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  1. I am not saying he should start or even make the roster but Streveler looked surprisingly competent last night. He made quick decisions and showed some accuracy and wheels. It may not ever be with the Jets but he will at worst probably wind up on a PS after his work last night
  2. From what I understand there are physical exams you can to make sure the ACL is intact and that was negative. It could be better or worse when they get in there but really it could not be more positive at this point.
  3. Wasn't really making a prediction more saying him becoming elite is not impossible. He was impressive last night see if it continues.
  4. Clemons is much more athletic than those guys. He has a very good Ras score a decent explosiveness grade and has great size. RAS can be somehwhat predictive but it does not have measures for heart and motor and if last night is an example Clemons is a 10 in that area.
  5. Yes and I don't get it. It is definitely the minority but there is certainly a very vocal minority that hates Zach and literally hopes for him to fail. I am pro Zach but I will be objective and decide he is not the game if he shows that, but we are a long long way from really knowing that.
  6. It's a blessing in disguise but it SCREAMS for the question: If softer surfaces prevent ACL tears at some level than why in the hell is grass not mandated for every field? It boggles
  7. I would be more confident in Mike White. Flacco was a nothing burger last year. I think deep down Saleh is the type of coach (like we always hire) that would prefer the mediocre veteran thinking defense will win games than developing a rookie.
  8. You do not give up on a QB as highly talented as Zach after 17 games. There does come a time when you decide to move on, but that time is certainly not now and probably not next year either unless he is horrific. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I understand being the guy that hates a QB and how frustrating that can be (I hated Chad.) but we simply do not know yet what Zach is. Was it a bad pick? Sure. But that doesn't mean he is going to repeat that mistake. We have a loaded offense and we will know more about Zach but that is not for a while.
  9. Geez KRL.. I have enjoyed your camp reports but this comes across as complete crap and trying to rationalize giving up on Zach right now which is frankly idiotic. Terrible take. He will miss maybe 2 games, his evaluation is not impacted at all.
  10. It's like Zach hater Christmas. All of them scurried out of their holes to puke out the same tired crap about Zach rather than hoping he is OK. I can literally read a post and know the poster just by his particular wording of his Zach bashing.
  11. Exactly the same for me. I always expected Becton to reinjutr himself so nothing changed when it happened
  12. A NE reporter hinted on NFL Radio that Zappe of all people has been the best QB and completely shrugged off any struggles Jones had because its Belichick, bla bla bla but did also say that the offense IS definitely different than the offense they have run for 20 years
  13. I LOVE Michael Carter 1. Dallas may have had triplets but we have quuintuplets: Wilson Carter Hall Moore Garrett
  14. Lots I disagree with not really worth going into it. I do have a personal theory that Cager will make the team because of versatility.
  15. I remember it being more weight to allow him to use his strength against NFL pass rushers. It was thought it would take a while to get to a good weight over 300. Not saying it is the case bit sometimes tou have a final growth spurt in yulour early 20s could be the case here. Ilf Mitchell and Clemons become starters it could be one of the most epic drafts in a while
  16. NFL should never have offered that. He should be banned for life.
  17. On "holding the ball too long": First there have been very few instances reported. Second they are installing an offense. Completing the play even if Zach would have scrambled or threw it away us something the staff wants him to do at times. It's one of those meaningless criticism bombs people love for QBs like "bad footwork" "staring down the receiver" "stepping up in the pocket" etc...which mean nothing without context.
  18. I'm not usually that super hyperbolic guy but just feel this is it for Becton. Hated the pick at the time and even said the one player I least wanted in that draft was him.
  19. God I hate hamstrings. They can last an entire off-season anndong into the tegular season. Getting Reed fully healed is more important than reps
  20. Obviously way too early but the more I hear about our rookies the more I get excited. There is nothing yet to suggest anything other than them being good and possibly elite. Sauce especially strikes me as thar rare player that us both physically better than everyone else but outworks them too.
  21. Robby Sabo seems hyper critical tonight.
  22. I would prefer they do a 2 year deal than just a one.
  23. Great summary. Goodell has been amazingly inconsistent. There really should be established baselines for things so its not so arbitrary. 12 games seems just so insufficient especially since they established strong likelihood of guilt. He is a serial sexual predator. That is way up there in severity of violations IMO
  24. There is basically zero chance the NFL will lose a lawsuit. The language is very clear, the judicial system does not like to overrule CBAs and there is also precedent.
  25. Saleh has admitted that they actually thought Reed was an outside guy but refused to put him out there. He was quite a bit better than "played well"
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