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  1. I'm looking forward to it as well. And I'm stoked that Spike Jonze directed it....should be good.
  2. The first two were really "kiddish" and for a younger crowd. But since the third one they've been getting darker and more for the older crowd. They're still kids movies based off of kid books, but the quality of the movies have gone up since the third, IMO. And as for complaining that the actors are too old to play HS students, just look at most of the high school movies out there, majority of the actors/actresses are in their 20's as well (except for disney, they love to put kids to work). Seeing this movie probably on monday.
  3. Given that it's 2.5 hours of explosions and fight scenes, I liked it. Yeah, it plot had some problems, there was a lot of things that bugged me, and my eardrums hurt, but it was what is was, an all out battle of robots.
  4. WOW. JUST WOW. Two needed winds (Us and Brazil) AND a 6 goal difference swing......WTF? Who saw that coming? GO USA!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow, that loss to Brazil was just embarrassing....How do you get scored on off of a cornerkick for YOU?
  6. Black 1990 Ford Escort GT. Cracked the back floorboard bottoming out on my dirt road, so whenever it rained my backseat floor filled with water. Woot.
  7. I liked the book, but considering the movie was nothing like the book, I was alittle pissed.
  8. Wow, people that watch burn notice too. I started watching it because of bruce campbell and the incredibly hot chick. But the story is pretty good. Season starts June 4th! Fiona last season was waaaaay too skinny, she looked like an anorexic coke fiend. But still hot.
  9. Pixar is GOLD...They can do no wrong. I love everyone of their movies. Name another production company where every movie they make is great. Especially kids movies...It's so hard to make a kids movie that everyone can enjoy without going dirty or having sexual innuedos throughout it (aka Shrek). I'm going to go see it this week. Glad to hear it was awesome.
  10. Wow, that was awesome. If I could sit and have a beer with any two actors they would def be Bruce Campbell and Christopher Walken.
  11. This coming from someone who has "It's Always Sunny in Philly" as his picture. Talk about no story or comprehensible plot line. (By the way I love both Napoleon and Its Always Sunny in Philly.)
  12. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/2009/05/22/****er-spaniel-aggressive.html I think we should exterminate every ****er spaniel out there....... Link doesn't work because it has "c0cker" in it, oh well.
  13. Front page of espn.com/nfl...............hahhahahahahahahaha. So when we beat them this year how bad is he going to cry?
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