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  1. Have you watched him play this past season?
  2. The best thing that could happen to the Jets is Sanchez on the other 3 AFCE teams.
  3. Maybe he will come back to the Jets? You never know.
  4. .."This might sound crazy, but I don't think the game was kosher. In order for the merger to go through [the Jets] had to win. If you read the terms of the merger, if [the AFL] didn't establish credibility by the end of three years, the terms of the merger were null and void. You're talking the difference between millions and billions of dollars. The line opened at 18 and went down to 15 or something like that because a big bet had been placed on the game. And I know where that bet came from. It came from Baltimore, from someone on the team, from what I understand."
  5. Believe what you want. The NFL owners wanted the merger with the AFL and the AFL winning legitimized the transaction. Bigger organization = bigger profits.
  6. He is also known for being careless with the ball. Butt fumbling and throwing INTs in the endzone. How many times have you seen Sanchez drive down the field and throw the ball in triple coverage?
  7. More than 3 guys. Rumor is that the Colts owner had money riding on the Jets because he knew the fix was in. Point is that Namath associated with gamblers. No disputing that fact and if that happened today his world would blow up.
  8. Back up for what? GQ model. What good is a back up QB who cant play when you call his number? Sanchez is terrible.
  9. He has been coming for you going on 8 years? Just when you thought it was ok to move freely in public too.
  10. Sometimes you can find White Castles at the grocery store in frozen foods. They will do in a pinch.
  11. To this day folks believe that Earl Morall threw the game.
  12. The league gave Namath a choice: (1) leave the NFL if he wanted to keep the mafia hangout (which he did initially) (2) sell his interest in the club and walk away distancing himself from the clubs questionable clientele. Court wasnt an option.
  13. Those QBs were all projects with low cost except for Mallet who was a 3rd.
  14. Joe Namath owned a club where the mob hung out and played darts and drank pop. No sports gambling took place.
  15. Did Reid attend the NY Jets institute for clock management or what?
  16. FU Go to a Chinese buffet and chill out.
  17. My sister had stage V brain cancer and lasted 1 year. Stage IV sounds like its late too. I hope he beats it.
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