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  1. Just now, bostonmajet said:

    The whole offense is to blame. Yes, Fitz has had a BAD game. But he didn't fumble twice 89 did (he is a rookie - he will learn). Q had 2 TDs hit his hands (one tough) - tipping it up is not good. The play calling and the lack of pace is on Gailey.

    I AM NOT MAKING EXCUSES FOR FITZ; he has had a bad game. But, the problem is that it isn't all on him.

    The play calling is questionable IMO.

  2. 29 minutes ago, Larz said:

    It was about the only chiefs suck pic I could find that didn't involve a huge fat chick, lol

      Maclin and Kelce are Alex Smiths favorite targets. RB Spencer Ware is starting to be the KC version of Brian Westbrook, so Smith dumps it off to him too. 

     The fans will turn on Alex Smith if he doesnt produce with Nick Foles sitting on the bench. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, PatsFanTX said:

    If the Bills don't steal a win next week,

    Yup, thats what I figure too.

    The Bills are going to lose to AZ this Sunday and come to Foxboro 0 - 3 with Rexs job on the line if they leave 0 - 4. Jimmy will likely QB and will have the kitchen sink thrown at him. Great test to see if JG is legit or not.

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  4. 9 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    I'll keep it to just our division. My take on the first couple weeks is that the Jets are 1 game back of the Patriots. This is because the Jets are 1-1, but the Pats are 2-0.

    If the Jets win and the Pats lose next weekend, they will both be 2-1. There are some other scenarios that I'm working on as well but I haven't done all the math yet.

    Dont forget the 2/3 = 75% formula.

  5. 22 minutes ago, ljr said:

    Who will my wife root for?

    she is anti-Aaron Rodgers since his brother Jordan said he's too good for the rest of the family since Hollywooding out.

    she knows that the cheaters are dirty sc*mbags.

    guess she'll root for cool halftime performances

    She could be working on your mock draft?

    Probably start in a few weeks.

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