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  1. Why? There is nothing to suggest at this point that a first round pick would give you a better player than Ratliff would be. Nothing. Half of the first rounders bust out. People get so enamored with trading good players for picks and sometimes it makes no sense. Trading Ratliff for a 1 at this point with the potential he has shown and the incredible improvement over the last year would be idiotic.
  2. No it's not, because if he was a first round draft pick everyone that is a fan of the jets, and all the media would be saying he was a future francshise QB. Ultimately what he did in pre-season was SPEACTACULAR. You cannot dismiss it because he did it against some 2nd and 3rd stringers, he was dominant just like a top level NFL player should be. He is likely the future QB of the Jets, yet some are willing to give up on him SOLELY because he is not a high draft pick. And Leinart may still start despite being a TERRIBLE QB just because he IS a first round draft pick. It is nonsense.
  3. I would not take a first for Ratliff at this point. He has developed too quickly and shown too much potential to give up on him. He could be a true FRANCHISE QB, and that is worth several first round picks. If Lucas suggested we trade Ratliff he is an idiot pure and simple.
  4. So do Jet fans. A healthy Pennington insures 2 wins for the Jets against the Phins
  5. Yes, he does suck very bad. I see no reason for Parcells to have gotten him other than he is familiar with Chad and Parcells can be loyal to some players to a fault. Getting rid of this POS QB is the best thing that has happened to the Jets in a while. We finally do not have this politically savvy but useless QB pulling us down. I smile every day I realize that this loser is no longer a Jet. Screw Chad and I hope he throws 20 interceptions this year.
  6. Reason enough to do it right there.
  7. Clemens is our guy. He is just young and has played half a season. Yet everyone wants to bail. I want no part of Favre or Garcia.
  8. Training camp interceptions are not a big deal. Taking no risks in TC to make no mistakes like Pennington is doing ruins the value of trying things in camp like Clemens is doing. Mangini will look at interceptions in pre-season games not TC. They are irrelevant for the most part.
  9. There is just no logic behind that statement. Certainly Chad is ahead of Clemens in reading defenses and experience. But that is it. He is not a better QB than Kellen on any level. How can anyone watch him CAUSE us to be 1-7 in his starts and yet still feel he is a more viable option? Clemens will make more mistakes, but he also can stertch the defense, and open up the running game. He can run an effective 2 minute drill. He can come back in the 4th quater. Chad can do none of these. He is an old horrible FRAUD that somehow has convinced some fans he is a good NFL QB. He is in the bottom 5 in the NFL.
  10. Pennington is not winning. The media loves him and are just offering their biased opinion based mostly on interceptions in TC which is ludicrous. Kellen is still #1 on the depth chart, just like he was at the end of last year.
  11. It will be Clemens. It will be so funny when Clemens is winning games later in the season to revisit some of the idiotic things people said abut him and the blind love of Pennington.
  12. Actually that event in 2004 seems to have been a turning point in his life and he seems to have become a better person and deserves a second chance. Regardless, what I saw of him in that game was very impressive to my eyes.
  13. His arm looked fine and he made one pass with zip that Madden even commented on. I thought he was VERY impressive. I understand it was against fourth stringers but he showed savy heart and skills.
  14. You should save this post of yours to comne back later and re-read it when Clemens is really blossoming as a very very solid NFL QB and our franchise QB.
  15. I have yet to read an account where Pennington has not thrown almost exclusively seam and underneath paterns. It's all he can do. Some people, which I will never understand, like it because it produces high Qb ratings and limits interceptions but it does not score points, and leaves us powerless to come back in the 4th quarter.
  16. I dont necessarily diagree with that. I did not say when I thought they would release him, only that Favre can force that and GB cannot just trade him to whomever they feel like or ultimately prevent him from playing in their division.
  17. You hear over and over on this board and others, ESPN, NFl Network and radio that the Packers "will not allow" Favre to play in division and will trade him instead of releasing him. They all seem to assume that Green Bay can control the situation and has the leverage. But that is far from the truth. In fact with the way things are going, Favre can ultimately force GB to release and go to the team he really wants to play for. The bridge with GB has been burned and the bad rhetoric going back and forth has all but assured that Favre is not wanted back in GB. But GB cannot just trade Favre to whomever they want. All Favres agent has to do is this: 1. "Ted, if you do not release Favre, he will show up for camp. In addition, he will definitely show up for camp and play in 2009 as well". This calls the GB bluff: GB will not carry $24 million dollars in salaries for 2 years for a digruntled veteran QB in a "different role" Faced with this decision they may cave and start him HOWEVER they know that if they do that, Rodgers will not resign and in 2 years all they will have is Brohm. They may not be able to face that. 2. "Ted, if you try to trade Brett to anyone other than ______ or ________, Brett will tell the team that he WILL NOT report and will stay retired. Unlike what Tampa did with Plummer I just don't see teams giving up compensation for the rights to Favre. Gruden thought Plummer would not really stay retired and was young. Bretts threat would have a lot of weight behind it. This will eliminate most of the teams that GB would want to trade him to. The fact is that GB cannot control ultimately where Brett goes. GB has the following choices: 1. Start him 2. Release him 3. Pay his salary for 2 years and deal with the incredible negative backlash especially if Rodgers falters. 4. Trade him to a team that Favre determines. This may very well be Chicago or Minnesota. And GB despite all the rheotoric, if they really have decided to sever ties with him and not have him on the packers, will be powerless to stop Favre from going where he wants.
  18. Just cut Chad. We do not need Favre.
  19. It is true that San Diego does not seem to have as rabid of a core of Chargers fans than a city like NY, but there are several things to consider: 1. San Diego is a migrant town. Almost everyone is from somewhere else. Moany of the people that move here maintain their allegiance to their original sports team as I did with the Jets 2. San Diego while considered a big city, is a series of smaller towns connected together, and is landlocked by Orange County to the north Mexico to the South and the desert east. Because of this the CHargerrs have a much much smaller ool of fans to draw from, maybe 7 or 8 times less than in NY Metro area. That's a big deal. On a per capita basis, there may be more rabid football fans in San Diego than in NY. 3. The Spanos' SUCK as owners. In many ways they go out of their way to not cater to their fan base and actually seem to have a general contempt for the San Diego area in general. They are not involved in the community and present the Chargers not as San Diego's team, but as the Spano's team. There is a huge difference: Example: San Diego fans LOVE LOVE (estactically LOVE) the powder blue uniforms. 4 out of every 5 jerseys sold are powder blue. A poll taken in San Diego a couple years back indiciated that like 98% of Chargers fans wanted the team to use the powder blues ("the best uniforms in sports" as Berman calls them. Yet the Spanos' refuse to budge and continue to have uniforms designed by their niece or something like that. They continually let the San Diego community and Charger's fans know that they really do not give a rats ass about them or what they want from the organization.
  20. The big problem with the negotations for a stadium is the corrupt City Council and especially the city attorney who is a cronie of Henderson who has been suing the city of San Diego for years over issues with the Padres and Chargers.
  21. Actually I believe that Pennington as backup is terrible.
  22. Ratliff really seems to be coming on, so I could definitely see this scenario. They did it with Stuckey last year who would not have made it to our PS, just as Ratliff wont this year.
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