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  1. Cheating only costs 4 games. Geno was out longer plus could only have soup.
  2. Geno got what he asked for. All he had to do was give IK his money back. What do you learn at the Geno Smith football camp anyway? Timezones?
  3. Tyrod broke out last year. The 2nd year is much harder because NFL teams have had all off season to break down tape and identify Taylors tendencies. .
  4. It seems like that Sanchez cannot read defenses at all.
  5. Remember when Mark Sanchez had his first cheesesteak in Philly? What food is Denver famous for?
  6. Thats because theyre too busy with the lawsuit. Somebody has to mind the store.
  7. Goodell has been a thorn in the Pats side because they win all the time.
  8. If this works Jet fans are due billions in restitution.
  9. Getting healthy was more important than winning.
  10. GFY http://archive.nflgridirongab.com/2007/09/10/jets-fans-cheer-at-expense-of-penningtons-injury/
  11. Jets fans have enough voodoo to take down the NFL.
  12. No, you are. In was at the NE vs Indy game this season. Sore losers every one of you.
  13. I was there when you cheered after Penny got hurt.
  14. She couldn't have lost more respect than after you declared that Sanchez was the real deal.
  15. Hey, Indy fans are some of the worst sore loses.
  16. More than that. I can usually tell pre game if Brady is zoned in,
  17. West coast teams traveling East struggle to win. Not sure what the stat is for this season, but a few years ago its was overwhelming.
  18. I know an architect with one of the high dollar ones like a 7 series. He told me that his car is awful in snow and ice. I will mention snow tires
  19. I heard Beamers suck in the snow. Rear wheel drive. I have 4 wheel drive and it is awesome in the snow. When you brake the vehicle stays straight.
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