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  1. Forte is too small to pound up the middle. He will be spent by mid season.
  2. I heard one vehicle was a big Army truck owned by some guy named Sean.or something. Anybody here recognize him?
  3. Ive seen drunk fans put bbq grills still with coals under their gas tanks. I always bring a gallon of water to drown the coals from reigniting.
  4. Ariens pulled a river boat gambler Rex and burned all his timeouts around the 4 minute mark.
  5. They gave Gronk more money. You know, the guy refusing to play vs the Cards because of tension with BB and Kraft.
  6. Bachelors 3 was a mob gang out. The Jets have never been back to a super bowl since Namath cut ties with the Goodfellas. Just sayin.
  7. Bachelors 3 did not cost Namath and neither will Goodells bogus witch hunt on Brady.
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