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  1. I guess I'm not getting any incentive payouts in my contract.
  2. That's what I say! Dealership looked at me like I had two heads that I wouldn't sign the papers unless they 1. took off that stuff, or 2. pay me.
  3. It's probably an audible to let the offense know the football is deflated.
  4. Darnold's spleen ruptures and he dies on field. NFL turns into the NFFL, National Flag Football League.
  5. To be fair he inherited a dumpster fire. What do you expect a GM to do when you're hired after the draft?
  6. You know what mono does to the body? Kid has already lost 5 pounds.
  7. I wonder if other players will start getting sick? Don't a lot of QB's lick their hand before a snap? I can't remember if Darnold has this habit.
  8. "Never drink or use drugs in my life" *nervous laughter*

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