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  1. Reality is we need 2 to 3 sea to seasons to overhaul the roster. Let's say Douglas has an excellent off season. Well even if we stay healthy we might have s worse season than this one because we play West and West which is brutal. If we get lots on injuries again....
  2. Gase loves him, spot is almost guaranteed. And should be, with a solid offseason he could maybe contribute as WR too.
  3. Each Darnold pick counts as 4 in a Darnold haters mind so it's really 14TDs and 16 INTS and Darnold sucks........because you know he cant throw a long ball and 50% of his passes are terrible, shocking not to be picked ducks off of his back foot
  4. Its an interesting thought that if Jackson is drafted by another team he may have never started in the NFL long term and struggled in the games he got into. Credit Baltimore for going ALL in. Not many if any other teams would have even considered it.
  5. I dont think what he does is sustainable but we'll see. People thought that about Kapernick too
  6. our offensive scheme just doesnt fit Darnold at all...2 people on the route in the same space on routes that take 2+ seconds to develop no outlet. Sam needs to play in an up tempo offense
  7. Beer, I think he is clearly being told to not run. He still has mono. They talked about how they needed to readjust his pad for his spleen.
  8. But not that one!!! Nice bounceback by Crowder and a great throw,
  9. We must have had 20 drives or more completely derailed with ticky tack calls on big gains
  10. Well done Greenbeen. We will get a lot more info on Sam tonight in terms of whether he is progressing in dealing with better teams and national games. I am as always excited.
  11. Agree a zillion percent. Offensive line is directly related to success in today's NFL. It might even be more important than QB itself.

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