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  1. The media REALLY wanted Lock to start for some reason. Even after his crappy play yesterday NFLN went on and on how about how good Lock is. Lock has a dynamic arm but is just a crappy QB. Geno has turned into a halfway decent one but still prone to bad judgement at the wrong time. I heard some of the Seattle players interviewed a few weeks ago and they were solidly behind Geno so this is not surprising. Wish him well.
  2. Sam got a slotted amount of money. The only thing the agent did was negotiate offset language. Feel bad for Sam. This is likely the moment he no longer is viewed as a potential starter. People hating on him is just not right.
  3. That is true. However Young did say that for whatever reason they were convinced that JD would not actually select Zach. It was a couple weeks after that they realized we were taking Zach. With both BYU and 49er ties I take his statements at face value.
  4. Lamar is already showing signs of breaking down like Cam did. Newton's fall was precipitous. Jackson's likely will be as well. I am definitely not on the draft a physical freak bandwagon. I thought Lance this week was not really impressive.
  5. Not true. They traded for Zach. Steve Young said it in an interview, they thought JD would pick Fields and didn't want it to be known that they wanted Zach
  6. All true but let's hope they bleepcan the Cover 3 in the season for the most part
  7. Idiotic. Injury is the only way Flacco sniffs the field by midway through And even if Zach sucks in the first 8 games you still see it through. Also the Jets DID draft the QB with the highest ceiling. The low floor guy was Jones
  8. Just have an open mind to some of the things
  9. Depends on the state. Very different in some places. I believe that in some places that even at the age of consent if it is below 18 or maybe even 18 that it can still be statuary if the older person is above a certain age. For same age I believe it can still be considered illegal even for the guy.
  10. Ill give you 10-20 solid reasons we should still be excited for Zach later then.
  11. He's an intriguing guy. He has the potential to be really solid at Safety. Will be interesting to see.
  12. DISCLAIMER: NOT SOMETHING I WOULD DO. Just a thought exercise on what I could see JD doing OK, thought: We know Robbie doesn't love Carolina (though maybe Baker changes that) and obviously Mims wants out. Robbie would be a solid addition to our receiving corps and we know JD regretted not retaining him. What would a Mims for Robbie trade look like? Maybe Mims and a conditional 5th depending on performance? If I remember Robbie was pretty successful from the slot so Berrios/Robbie would be solid combo. Like I said I would rather just get some capital for Mims and keep Cager and Irvin Charles. Might be why this was leaked as that might be the Jets plan as well.
  13. I could list a bunch of reasons, probably 20 why Zach is likely to be successful but you wouldn't be open to them and just dismiss them out of hand. I will say I am concerned about the knee but maybe its a sign....great Jets QBs need wonky knees.
  14. Brian Billick said it takes 36 games before you really know what you have in a QB. But many here want to jettison Zach now. It is flatly idiotic.
  15. Yes I think the heart of it is this. I have said it before Mims reminds me a lot of Braylon Edwards. He is shy and introverted and a little different than most of the "throw me the damn ball" WR out there. His personality just did not mesh with our coaching staff from Day 1. We forced him to learn things he was not good at and still think there is more to the illness last year than has been released. He showed a lot of potential under Gase. I have no ill will I hope he does well wherever he goes. I think in some ways this reflects poorly on our coaching as much as Mims himself.
  16. You should redo the poll. It should just be the players and pick 5. Highest 5 are the Top 5
  17. Zach's floor this year is league average. So many things point to it and so little points to him having performance like last season unless you value 1 preseason pick over everything else he did with TC. I can get injury concerns nut not Zach outright sucking.
  18. Well I seem to remember a game where we needed QB#3 to play. And QB#3 is always one play away from QB#2. Over the last few seasons I think several times have been done to QB#3 or worse not even having QB#3. You hope he never plays but if the football gods deems he needs to hopefully he can provide a spark
  19. Not sure I completely agree. On Streveler he seems to be more than just Ratliff 2.0. He has been decisive and quick on his reads and throwing with anticipation. Is pretty dynamic as a runner and has shown pretty solid accuracy and just plays hard. His arm is as good as Whites. It's a little bit of a shot put motion but he has thrown some deeper balls pretty effectively, even the 50/50 ball to Mims was solid. We will see him again in game 3 but an argument could be made to keep him on the roster. Also disagree on Zonovan. He is more in the category you put Sherwood Clemons and Cager. He has shown up in both games so far and has value on specials. Smart should definitely make it over Shepherd and Solomon too solid duds.
  20. Huff does not seem to be a bubble player to me at all but I know you think he is. Cager seems a lock to me at this point he is showing a lot. I can see him being WR and TE # 5 which actually saves a roster spot
  21. I like it, we can call it the Zach bashing JD and Saleh suck megathread Sad thing I am only half joking
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