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  1. D-Brick will have a great year, cause faneca is a beast!
  2. YES! Faneca is what the Jets need, If this is it I would be happy!!!!
  3. Phillip Rivers is not an ass. I hate that everybody is riping him, He is a good guy I met him when my sister was in school at NC State. Brady is the ass!
  4. That what I thought, I seen them around I looking to get a new one but didn't want to buy one and they change the jersey
  5. Its been a couple years since Groh, and if Petrino was still there they would. The Falcons need a new way of thinking anyway
  6. I was just wondering if the Jets would come out with a black Jersey or any possiblity of the Jets have an Alternative Jersey?
  7. NE: 24 GB: 35 SD: 21 NY: 10 GB: 42 NE: 40 ..and farve rides off into the sunset with a SB MVP
  8. Mangini needs to give complete confindence in Clemens name him the starter now. Let him work as the #1 QB throughout the entire offseason. Give him a chance to show what he can do. You would not pick him in the 2nd round if you didn't think he could play. Playing scared to lose you job is not the way to go. If he has Penny looking over his shoulder he will be afraid to make mistakes cause he him lose his job. You got to play without the fear of failure.
  9. Couple things I see that won't happen in this draft. First Parcells is not going to draft a QB he is not there for the long haul, I don't think Ryan is a Peyton, Palmer type that would turn them around quickly. The Falcons will not draft Brohm, they don't want anything to do will Petrino. I would like to see the Jets get Long I think it would be a good fit.
  10. There is good talent out there I just think it is the fact that the trend in the NFL now is to get guys cheap by trading down. You just don't want to get burned with a high pick and shelling out a boat load of money. But were the Jets thats what we are know for. I would love to see the jets trade down and get more picks and take Dan Conner from PSU. Him and Harris in the middle would be a force!
  11. It is just time to get rid of Penny, it's over lets move on. At this point I would be happy with atrade penny for a case of beer
  12. Man that makes you think, another "what could have been" we say that too much as jets fans
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