipboard.....no scratch that...is inactive because Bridgewater is holding the clipboard (he also looked better than McClown in preseason)
  11. Yes, Teddy will need to look healthy. In terms of Bowles, our only hope is that a Johnson informs Bowles that a QB taken at 3 starts. I am trying to be optimistic but giving a rookie QB to Bowles is a disaster waiting to happen Maybe we need a Rosen to just tell Bowles he is a POS and forces the Jets to hire a staff specifically for him
  12. Get back in the 2nd or 3rd round

    Id trade Adams or Williams for 1st rounders if we could get some playmakers
  13. I do not think Teddy takes a regular season snap. We will play him in preseason and then trade him to a team that becomes QB needy by opening day.
  14. Will giants take Barkley?

    Yes, everyone thinks we traded up for QB, but I do think there is about a 10% chance we traded up to get Barkley. Let's face it, Bowles seems to have athe bigger voice on personnel and he did say he wants to run more and already promised the starting job to McClown. It is not impossible.
  15. First of all, we will not necessarily get the third or fourth prospect, we may well get the one that we think is the best prospect. Opinion is VERY divided on how they shake out. Greg Cossell said they can all be the best prospect based on the system and QB preferences a team has for their QB play. Second, ALL of them may turn out to be franchise guys. I believe this. I think they are all at least as good prospects as any QB from last year and I think all 4 are on a Carson Wentz level but not a Andrew Luck level as a prospect. Third just because we failed at picking a QB in RD 1 does not in any way suggest we should not pick a QB in RD1 again. Keeping the second rounders and rolling with McClown was a sure fire way to stay mediocre. It might not work out for us, but I think there is a good chance it will.