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  1. Blaming the Refs is just lame excuse making. NE is the better team and was better prepared for just about everything NY threw at them. Brady hardly hit the ground this game.
  2. For classless Jets fans, yes. Sure, I hate Belichick too with the way he left NY and stole Leon Hess' money, IMO, if you want to claim this moral high ground how BB screwed NY over you have to practice what you preach. This whole NY vs NE border war did not begin the day BB resigned as HC of the Jets.
  3. Yeah, will all those cameras around nobody would have noticed him leaving the field. He wasnt going to lose anyway.
  4. Demise??? bbbbwwaahh. Been hearing that for 5 years. Pats will have 33 Mil in cap space and 2 - 1st round picks. Dan Graham is nothing but a blocker and NE is already grooming his replacement in Dave Thomas. An exceptional blocking TE with much better hands. NE will beat the Chargers. They have the QB and HC to do it.
  5. Thats the spirit. Theres always a silver lining.
  6. Nope, the Jets were due to beat NE last game after losing 7 straight games to the Pats. That will be the highlight of this Jet season. NJ will be exposed for the Frauds they are playing the 25th easiest schedule in the NFL. They beat 1 team with a winning record and that was NE only squeaking out a 3 point win. NE is clearly the better team.
  7. I'm only telling the truth. NE will win by at least 7 points. I dont expect you to like it one bit, but baseball season and the NFL draft are only a few months away. Be HAPPY.
  8. I wont be back after NE wins. BB owns Penny.
  9. They should tether him down to the ground so he doesnt float away.
  10. Yeah, everyone knows that Denver never beats NE home or away.
  11. The truth hurts. NE is the better team and will not lose to NJ twice in a row. Nevertheless, it was a great season by NJ standards and your Team/HC exceeded all expectation's. Dont be bitter. Maybe next season
  12. You can say that again. NE avoided Denver and drew the weakest team in the post season.
  13. They shook hands CokeBottle classes. Enjoy that win because it will be the highest point of this Jet season. NJ was coming off a bye week with 2 weeks to prepare for that game.
  14. riiiiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhttttt. Get ready for the draft.
  15. What game did you watch?? They shook hands post game. Mangini's Jets edge Belichick's Patriots (AP) 13th Nov 2006, 21:12 GMT Bill Belichick exchanged another cold handshake with Eric Mangini in the middle of the muddy field. The Patriots coach certainly had no reason to embrace the protege who angered him by leaving for the New York Jets. After all, the Jets had just won 17-14 on a rainy Sunday, tightening the AFC East race that once loomed as a runaway for New England.
  16. Its true. Dont waste your money traveling to Gillete only to be disapointed once again.
  17. You are really dreaming if you think that Mangini will beat BB twice in a row. Its not going to happen. NE is the better team.
  18. Speaking of Mangini. He looks like a tick ready to pop in that green snow suit.
  19. This couldnt have worked out any better for NE. Another shot @ NJ. Mangini will regret ever mouthing off to BB.
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