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  1. Meh...we will have a "top" defensive player (DL) fall to us in round 1 and 2 (safety( and then in the 3rd after all the OL and WR are gone in a big run we will take BPA at ILB and then "shore up safety again for good measure. We will then take UDFA graded OL and WR from small schools in the later rounds...
  2. That is just simply not a true statement on any level. Over the last 6 games as an example, Kirwan started saying that he really liked what he was seeing out of Darnold and thinks he will develop into a top NFL QB. Romo LOVES Darnold and continues to say he will be one of the best QBs in the NFL Baldinger is very high on Sam. There are a ton of others. Reality is that the National Media just doesnt really talk about the Jets in general, they talk about the Cowboys, Giants, Steelers, Patriots, Bears, Packers and whoever is hot at the time like 90% of the time. One of the guys, one of the draft analyst guys did not like Darnold out of college but likes him now. Can remember his name. Will edit when I do. Of course there are people like Greg Cossell who hated Darnold out of college and still think he is crap.
  3. Something else to consider: Never posting while on drugs again
  4. Gase really could use a run game coordinator, but he is way too stubborn
  5. I would also say that the Jets goal should be to become average at OL this year and keep building. Unrealistic to think we can go from literally maybe Bottom 10 worst in NFL history to good, unless we really kill our OL picks in the draft. OL is also why I would be willing to trade Adams. If we can get at least a 1st and 3rd good chance we can get another starting caliber OL, which is more valuable overall than Adams.
  6. Fair enough. We have had some successful FA OL signings, it would probably be the bigger type FA signing I would have the least issue with. But all of those OL on the list have some issues and risk.
  7. Don't agree with that. We can sign a bunch of mid tier guys build depth and versatility and improve more than signing one of the big names. Johnson of course wants headlines and to "win" the offseason so you are probably right though. Hopefully it is OL and hopefully it is one of the 2 percenters
  8. 1. Nanath 2. Chrebet Rest in no order: Mangold Braylon Edwards (not a popular choice probably but he was underrated as a player before his injury, and was a little odd but not destructive. Choosing Holmes over Edwards was idiotic.) Santana Moss/L. Coles Cotchery Klecko Walker Darnold Testaverde 55 years old
  9. NONE. Big ticket free agents have like a 2% success rate.
  10. I would like to see them try black pants and white jerseys next year that would look cool. I like them better than the old, especially any Nike version of the old, but they are clearly a design by committee type of design and not really amazing.
  11. I tried to watch but just cant get into CFB. Only enjoy watching the NFL.
  12. Fuuck the NCAA...maybe this can be the case that ends all this nonsense
  13. I he goes out and signs a lot of big ticket free agents it will be the first sign that he will not get us there.
  14. I have met: Football: Joe Namath (played catch with him including numerous "touchdowns" that won a Jets Super Bowl) Baseball: Willie Mays, Ralph Kiner (I snuck into the Mets broadcasting booth, Mays was there and "escorted" me back to my parents) , ate breakfast a table from Barry Bonds in Palms casino, guess that doesn't count.
  15. It's pretty obvious he was being told not to run, probably because of lingering concern about his spleen.
  16. This might be the most incorrect take I have ever seen.
  17. It's an incredibly deceptive stat. Good teams get leads, good teams run the ball when they have leads. It makes them look like they are better at running the ball when in fact they are running to protect leads (with the exception of Baltimore. Flip side bad teams get behind and completely abandon the run and then they compile passing yards. Truly good teams are balanced and can run and throw effectively and are rarely tops in either category.
  18. I can see the thought process behind Moore, but hopefully White steps up and wins the backup role. I am still a little miffed we never picked up Kyle Sloter
  19. I wouldnt say Jackson has been the best QB, he is the best at the QB position so far, but whether that can be sustained is quite dubious. Passing on both Watson and Mahomes was incredibly idiotic, though. I still have a hard time getting my head around it. Not that it is guaranteed that either would have become what they are now with the Jets But they have Sam and I am still confident in him.
  20. Why do people think Rex can be an effective head coach? He regressed each year here and was a disaster in Buffalo. I see Baker and Darnold needing different things. Mayfield needs someone who will rein him in and make him more of a game manager, Darnold needs someone that will take the training wheels off and let him make plays. Having said that if I am Cleveland I call Reilly and tell him we will match Gruden's contract and give you complete control of the program.
  21. True. I also think there is no lock matchup this weekend
  22. I see everyone wants to ridicule this hire, but to be honest a good head coach is a leader and manager first. Special teams coaches are ideally suited for this role, and they generally have the added strength of not being focused on one side of the ball and skilled at building systems around the players they have. With a good OC and DC I think a ST guy is among the best hires you can make. Don't be so fast to think that this was the Giants settling or anything like that, this could be a very successful hire. Now it's the Giants so of course I hope it goes down in flames but cant criticize this move IMO.

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