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  1. We came out in 13 personnel had one good run and then stalled and stalled and stalled and then had to go pass only to try and catch up. They DID try smashmouth and it did not work
  2. Im still in wait and see mode with Saleh but I am SOOO tired of the super conservative, veteran loving defensive minded HC we always hire, except when Chris hired one. Yes we have a ton of young players but it is obvious that Flacco should not only NOT start but probably be released, and in a very large pussy mode basically admitted that others see Flacco for what he is but he is going to trot him out there again. There was a bit of a HC losing it feel in today's Saleh interviews. I also believe that Saleh forced the ultra conservative game plan we saw yesterday. I am like 100% certain the 13 personnel thing was his idea.
  3. johnnysd


    Geno played well. Both defenses ramped it up in the second half. Not sure that a 64 yard FG is better than RW on 4th and 5 with 3 TOs left. Geno was pretty poised in his interview and said all the right things. "they wrote me off but I a'int write back" was a good line. I heard an interview back early in training camps with a Seattle player when everyone assumed Lock would win and the guy said that they love Geno. Kind of showed tonight. Will he be some Cinderella story? Probably not but I have to admit I enjoyed watching it. Never hated Geno. The broadcast was so prepared and expecting the triumphant Wilson returns story but they got Geno instead
  4. They started passing when run run pass wasn't working because we couldnt convert 3rd down and when we got behind.
  5. Last year they actually stated the offensive concept is offense in a telephone booth. Seriously
  6. Could not disagree more. We already face 8 and 9 man fronts. Run run pass is fastest way to lose
  7. It could be at times, but they way he said it suggested to me that he is the Flacco guy.
  8. The way he answered the questions suggested to me that he is possibly alone in wanting Flacco to start but that's what he is comfortable with and wants. Also, coming up with a "gameplan" to run 13 personnel and keep the receivers off the field is so idiotic it's impossible to come up with words strong enough to speak against it.
  9. Do you Zach doubters ever just tire of posting the same negative posts on Zach over and over and over? We get your opinion and at this point it is just that an opinion. Just stop
  10. I guess a silver lining is that it is unlikely that Tomlinsson will continue to be as bad and as mentioned Mitchell could be a real find. Also, the reality is that the game was MUCH closer than the score indicates despite the offense being pathetic.
  11. For a rookie 4th rounder starting his first NFL start against a blitz happy defense with a statue for a QB that needs 4 seconds to throw the ball Max did more than admirably. Strong chance he could be a long term solution at RT. Joe Flacco at almost a 70 rating shows how detached from reality the grades can be. The offensive "plan" sucked but Flacco made it even suckier. Both White and Streveler would be more effective. Not necessarily good but more effective.
  12. I thought he looked like the best receiver on the field yesterday and was clearly very dynamic. I think the Jets really need to abandon the "offense in a phone booth" concept and spread them out and have Moore and Wilson on the field together as much as possible. Run run pass is not a viable strategy in today's NFL. LaFleur was once again stubborn to the extreme yesterday trying to run "his system" in stead of tailoring it to the talent we have.
  13. Zach is an INC at this point. Does anyone really believe he would not have been better than Flacco yesterday. To think JD had carte blanche in hiring the head coach is wrongheaded. The OP is right in that we went and got the HV Woody always hires -the conservative, defensive minded head coach. We just rotate personalities.
  14. You should wake up. Joe was 90% of the issue.
  15. Woody Johnson owns the team> Odds on him firing Saleh after 2 years just after firing Gase ( not his choice) after 2 years is zero. And besides even if he did he will just hire another super conservative defensive coordinator
  16. Reality is that the Ravens are not a great team. People want to view teams as what they were and not what they are
  17. Here are the changes I would make: 1. We need to ditch the "offense in a phone booth" concept and start attacking the edges. 2. We need to have Moore and Wilson on the field together as much as possible which means we should be a 10 and 11 team which actually matches our best personnel. We should run 12 but later in games and in hurry up as a change of pace. 3. We need to stop running up the middle, we cannot block it 4. We need to pass 60% of the time on 1st down, and again get the RBs on the edge where they can be effective. 5. We need to sit Flacco. Not only does he not fit the offense he is just not a quality NFL starter anymore. Streveler would bring more to the offense 6. We need to throw away Cover 3 and forget it exists. It's both easily exploitable and very complicated and our secondary is very young. 7. We need to see what Adams can do at free safety. 8. We need to find a kicker. Cutting Piniero was idiotic. 9. We need to run more creative plays on both offense and defense.
  18. Flacco was not serviceable in any way. He was atrocious. I am not sure Streveler can even play in the NFL and he likely would have been better. Watching the game, the word that kept coming to my mind was STUBBORN. We are not a 12 personnel team. We are an 11 and even 10 team with 12 thrown in strategically. LaFleur was exactly what he was last year, trying to force his "offense in a telephone booth" despite not really having the personnel for it, and it definitely not fitting our players. And Flacco is a complete non fit to this offense. If you are going to try and play tight offense between the numbers and feature 3 step drops with quick releases, Flacco is just not that guy on any level. Garrett was clearly the best receiver on the field. We played tight all game then we decide to slip back into Cover 3 pass off and get butt fugged. Stubborn. Reed and Gardner are both very capable of man. Until the game was decided, LaFleur was once again forcing run run pass. And what is with his insistence on running up the middle when we can't block for sheet up the middle. The offense is supposed to pressure the boundary and yet he forces this "phonebooth" concept. LaFleur clearly thinks in 10 yd chunks not in trying to exploit mismatches for explosive playes It took until the White game last for him to adjust, how long will it take this year. Once again we are saddled with a defensive head coach that just wants to play safe. It's infuriating.
  19. Nah because Wilson just signed a contract for less guaranteed.
  20. People are just so hung up on Zach and Brown that they are not realizing just how strong our roster is and how loaded our offense is, nor are they realizing how overrated the Ravens are. And Lamar is absolutely declining. Anything can happen on a Sunday so the Jets could get blown out but I think we are slight favorites in this game.
  21. This Ravens team is a few notches below what people think they are, and as evidenced by no contract even the Ravens realize that Lamar is declining. We absolutely have a deep skilled offensive roster. People are just reacting to history not reality.
  22. I think Baltimore is massively overrated. I think the game is close and we can win,.
  23. Becton, Zach and now Brown is definitely a bit of a jolt, bur still super excited. I expected the Becton thing and I never thought we were going run heavy. We still have a ton of weapons
  24. Dude, Allen's first year was very very similar to Zachs so at this same point BEFORE the 2nd season is played Allen would be just criticized as Zach. We don't know what Zach will be in year 2 yet
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