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    Pats Fan who hates the Jets, but does go to the medowlands to see Springsteen
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    Hazleton Pa , for now
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    Springsteen and the Pats
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    Restaurant Manager
  1. Here is a couple 1 Those Rings sure look nicer than mine.. 2 You knew what you were doing not making the playoffs ,because we got our arse handed to us... 3 I dont know where to put all my jackets of all the teams I coached and did squat with since I left the Pats.... 4 Your a better football guy then me my son.. 5 I cant wait to take this jacket off and put my kc chiefs red sweater on...
  2. warner is not HOF, he is Craig Morton with better stats..
  3. Better Idea , why not go back to the Richard Todd threads.. The late 70's to late 80''s were the best... Until Coslet tweaked the uniforms... Green on Green is bad, but the Titans uniforms, are but ugly.. but you will be wearing them against us in week 3
  4. Hey Herm Edwards will be available next week when Pioli fires him...
  5. Oh my god that was sooo not funny...
  6. As a Pats fan, he may be good, but he will be franchised, and go the highest bidder.. I think the person said it best, he will be gus ferrote..
  7. Yeah your right Tom Brady has not accomplished what the Great Brett Farve has done, throw 22 ints, 1 SB win, all the other nonsense that comes with .. Yeah your right Brady has only won numerous playoffs and super bowl.. The team played a red hot Giants team..
  8. The problem for the jets, is there is too much hatred for the Pats.. They should worry about themselves 1 Mike Tananbum is no GM, he is the reason for the collapse 2 Gave up to soon on Mangini-- 3 Farve is not the Farve of 10 years ago, its time to move on.. All the jets organization cares about is competing with the Pats, I know we have dominated in the past ,but fix yourselves first, go back to the draft, that is what the 80's Jets were built on.. Dont go after Shanahan, or any big name- 1 hire spangola from the Giants 2 Draft a qB 3 go after a pass rusher... But you should fire tananbum....
  9. on the fg drive, there should have been a delay of game.. oh well.. the pats are 2-0 jets are 1-1 see you in nov...
  10. That is what it came down to.. Plus, if Brady was in there it was 30 -10 ... See ya in Nov Jets ...
  11. Its a tough task to go into a hostile enviorment to start your first game.. That is all
  12. Im not a negative Nancy, but a realistic fan.. You have Farve , home opener, idiots at the medowlands , pscyhed crowd, gate d , all of it against a guy that started a game when Ray Lucas was your QB... Its not going to be pretty it will be a ugly battle ,but you should win.. The question is , what ugly uniforms you are wearing, I hear its the putred Titans uniforms..
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