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  1. frankiepapa

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    I would like to see Qvale used in a Robert Turner role, a player who was a pretty good 6th OLineman for us....a plus in some of the jumbo sets...
  2. Reading all of these threads about defense, can Nathan Sheppard become a serviceable player for us? Can he impact this defense in any way? I haven't seen his name mentioned, it would be nice if he could develop into something this year....
  3. And that's saying something.....
  4. frankiepapa

    Easton to Saints

    Realistically, can we survive with Beachum- Osemele - Harrison - Winters - Shell? I think we can and it's a real possibility that this is how our O-LINE looks on opening day. With this being said.....is there room for improvement? Of course but we might need to prepare to roll out this unit...
  5. One of the items I've read is that Gase really likes Robby so I'm wondering how important that is should someone make an offer... Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. frankiepapa

    Discussion on centers

    Didn't the Jets extend Harrison? I would love an upgrade but he might be our guy for at least this year....
  7. frankiepapa

    Ranking The Jets Beat Reporters

    What I hate most about Costello, all of his articles will start out stating what we need, i.e. OT or Edge Rusher and the next line will say "but unfortunately there are none of these players available"...never a positive article, not that there's always so much to be positive about....
  8. Bigger question for our DB's...how often was he penalized last year?

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