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  1. clearly none ofyou have the mental capacity to take in any sort of analysis above espn's 3rd grade level so i will digress but im pretty sure the good people at football outsiders know a little bit more than anyone here so before you use your incoherent subjective analysis try looking at something at a different prespective.
  2. Yeah they adjust for salary so a higher paid player needs to perform above his contract to be labeled a steal. If you read the linked article its pretty clear.
  3. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/2008/04/22/ramblings/nfl-draft/6245/ Top 10 Round 1 Steals, 2000-2003PickPlayerTeamPosition1 Carson Palmer Bengals QB 18 Chad Pennington Jets QB 5 LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers RB 2 Julius Peppers Panthers DE 2 Leonard Davis Cardinals T 9 Brian Urlacher Bears LB 16 Julian Peterson 49ers LB 17 Steve Hutchinson Seahawks G 21 Nate Clements Bills CB 4 Dewayne Robertson Jets DT Busts come in all shapes and sizes (Vive le difference!). Some simply lack NFL ability, some suffer unfortunate injuries, and some lack the necessary drive to make it. From 2000-2003, 102 players are identified as significant busts, and the only team that did not draft one is the New York Jets. Yes, you read that correctly. The actually drafted pretty well at the start of the 21st century. In fact, when we look at the total value over by this method, the Jets drafted better than any other NFL franchise during the years 2000-2003. To figure out the best and worst teams, we used tallied up the total value over (or below) expected salary for all picks by each team, then look at the teams which were a standard deviation above the mean (five
  4. i thought shad was a good STer and he was a great guy, i will never forget when in the lobby of a Tennessee hotel he called Kerry Rhodes and asked him to come down to give me and my friend an autograph, great guy ill root for him wherever he goes
  5. great post man, i love to see people using metrics and true logic instead of the old fashioned reputation to rate a qb or anyone else. the term "gamer" or "hes a winner" has kept favre considered a good qb still when clearly he is terrible.
  6. id probably have to go with carson, mcneil or maybe cutler if he improves continually from his good rookie season. You gotta go with the great proven young qb though and go with big Carson.
  7. chambers was one of the worst wr's last year with at least 50 recs he is truly terrible, to have him on the all afc east team is a joke, cotch owned him last year
  8. revis is a bad 2nd rounder better than houston so i like this, i wish we got rid of our 63rd instead of the 59th but whatever
  9. only the jerks on JN would criticize someone for doing something for charity, lay off
  10. bush in the 6th, good joke, the guy is the 4th best rb in the draft he should go in round 2
  11. he was never expected to leave the jets, just all the people here who said he was too small for the 3-4 automatically assumed he was gone.
  12. i wish i could get the cover of anything for being below average...
  13. exactly, the south will never rise again, has anything good ever come from the confederate?
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