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  1. You know what mono does to the body? Kid has already lost 5 pounds.
  2. I wonder if other players will start getting sick? Don't a lot of QB's lick their hand before a snap? I can't remember if Darnold has this habit.
  3. "Never drink or use drugs in my life" *nervous laughter*
  4. He probably was in the past. He most likely took that into consideration and improved himself. Hopefully he doesn't over due it.
  5. He's a scumbag and deserves nothing but the worst. In 2006 when he worked at New Jersey 101.5 he was laughing and making tasteless jokes on air about my fiancé's fathers suicide. I hope he rots in jail.
  6. I know the Jets have played 3 games in the first 2 weeks of the season, but you're telling me that the coaches haven't developed some sort of game plan together for these games back in like May, even if it was bare bones subject to adjustments based on game film / injuries. I would think for the most part they should have at least known the "flavor" of their opponents.

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