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  1. Marcus Peters needs to invite Fitz to the pro bowl as his guest.
  2. Maclin and Kelce are Alex Smiths favorite targets. RB Spencer Ware is starting to be the KC version of Brian Westbrook, so Smith dumps it off to him too. The fans will turn on Alex Smith if he doesnt produce with Nick Foles sitting on the bench.
  3. Jets will beat the Chiefs guaranteed. NYJ passing attack will be too much for KC.
  4. He can scramble and hurt you on the ground. Surprising how fast he is.
  5. 10 days is not enough time to teach a QB the principles NE offense. They will have to sign someone but NE is better off with Edelman at QB.
  6. The fire alarm goes off at the Bills hotel at 3: 16?
  7. Good thing this game is in NE. You know that lighthouse at Gillette? Not really a lighthouse.
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