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  1. Just don't see it. Our defense will still be bad, and 12 and 21 are formations with the lead. Ithink we will run 10 more than 21 and 12 at most 20%.
  2. They won't do that. Someone by the trading deadline will be in need of a QB
  3. I see no scenario where he winds up in Seattle this year.
  4. At the same time Seattle seems to love him and Seattle players speak positively of him. And sportswriters think he will start. Not saying he is not outwardly very douchey at times but we don't interact with the guy
  5. You sir get the award for first use ever if the word decolletage on a sports forum. Let me continue the less9n with underboob
  6. This is a really bad list outside of #1 which is obvious. Signing Martin? Signing Parcells? Child, please. 2010 over NE was a more legendary moment IMO.
  7. They were saying the opposite ie 1 season about Olave but we will find it. I have no confidence in him being healthy
  8. Sure we can make that bet.
  9. Out of the league in 3 years? That is beyond ludircrous. Zach is the #2 overall pick in the draft. Even if he fails another team will give him a shot. He is a QB in the NFL for at least 7 years.
  10. There have been a few Seattle players that were interviewed on Sirius XM and they have been amazingly positive about Geno. You are definitely right that he would not last as long as he is if he was the player painted here.
  11. Yes Arkin had a couple movies in the same vein. The In Laws of course with Peter Falk being one of the best examples and one of the great comedies.
  12. Yes Baker is a very midrange QB on a team that many feel is absolutely loaded with offensive talent. Plus he seems to be far from ideal from a locker room guy. Serial sexual predators are much better for that role it seems as well.
  13. RIP Outside of his really famous roles he was fantastic in "Freebie and the Bean"
  14. Would not trade Huff. I would consider trading Q. Not worth the contract he will demand.
  15. You would think but he had that bonding incident of the owner helping him take groceries inside.
  16. Yeah but he was playing on a loaded team as well.
  17. I think SF is waiting for a QB injury which would increase his value especially if it is a contender.
  18. Yeah Allen was a clear 4th in almost all rankings that year. Mayfield to Carolina was always sort of obvious. I thought they would just swap Darnold for Mayfield but apparently Cleveland thinks Darnold is useless. I also think Rhule will botch this whole situation spectacularly. They will have a pretty toxic QB room with Baker/Sam and a terrible environment for Corral The QB situation in Carolina has been handled at an epic failure level. It's funny too because most media thought that Carolina got a steal in Darnold.
  19. FWIW I think the Jets are NOT doing a training wheels package at all but just getting rid of some of the things that worked poorly for him (which actually was a lot of the 12 stuff but we had grocery store baggers at TE)
  20. We will see. I somewhat disagree with your premise based on some things that Saleh has said and the fact we drafted Wilson so high and spent decent money on Berrios to retain him. They are just not going to sit Wilson and Berrios 50% of the time and run Davis/Moore as the only WR. I think 21 will be REALLY rare. GB was 61/29 on 11 and 12 and I think that will be around where we are best case, but LaFleur likes gadget plays and this is a good 10 personnel group as well so that will be used sometimes in lieu of 12 and if our defense is weak again 12 becomes less and less viable
  21. So you are saying that the majority of money wagered is done by gamblers that are doing deep analysis of the NFL? I also think "the people who watch the most NFL football are gamblers" statement is ludicrous. I think that even with the NFL approval of gambling only a small percentage of rabid NFL fans gamble on it.
  22. Fair enough I did misunderstand your point and yes I would agree that JD is not really following the process that Jason thinks is valid which is the same theory that PFF uses and they crucified us for the AVT trade. In terms of guards being safe here are the numbers from 2000-2010 (looking for more recent). So if this is just roughly true it seems that if you grade out a G as a Top 15 talent than it is incredibly safe and you are likely to get a Pro Bowl level player which really invalidates the concept of not using a pick on a guard because of phantom opportunity cost because the elite positions they say you should draft bust around 30 to 40% of the time.
  23. Well like I side they ran 21 personnel 34% of the time. Some of that might be more 12 oriented as you mentioned and a lot of that was disguised 11 because of Deebo. If we ascribe all 56% of the times they ran in 21 as 12 then the 12 number is still only 29% roughly the same as Green Bay. Now the team that did try and do what you suggest is Miami who ran 12 61% of the time. Now it is true that 12 personnel is the 2nd most common personnel grouping. In fact most teams round 12 and 11 combined more than 80% of the time many in the 90% range. SF is an outlier but again that is mostly Deebo. Some interesting other facts: Atlanta's numbers are really skewed because of Pitts Cleveland ran 13 personnel 17% of the time
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