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  1. The STL Rams stadium is a piece of crap. I was there 10 years ago and it was falling apart and a dump.
  2. The Steelers intentionally trolled the Bengals and they took the bait.
  3. Asset Year 2 the Bills defense will be a lot better.
  4. Buffalo has the best shot to make the AFCE tough again.
  5. Yeah, the Pats won the SB and Rob got a ring.
  6. Solid move. Good HCs delegate responsibility to others and manage the big picture. Buddy looks frail. Rex and Rob winning a SB before buddy goes would be quite a story.
  7. I saw Marshall talking to IK after the Bills game. Geno better let it go.
  8. Today not 50 years ago. Brodie Kroil, OJ Macaroon, Dick Todd, Blake Sims, Mike Shula
  9. Facts are the truth. The Jets were loaded on both sides of the line.
  10. There is always and upset. KC over Houston - KC has not won a playoff game since 1994. Pitt over Cinci - Crimson tide QBs make good bench warmers and nothing more. Minn over Seattle - Its going to be cold and the Vikes are good. GB over Washington - Packers should at least win this one and then they will be done.
  11. I suppose this Mets guy will be bringing all his experience winning World Series with him.
  12. And yet he helped build the Jets a Super Bowl caliber roster. 2 consecutive seasons the Jets were 1 win away from the Super Bowl with Mark Sanchez.
  13. If you ask me, the Giants already have their guy lined up and all this interviewing of potential replacements is BS. I believe even before 2015 started there was an agreement that Coughlin would bow out gracefully if the Giants failed to improve and make the playoffs. Coughlin put his NJ house on the market weeks ago. Its obvious that Coughlin didn't want to go and was forced out. In some respects Coughlin was set up by Reese similar to the way Rex was by Izdk. Either Cowher is set to be the next HC or the Giants are talking to Sean Payton already. BTW, Jerry Jones private plane was spotted in New Orleans yesterday.
  14. This has Fail written all over it. Who does this guy know in the NFL?
  15. In the playoffs you generally side with the better QB when picking the winner. My money is on Pitt and KC.
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