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  1. Geno was actually good last year but came up short in a couple game winning chances. I would think he gets the nod over Lock. People are expecting Wilson to be a monster in Denver but I am not sure I see it. Teams are getting better and better at neutralizing him.
  2. I think Cager makes the team as a sort of non blocking Y receiver in 12 personnel sets that are really more like 11. Can he stay healthy is the question. We likely keep 4 TEs
  3. Lol great way to just casually dismiss 26 legal accusations and several others that are not seeking anything. Lol at least misogynistic slut shaming is alive and well. And people wonder why more sexual assaults are not prosecuted....
  4. We will see. I don't pretend to know anything more than you but I disagree with almost every single one, especially HUFF. if Huff is not on the team he will be traded, not cut but I just do not see the Jets giving up on him at all. If anyone steps up on specials Hardee could easily be cut or traded. I think Guidry is a wild card. If he can ramp up specials he could easily make it over Hardee.
  5. Just off memory seemed like he had a small series of subpar games but came back strong, and I think everyone believes he is stronger inside both as a pash rusher and as a run stopper.
  6. That was not a GM decision. That was an owner driven deal no question.
  7. It's interesting. Because of the completely ludicrous contract that dumbass Cleveland gave him (which should have not been approved) Watson might not fight the 1 year ban. If it gets into some protracted court battle and then Watson loses he could have his suspension in year 2 of his contract and lose $45 million instead. What the NFL should do is put him on the commissioners exempt list until all cases are completed and then suspend him
  8. Really young players have more upside, older plays higher floors but less room to grow.
  9. This is very true. I am very excited about JD but still in prove it mode with Saleh and his staff. I hear way too much "system" talk and not enough adapting to the players you have. To your point though I honestly think the low point of my entire Jets fandom was watching day 3 of the draft and seeing McCoffee completely alone in our draft room. As a fan I think the Jets talent this year is WAY higher than people realize. We have a playoff level roster. If we stay healthy, we will be right there. I also believe the Bills are maybe not as dominant as people think. Allen rightfully so does not play in the regular season as he does in the postseason and it is tough to be exceptional every year.
  10. I am much higher on Carter than many here. I think they are 1A and 1B. They will try and keep both fresh and healthy. Most wanted us to skip RB in the draft and now people are advocating Carter get like 30% of the snaps.
  11. I take comfort in knowing so many here are such experts on QB play that they can know that Zach is dumb, can't go through progressions, is limited athletically, small, inaccurate, terrible in the pocket, does not know how to "move up" in the pocket and generally stinks. Should be a fun 5 weeks.
  12. Well I think when there are 26 cases from the NFL point of view a settlement can still be used in a factor or more likely than not but the point is valid. Not all have settled though so this is not over.
  13. The burden of proof is more likely than not. A settlement sort of is by definition more likely than not. The tolerance of male sexual predation in this country is ludicrous. Watson should be banned for life. I am so tired of the rich and priviliged essentially being above the law. Good day to release it with most of the country focused on another rich priviliged scumbag.
  14. Seriously? He is like overboard with his Pats adoration
  15. Not necessarily. Zach may have been perfect in learning the offense intellectually and even able to talk about it in Football 501 terms, but on the field it was different. I think he will take a gigantic leap as long as the team stays healthy.
  16. Funny thing is that there are people here that think Zach is not smart and can't recognize defense and go through progressions. The opposite is true. He is so talented that they just threw the entire offense at him and thought he could learn it
  17. We should bring back Ammendola. Even excellent kickers have gone through some rough patches and he has a ++++ leg.
  18. Maybe I am alone but I find Mac Jones really creepy. Just something off with that guy
  19. First Watson should be banned indefinitely AND fined with a window to apply for reinstatement in 2 years if the cases are closed and no new ones are brought forth. Any settlement by the NFL should be viewed as admission of guilt. Second, I think a Darnold for Mayfield swap makes a lot of sense for both teams. Both are stuck with salaries they do not want to pay and swapping them gives at least a chance to perform on new teams.
  20. I still do not think he is even remotely. He has one of the highest PRWR ratings in the entire NFL. With an upgraded secondary there is no way they are giving up on that talent especially since he is a former UDFA that needed time to develop.
  21. I do not think the adoration and praise of Mims is posturing or hype for a draft pick. I think they really believe in him, and as I said before his health last year was not food poisoning it was something more serious.
  22. I cannot imagine a scenario where Wesco makes the team. It will be a battle between Cager and Yeboah. Agree with most everything else. If I had to guess Cager is a surprise make and Yeboah we attempt to practice squad again.
  23. Bryce Huff is not fighting for a roster spot.
  24. I thought the other guy said 9th ranked as well.
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